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Ben Swann Interviews Brent Stafford

I just completed a Skype interview with Ben Swann. It will air tomorrow.

Once I have the link I will update this post.
Updated with new video:


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we should take the opportunity

and take advantage of his talent and position in our midst. We should help to bolster him instead of picking him apart.

Makes me sick as a republican.

I'm likely going to change my party affiliation to independent. Corruption within the party is enough to drive me out. The GOP in it's current state is a dying party. I'm going to write the chairman of the RNC letting him know why I'm out and probably will link the video as a ref. Doubt he'll ever read it but whatever.

I'm 28, I work hard for my money which is worth less as time goes on. The direction of the country needs to change and if the GOP wants to have any voice in the future they'll need to embrace it.

I'm writing Ron Paul in regardless. Not one other GOP candidate is worthy of the vote.

Sorry to hear that cmsov...

Because what you are contemplating, dropping out of the GOP, is EXACTLY what jerks like Dokes are hoping you will do. Nothing would make them happier than to have you and all of the other Ron Paul supporters to leave the party. As an Independent you will have NO say over which candidates end up on the ballot. The last thing they want is for all of us to stay and take over the party from the inside.
Which is what we are doing.
Sorry you won't be there to help.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Reality Check tonight - Georgia GOP

Reality Check tonight is GOP leadership in Georgia also trying to make the delegate process "fair" by violating their own rules? video at 10


Great interview with Ben Swann here:


From my show PAUL TALK RADIO (www.paultalkradio.com)

The heat is on

Dokes has felt a lot of the heat, but we should be putting the heat on ALL responsible.


Send complaints and DEMANDS to reschedule this caucus to:

Lloyd Smith
Executive Director

Jonathon Prouty
Communications Director

We need more men of courage like Ben Swann

This was an excellent presentation of the situation. Ben Swann always does a good job. Thank good someone is putting out the truth.

Well, I like the coverage he

Well, I like the coverage he gave of the events. We shouldn't want somebody just defending us. What he did was report and quote straight from the gop party's rule book. Great job Mr. Swann.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Can we not get too carried

Can we not get too carried away about Ben Swann and his apparent awesomeness? Brent himself said that Ben made a few factual 'errors'.
It was only a good interview relative to how the rest in the media treat Ron Paul.
If the mainstream media were to be fair and balanced, like we all wish they would be, then people would be picking holes in Swann's performance, not lauding him as some kind of saint.

Don't fall into the trap of becoming grateful for something that should be expected as standard practice.

Rupert Murdoch knows exactly what he's doing. There is no doubt that Murdoch does not want Dr Paul to be President, but he does want Ron Paul supporters to pay for his cable TV service. He publishes Michael Moore books, knowing that the relatively few liberals who actually read the books will be far outweighed by his vast empire of fascist pseudo-journalism. So at least he gets to cash in on the liberals too, making him look less biased in the process and making liberals look like the hypocrites they are.

News networks and the press always like to have someone who is a bit different, appearing to give them balance. CNN now have Piers Moron, a man who became a TV personality due to his 'heroic' opposition to the Iraq war, which he opposed because the tabloid he worked for at the time, The Mirror, traditionally sells newspapers by taking the opposite view of Murdoch's The Sun on any given issue. Until the Iraq war he wasn't so well known and had a reputation for being an arrogant and corrupt journalistic mercenary. But people now buy into his caricature of a man with a conscience, generating favorable reviews of his lackluster journalistic efforts.

I'm yet to see any strong evidence that Ben Swann is doing anything other than playing a role. Until then I'll keep an open mind.

Not about Murdoch

Swann is able to report as he does because they are a FOX affiliate, not directly FOX, and the owner of his outlet grants him more freedom to report than the rest of FOX or the media does.

I'm yet to see any strong evidence that Ben Swann is doing anyth

This is a little odd - I see him - on TV - speaking the truth and standing up for the truth - you don't see that on your tv/computer? What more evidence do you want? Even if he is a pawn for Rupert(which I doubt) - an enemy pawn that does your bidding is still one more person doing your bidding - and 1 is better than none no matter how you count.

And no - we can not get too carried away - this guy is awesome.
As for being grateful - you should always be grateful for things - nothing is owed or expected in life - at least not to me. I still say thank you to the cashier for giving me my change even though it is expected AND standard practice.

I'm grateful for Dr. Paul.

Don't fall into the trap of becoming grateful for something that should be expected as standard practice.

I'm grateful for Dr. Paul, and while he does go above and beyond, one reason I'm grateful is because he obeys the Constitution, yet that, too, should be standard fair.

