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Young Obama introduced as foreign student to the mailman...

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May be

true... but I would NEVER trust anything from The American Thinker. That site has done everything and pulled everything it can in print and on air to smear Ron Paul.




and on and on and on.....

I wouldn't give that AssHat Thomas Lifson and company 2 cents for anything they have to say.....





From today's WND.COM----




In addition I thought I heard...

That the official microfish data of people entering from other countries to Hawaii had missing information the week surrounding Obama birthday (8-6-61). Another red flag!

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

This is correct---this and much else is fully documented on

WND.com and they have months and months of documentation and nauseating detail ....there is SO much that IS known on this story..and just like Ron Paul, is completely suppressed.

There IS NO Hawaii birth certificate just as there is no US birth certificate for Obama. From what I have read there is no
one social security number for Obama...another violation of law to use dead people's socials..and this is all documented by Jerome Corsi PHD at WND.com.

That he attended Harvard as a foreign student is another giveaway.

Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona has also done a complete research project on Obama per the request of Teaparty people in Arizona who came to him to ask for an investigation to see if Obama was legit to go on the ballot. The Sheriff formed a 501c3 and had 6 law enforcement people research for several months and they say it appears on WND.com


Thanks for the post...

I have on numerous occasions donate to Sheriff Arpaio with the investigation and will continue to do so. I have always been suspious since he sealed all his records with Executive Order 13489 on January 21, 2009. His very first day in office.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Ayers OWS Obama

Nuff said.

not sure here if he meant "OWNS"?



The Radical Left must be sorely disappointed

They worked so hard to get Obama in, and he turns out to be a Milquetoast moderate Republican.

I guess the joke is on them.


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Not trying to be provactive,

Not trying to be provactive, just asking a question-what does it matter if he were to turn out to be a foreigner, someone not born here?

The founders knew our

The founders knew our government could potentially be co-opted by a foreign interest one day, so only natural born citizens qualify per the Constitution. Today we are a super power so few people seem to consider that a foriegn power could ever do such a thing, so people feel like that could never happen here...puppet governments only happen to weak nations, etc. But that is naive-- who wouldn't want to control the world's most powerful military if they could? It is probably more important now than ever to consider. Some people believe it has already happened.

The Constitution

has a 'natural born citizen' clause, which basically says that after the current generation that wrote the document, a person wasn't eligible to be a President unless they are a 'natural born citizen'.

Here's an article that sums up some of the important points:

And it's also pretty clear that the so-called 'long form birth certificate' released by Obama last year was a complete fabrication.

Definition of "natural born citizen"?

I have yet to see a definitive definition of "natural born citizen." As I understand it, even if he was born outside the U.S. and his father was Kenyan, he is still automatically a U.S. citizen by means of his mother. Since the term isn't defined in the Constitution, it seems doubtful it could be suddenly defined in such a way as to exclude a sitting president from office. . . unless there has been some sort of definitive ruling, which I have yet to see.

Can you clear this up for me? Thanks!

Not so. As understood in our

Not so. As understood in our founders time, and confirmed in court cases, a natural born citizen is exactly that.
A baby can only be a natural born citizen if born to 2 parents who are citizens. The other stipulation is that the child be born on US soil, or if born overseas - one or both parents must be in the service of the US.

Additionally, there are requirements that the mother must have been residing in the US for a certain number of years with an age requirement. The evidence is that his mother did not meet that requirement.
Even so, Obama's father was not a US citizen, nor was his adoptive father.
One citizen parent does not make a natural born citizen.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

I have seen the quote from

I have seen the quote from "Law of Nations" about natural born citizens. Can you give me a link to the specific court cases that affirm this as THE (only) interpretation?

Despite the 4 down votes (man, you guys can be rough sometimes!), my question was genuine.

Perhaps I have a personal struggle because two of my children were born overseas, have no other citizenship, and were automatically recognized as citizens by the U.S. government.

I understand that "natural born citizen" could have an extremely narrow meaning in the Constitution, but I can also understand how it could be used broadly. The text of the Constitution itself seems to be talking about those who are born citizens automatically and those who were naturalized as citizens (which is a conditional, temporary element of the Constitution -- "at the time of the Adoption" -- due to the fact that various Founders were not Americans by birth for obvious historic reasons). My children were born citizens, not naturalized as citizens, which seems natural born enough to me.

But like I said, my own wish-dreams don't decide the intended meaning of the Constitution. So I would appreciate court cases and such that demonstrate that this narrow interpretation of "natural born citizen" is the only possible way to understand it. Please demonstrate it, and I will be happy to accept this understanding.. . and encourage my children toward a different career path :)


nailed it

natural born citizen is a

natural born citizen is a citizen by natural law.
not the 14th amendment.
it means that You are born in the country to citizen parents.

