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Don Fatheringham the Ron Paul of America's Decline Into Global Governance

"In America, If you want an enemy you have to build it. If you want someone capable of destroying the United States or inflicting severe damage on the United States, you have to create it."


Don Fatheringham reveals disturbing similarities behind the sinking of the Lusitania, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the 9-11 terrorist attacks and brings to light the questionable agendas of key American officials during these tragedies.
At a time when our White House Occupier is flooding us with new or improved dictatorial powers, we need to be mindful and vigilant as we go about our campaign efforts for Ron Paul.
Did you know that as of last week it's a felony (punishable by more than a year in jail) if you hold up a protest sign on a street corner within any distance the Secret Service deems -if the President is in the general vicinity?

Links for informative news articles by The New American Magazine:

Foreknowledge and Failure
What was once unthinkable is now considered obvious: The federal government had advance warning of the September 11th suicide hijack plot and failed to prevent it

Could We Have Prevented the Attacks?
During the 1990s, the FBI uncovered clues indicating that bin Laden was planning to attack America with hijacked airliners. This information was never shared with local police.

Did We Know What Was Coming?

Behind the Terror Network
Our enemy in the war on terrorism is far from an organic outgrowth of radical Islam. In fact, American aid has played a tragic role in strengthening the terrorists.

The Enemy Within
The terrorist threat comes from a long list of dangerous organizations, many of which may have extensive operations inside the United States.

The Power Behind Bin Laden
Behind Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda lie the true masters of terror — the states that sponsor terrorism — many of which the U.S. now considers "allies" in the war against terrorism.

"Respectable" Terrorists
In the 1960s, the Soviets began building an international network of terrorists. Today, veterans of that network hold key positions of respect in government and academia.

Terrorism's True Roots
The international terror network, including al-Qaeda, was created by Communists and their left-wing allies under the guise of "Islamic fundamentalism."

Terror Trail: WTC, OKC, 9-11
journalists and congressional investigators are beginning to trace the terror trail backward from 9-11 to Oklahoma City and the earlier World Trade Center bombing.

OKC Bombing: Precursor to 9-11?

A Little Help From Our Enemies
Rushing to find allies in the "war on terrorism," America has enlisted the help of some new "friends" who are themselves longtime sponsors of terrorism.

Moscow-Beijing Terror Axis
Russia and China are now abandoning the Cold War-era ruse of a "Sino-Soviet split," and cooperate openly on many endeavors — including sponsorship of terrorism.

Empowering the UN
In a most contemptible fashion, ambitious globalists are working overtime to use the vicious terrorist attack on America to further their internationalist agenda.

Toward a Global Police State

Foundations of the Garrison State
Far from being a reaction to 9-11, the proposed Department of Homeland Security is based on an elitist blueprint finished and on the President's desk before Black Tuesday.

The Emerging Police State

From Republic to Reich
Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime exploited a terrorist assault on the Reichstag Building to carry out a pre-positioned strategy to convert the Weimar Republic into a police state.

Pearl Harbor: The Facts Behind the Fiction
The raid on Pearl Harbor took the U.S. Pacific Fleet by surprise, but back in Washington, the Roosevelt administration was fully aware of the coming onslaught.

Why We Fought
Despite popular misconceptions, America's involvement in WWII was brought on not by isolationism but by globalism—a concerted, clandestine effort to build world government.

Minding Our Own Business
American foreign policy has moved away from the prudent non-interventionism of the founders to the present policy of global police action and empire building.

Fallacies of Isolationism Exposed

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This guy is another gem of

This guy is another gem of truth like Ron Paul