When the norm becomes abnormal, you no longer take it for granted. *smirk because it's too rich to pass up adding...* ...and that is reality check ;)

Did someone...

trash this video? There is nothing but music playing. I know I watched it earlier with no issues. Did Youtube hose it to keep the truth from the American people?

Bad link

Not sure what happened to URL in article, but I think this is what it should be:

Thinking the same

Thinking the same thing...what happened?

I will chip in for legal expenses

For Brent Stafford to file a federal suite against St Charles police for violating his civil liberties. This is blatant and police forces across the country need a lesson in the law. Lets set an example. You cannot illegaly stop the election process!

what are the odds...

That Brent Stafford will file such a suite though? From what I've heard he seemed to defend the police and say that they were being "professional" and "fair" about how they handled things.

I agree that police should know better, but apparently they don't. However, I believe they should be held accountable even if they are "good men who don't know any better".

But the biggest viper in this pit would be the GOP, do we all agree? Can we call out one by one and be heard if you would chip in on a suite against the Local GOP?

I would chip in...

who else?

I do not recall ever saying that

I do not recall ever saying that, you may be confusing me with Kenny Suitter.

Please delete your post underdog

The choice of words is abhorrent and will generate negative reactions against the Paul campaign.

Dude, Get rid of the first 3

Get rid of the first 3 paras of your post....they do not reflect well on you.


get rid of your cowardice. There is a civil war brewing.

Warning my comments may anger a lot of highly educated people who have been taught a lie

reedr3v's picture

Kathleen Gee, below, is correct. Underdog,

that was a poor post and not at all in the spirit of Dr. Paul's campaign which is all about the Constitutional rule of law and peaceable resolution of differences.


Thank god our founders weren't so brain washed to think they could just keep writing letters...Eventually they stood their ground and defended themselves from attack. If all patriots were not willing to risk their lives and fight we would be part of Britain. Realistically I don't like being told the truth of our founders and the truth of our future is offensive... but there ya go. I don't see any hippies at my Ron Paul Rallies.

[mod here: warning to the newcomer - end the inflammatory posts now.]

DEFIANT HERE: I saw NOTHING inflammatory about my original post at all and as the name states I don't exactly like abuses of power, but this is your site so i will respect that. If the truth about our founders is suddenly wrong I start to wonder if maybe I should spend more of my time with my fellow vets and Adam Kokesh. I've been with Dr.Paul longer than this site has existed.... just never signed up for an account. (insert a HARDCORE libertarians salute here English long bowmen style)

Thank you for the GOD LIKE slap from the mod. Message received and respected as much as I can allow myself

[ mod here: GOD LIKE? naw, just posting rule number 5: http://www.dailypaul.com/guide ]

Warning my comments may anger a lot of highly educated people who have been taught a lie

Kathleen Gee's picture

Really disgusting use of terminology and a poor reflection

on Ron Paul.

You do know that Eugene Dokes is black, right?

Please don't give Ron Paul's enemies any more ammunition. There are already people trying to claim that Dokes was shouted down because he's black.

Please delete your comment for the good of the campaign.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Better get used to that...

...since if Dr. Paul were the nominee, some will claim he's just trying to block Obama because he's black, too! Mitt better get ready for the same, too, since some paint any opposition to Obama as racism.

This problem took place in Missouri, where the State Democratic Party actually ran an ad (played multiple times on Hannity's radio program) where compare voting Republican to "burning crosses"!!! If rhetoric is incendiary, who threw the first molotov cocktail?

Enjoy and be inspired by Ben as long as you can...

...cause no doubt he will be fired soon by his employers.

He's a true patriot, courageous and noble. Hopefully Ben continues to stand tall and not take any bribes which may come his way.

May God bless him.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford


Amen to that brother

Warning my comments may anger a lot of highly educated people who have been taught a lie

Thank God for Ben Swann!

He is a journalist; maybe the only REAL investigative journalist employed by Fox News.

The Virtual Conspiracy

A couple of points

I did a MUCH longer interview with him, but he had to change a lot of the content based on yesterday morning's developments.

He got a few details incorrect, like that it was minutes later i was arrested when it was seconds. There were a couple of other things that I can correct if people want, but overall it was pretty much on target.

Brent, what about the arrests?

What is going to happen with the charges filed against you and the other person? Can the GOP ask that the charges be dropped, since you did not do anything wrong, but in fact, you were doing things right? I don't understand what the police were thinking, do you?

Thank you for your courage.