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[For newcomers] The Ron Paul Revolution Explained in Simple English

To understand Ron Paul is to understand Liberty and the founders' Constitution :

Live your life the way you want : it's yours !

If you don't want to waste your life : sustain yourself and your family, with some kind of work.

If you want to take a break in your life : make sure you can afford it, first.

Think the way you want but don't hope for or try to impose your thinking on everybody else, certainly not by force of law.

Have your own opinions but don't hope for or try to impose them on everybody else, certainly not by force of law.

Have your own faith and morality (or none) but accept to respect others', and expect they will certainly have a different one, or very different one.

Say or write whatever you want but don't expect anybody to even listen to you or to be interested, and respect others' same free speech.

Defend your privacy dearly and respect others' the same.

Keep ALL of your own income : it's yours ! (because it's a part of your property, see above)

Be prosper in property (or anything else you're into) and don't be ashamed of it. Have no complex, as long as you don't break the law when acquiring it (or sharing, interacting with).

Be responsible. Use the force of law to have other individuals or corporations be the same.

Don't have envy of others or feel you have any entitlements just because you'd belong "to a group". You already have INALIENABLE RIGHTS you were BORN WITH and the Constitution (and the law) are there to PROTECT them all at once (see above).

Don't expect the government to solve your life problems in general, but feel free to contribute by voluntary charity whenever you can or do great and feel like doing so. And likewise count on it from your relatives or community when you'll need during your up-and-downs.

You can demand only one thing to the government, it's to protect and respect the Constitution (and enforce the law), on your behalf : because you're the very beneficiary, in the end, of having the government protect your INALIENABLE RIGHTS.

Be for peace in the world : don't be too judgmental on other countries' flaws. Don't push for US intervention anyway.

Be for the defense of the United States soil, but not for preemptive attack overseas.

You want Liberty in America to be emulated in other countries which are still under tyranny ? Help restore Liberty and Prosperity in America, first. They'll eventually follow, by and for their own People, when they're ready for that.

Makes sense to you ?

Then, you're welcome to stay on the Daily Paul to learn more or discuss further !

Why Ron Paul

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Bump'ing this.

If only for OWS.

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