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One VERY simple thing the campaign could do to get MASSIVE exposure

A 60 second TV ad:

"The media would like you to think that Dr. Ron Paul has dropped out of the race for President. What you may not realize is that while Dr. Paul has been MIA on TV lately, his supporters have actually boosted his status in the race.

As discontentment over the reporting of primary election results has grown among voters, many of them have turned to "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" tactics.

They have become active members of their local GOP parties, and for the most part have found many new friends. However, a portion of the "old guard" is having a difficult time giving up power, so they have "bent" the rules a few times.

Rest assured that the Dr. Ron Paul campaign for president is still going strong, and that we plan to do everything within the rules to secure as many delegates as possible. It may not be too late for you to become a delegate in your county or your state. Check our website for more information."

Closing message with soldiers in background:

"This message was paid for by the campaign for the candidate who receives seven times more donations from the military than all of the others combined - Congressman Ronald Earnest Paul, MD."

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A Delegate message is nice, but...

"You're probably getting the feeling that Ron Paul has dropped out of the race for President because you aren't hearing his name much on TV these days."

Definite "No" to this part. To those who don't know what RP is about, it sounds like a desperate politician playing his last card.

Thanks tony

That's some constructive criticism there, and I changed the wording a bit.

Can't say I agree wholeheartedly with the "desperate" part though. America loves an underdog, and the whole rest of the ad is about explaining exactly why he's NOT desperate.