Interesting to note that Obama knew this because McCain

needed special approval to run for the presidency - which in my mind was still illegal but I didn't know the difference back then. McCain was born of 2 US citizens but he was not born within the US - he was born in Panama while his father was serving in the military. The senate - and Obama's name is on the bill - passed a bill to allow him to run in spite of not meeting the requirements of "natural born citizen".

Based on the perspective of our founding fathers I am pretty sure they didn't expect us to be an empire with bases of military all over the world. They built a constitution with strict rules to stop just that - not allowing for aggressive wars or for occupying another country. The Senate felt like they did not take into consideration military families based abroad on what is considered american soil but is actually a base in another country so they based a special compensation for John McCann.. Obama's name is on the bill - he was and is well aware of the test of "natural born citizen".

There are 5 types of citizens spoken of in the constitution and only the Presidency and Vice Presidency is limited by this unique limitation. Having had experience with rulers whose hearts belong Britain they were well aware that we cannot serve 2 masters.

Of course it is also ILLEGAL that Obama is heading up the UN's Council on Foreign Relations. That is also a violation - he is not allowed to have an office that conflicts with our interests or take a vow to another body as he has done.

No one seems to think anything of it though....

Hawaii has in recent times admitted that they do not have a copy of his birth certificate. And due to their way of doing birth certificates back then it really couldn't be used to prove his birth in that state anyway. Hospital records along with the birth certificate would be needed since a birth certificate could be given for children born out of the country at that time.

So ... there are a LOT of problems with his eligibility. Several states are working on passing laws that will require documented proof of eligibility for anyone to be on the final ballot but I wonder if any will really pass the measures.. when the judges seem to be in his pocket it would stand to reason that most of our state governments are as well.


At the time Obama was born this was not the case.

Under today's law Obama would be a citizen but that is NOT how the law was at the time Obama entered the USA from Kenya. He would not have been a citizen and would have had to be naturalized.

There is no proof he was ever naturalized which would also explain why he attended Harvard as a foreign student.

Again...this and much more (novel size information) is all at WND.com . They have photos and articles from experts all showing how the fake birth certificate was manufactured. The pictures and close up and everything is documented. Obama had the birth certificate made up.

At this time Arpaio's people have apparently identified the fraudsters who made up the phony document. Next step is to arrest them.


I know it has been defined

I know it has been defined as: an individual who was born within the boundary of the United States, and from at least one American parent.

No, must be BOTH parents

Cannot be from one parent - that would lead to divided loyalties. It is plural in constitution


As I understand it, it is

As I understand it, it is plural in "The Law of Nations." I do not see anywhere in the U.S. Constitution where it states "parent/s" in singular or plural. Am I missing something?

And "our" candidate Mad Dog Maverick McCain, born a Zonian

And what about "our" candidate, Mad Dog Maverick McCain, who born in the Panama Canal Zone? His parents were both American citizens as far as I know, and the Canal Zone was a U.S. territory.

...just another reason why 2008 was one of the biggest screwups in American history.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Look a couple comments above

for explanation of John McCann - at least he did something to make himself eligible - and Obama signed off on it. Special bill from the Senate to approve him for exactly this reason.


I think we have more pressing

business to attend to and this is probably nothing more than a goose chase where you'll never catch the goose.

Saying that, a person not born of this country has no legal right to be president. That's US 101.

Patriot Cell #345,168
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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

We the people should not have to prove anything at all.

Our representatives have failed us. They did not investigate and the states did not investigate and the courts are too scared to do anything about it as I'm sure Prince Obama has threatened them just like Breitbart was probably threatened.


OMG what could be more pressing?

Usurped potus. Yet you think a primary election is more pressing? Unbelievable.


It was an overthrow of our

It was an overthrow of our Constitutional government. An act of war. Anyone who takes a long hard look at what Obama has done and his contempt for the Constitution and rule of law proves that.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home


We have a man in office who has used multiple names and SS#s. Shows forged documents and refuses to release anything other than those forgeries, who is holding the code to nuclear bombs, sending our sons off to die in foreign countries, and is definitely a communist, and even though we have absolutely no clue who the h*ll he is, let's just forget about it and carry on.

I am continually amazed.

Blessings )o(

It's a goose chase as I stated before.

You'll never be able to prove it and probably something they dreamed up so they could get the dogs to chase their own tails. We have an election to win, Audit the Fed going on, NDAA implemented, Out of Control Spending, 30,000 Drones Flying the Unfriendly Skies by 2020, All of Our Rights Being Stripped Away, ETC.....

I find all of those much more important, believe it or not..

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.