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Parents converted...working on the in-laws now

My wife and I went out to dinner with my parents on Saturday night. We consumed a lot of wine. Needless to say the topic shifted to politics and I went all Ron Paul on their asses. I told them if they believe in the Tea Party principles (the ones before the Tea Party was hijacked), then they should vote for Paul. Anyway, the next day, after I had sent them some links, they told me they were definitely going to vote for him in the NY Primary.

I asked them what changed their minds more than anything. They said it was when I told them to vote for what they believed in, not who they "thought" was going to win. I explained to them that they have nothing to lose by voting for the person they wanted to win in the primary. A vote is free, and Romney will probably win in NY anyway. But the more people who vote for who they believe in will send a clear message to the GOP about what they want the future of the party to be like; what concepts they want the party to embrace.

Ron Paul may not win the beauty contest here in New York, but he is winning more hearts and minds everyday.

Now I'm working on my in-laws, who are Tea Party people and have gone to Glenn Beck rallies. Trying the same angle, I will see where it leads.

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