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Professor Murray Sabrin: Ron Paul is silenced by the media because of the Federal Reserve

Found this great link and thought I would share it;

Murray Sabrin, talking about how we got here - see below;


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He didn't answer the question

The question was what will Ron Paul do about the Fed? How will he solve the problem? Murray is absolutely right about the way the Fed destroys the value of money and how it causes the standard of living to fall eventually.

However he did miss the fact that the new credit issued at the beginning of the boom is given to the Fed insiders, i.e. the banking cartel, which enables them to profit from the boom on the way up and to profit from the bust on the way down by shorting the assets or commodities affected by the influx of new money. It is why they make so many billions whether the economy is good or bad.

He also missed the fact that President Paul will first exhaustively audit the Fed to find out where all the bodies are buried. Then he will concurrently remove all taxes on gold and silver, sales and capital taxes, and legalise their use as currency to compete with the Fed. This will give people an opportunity to at least use the precious metals as a store of value which they do not have at the moment since all paper assets are deflating in real terms.

It will also free up private mints who can issue their own currency while opening the US Mint to gold and silver without seignorage. It will also open the market to the digital gold companies who can then issue debit cards against their customer holdings. Those are just a couple of ideas that will help liberate the market in money and will lead to the demise of the Fed as a natural market phenomenon.

Since Ron Paul is opposed to elastic money he will likely introduce laws against fractional reserve banking. That should put all the big banks out of business.

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100% TRUTH.

100 years in the making - THEY do not want their empire tampered with and since THEY control the media and have many, many players in their pockets...well, there ya go.

Only thing that concerns me is Ron Paul's safety.
Pray for his protection.

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+1 Thank you for posting this one

I kept forgetting to do it.

This is now a classic I suggest to any newcomer to understanding the Fed SCAM I come across.

Note: there are a couple other copies of it on YT ( e.g., http://www.youtu.be/Qr7nL2xIZqI )

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End The Fed Explained

He explained it very well that most folks would understand if they didn't know why we cry End the Fed. Most folks don't even know that the Fed is the curse of the past 100 years.
I personally believe 75% of folks don't have a clue.

Why do I watch CNN?

Some talking head on there this morning that was supposed to be an expert on the oil market said three times that high oil prices are due to the "Iranian Nuclear Situation". This genius didn't once mention that oil prices aren't rising much at all, but the dollar is falling dramatically.




You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

I still point out to snivelling customers...

...that the three (silver) dimes a gallon cost fifty years ago would get them TWO gallons today. One sad fool wanted to blame them speculators because he saw a special on the trucking channel.

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LOL! There's a trucking channel?

I'm missing out!

thank you

well said