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MODS - Please jump in. There are now 6 threads about Americans Elect.

You know what do do.

AE is BS. It should not be here at all

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More requests to ban free speech? Really?

On Mon, 03/19/2012, 2012R3V0LUT10N posted:
"Are we not pro freedom of speech here?"

Well said, 2012R3VOLUTION. I would like to add that it's amazing how willing some are to relinquish basic rights out of plain old fear. This is, in large part, what is wrong with our recent popular attitudes. What would Dr. Paul say, even if he disagreed?

I should also add that there are way more than 6 threads regarding Americans Elect, and there are even more posted on many other forums. This is not a conspiracy, but rather due to the high level of public discontent with common Republicrats.



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Are we not pro freedom of

Are we not pro freedom of speech here?

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Not about freedom of speech

It's about the fact that these pop up after people discuss why AE is horrible and consensus says to close the article thread.

People posting AE threads either aren't paying attention to previous threads, or are purposely creating new ones in order to make it look like a new/good idea.

There's plenty of evidence that this is a very bad thing. A quick google search pulls up:







These people could sell the election if their group wins one state in the general election.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

Americans elect who?

Americans elect Idiots?

Americans elect traitors?

Americans elect their own tyrants?

Answer D: All of the above.

its not americans fault

When all they have to choose from is idiots traitors and tyrants. And when somebody good comes along (rp) they are told hes evil and fraud.

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 Arrest em all

Its each persons responsibility to find out the truth and do the

Its each persons responsibility to find out the truth and do their own research on the facts. So ya I stand by what I said..

Thats how I found out about Paul and If I didn't, I probably would be going for Mitt right now..