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Ben Swann Interviews Brent Stafford

I just completed a Skype interview with Ben Swann. It will air tomorrow.

Once I have the link I will update this post.
Updated with new video:


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Thank you Brent

May God and the righteousness of your good intents guard and keep you safe always.

No doubt they will dismiss the charges for there are no grounds to pursue it, or a desire for the public attention on the injustice against you. Also, they will hope to heck you do not prosecute them for violating your civil and constitutional rights. This may require that you make an example out of this violation and disenfranchisement of your right to partake in the electoral process.

Just a few thots.

Thank you again for your good works, and blessings on all your doings.


The CAMPAIGN wanted PROOF---well, now they have it, SO...

get the LAWSUITS rolling against the GOP and the establishment...and DR. PAUL....it's "time" to stand UP for your supporters!

A GREAT deal of attention will be created as a result of a legitimate lawsuit against the GOP. The GOP is at the root of the crime. Follow the money from there.

I am losing respect day by day, the longer you wait. YOUR campaign was different, Dr. Paul, than all the rest put together, because you received donations that came from the "people". We gave you our hard-earned money that we could have spent elsewhere. We believed in your ideology, because it made "sense". We know you are an honorable man, but~~

As you must know deep down, it is morally wrong to make "educating the masses" your only objective in running for the office of President....if that was your only motive. If your worry is that you will be accused of ruining the GOP's chances, think more about promoting "principles" over the party.

My husband and I supported your candidacy in 2007-2008. We drove out of state to campaign in Iowa for you. We've given thousands of dollars to your campaign. I am NOT a youngster. I'm in my 50's, and I know many, many BABY BOOMER FORTUNE 500 friends whom we've influenced, and who would vote for you. But, even they do not follow as closely as we do the "details" of what is going on.

Don't we all here deserve the support of you & your CAMPAIGN? It is time for action. Otherwise, respect and money will be in decline.

I HOPE you see my post, Dr. Paul...

Our best to you...


It is the responsibility of the people in their CD's, counties and states to ensure that the political party is representing them. If you live there it is your responsibility to change your GOP. Every person that was at that caucus should be hammering away at the local sheriff for dealing with this situation incorrectly. Mr. Dokes should be politically ostracized.

Ron Paul's message is about personal responsibility and this is when we have to take that seriously. To say that it is Ron Paul's responsibility to act is the same as saying that I want Obama to fix the price of gasoline in northern California. We have to make the changes ourselves and not wait for someone else to step in to SAVE US.

I'm mad too, but this is a call for action. Nobody can save us unless we want to save ourselves.

Blue Republican

TO: Ratgirl~~~NOBODY is going to listen to some County Chairman

Are you kidding me? Are you a TROLL?? You've been a member 8 weeks? Give me a friggin' break. 8 weeks, you troll....get lost.

Ron Paul personally doesn't like lawsuits, BUT IF WE EVER HAD JUSTIFICATION FOR ONE, IT IS NOW!

FILE........A..........1 BILLION DOLLAR..........LAWSUIT!

NOBODY would pay attention if some "local" filed a lawsuit, NOT AT ALL, are you kidding me?

Dr. Paul needs to file, because this is a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, and the GOP is guilty of "election engineering", and Ron Paul is the victim. Throw in a lawsuit against the MEDIA, too, while we're at it. We have MORE THAN ENOUGH EVIDENCE against them and how they engineered and swayed the public with their negative pundits spewing forth hateful, mean accusations and "comments" all meant to sway the public! I would recommend the attorney, L. Lin Wood, because I believe you know him, Dr. Paul.

Yes, it is RON PAUL'S RESPONSIBILITY~~~no one else's, and I'm sick of not seeing anyone in the campaign get some guts and do something decisive! Ron needs to do this, even though it goes against what he'd "like" to do. He'd rather be in a comfortable position, but that is NOT the answer anymore, no way, no how. PLEASE, DR. PAUL, WE NEED MAJOR PUBLICITY OF THIS WRONG, OF THIS INJUSTICE. PLEASE, DR. PAUL, THINK ABOUT IT. thanks.

Ben does it again!

One of the few trustworthy people in the media right now. And he was home schooled and got a Master's degree at the age of 16. Feel free to call him a genius because that's what he is.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Easy to do when you are home schooled

Most people would do this if home schooled by parents who understood the process

Warning my comments may anger a lot of highly educated people who have been taught a lie

Wow! ... I've heard people

... I've heard people praising this Swan guy and thought, "Fox affiliate guy... how good could he possibly be?"

Well, I just got that question answered.

RT reports on vote fraud against Ron Paul

Extra report
RT reports on vote fraud against Ron Paul

Those delegates need to sue those police for violating their...

...lawful right to assemble.

This is a first class 1st Amendment CIVIL RIGHTS issue that has its roots in the very history of the LIBERTY TREE... where our founding fathers gathered to form a new government.

Those cops are literally traitors to their country and their state. The RED COATS would be so proud of these PIGS!

These COPS are interfering UNLAWFULLY in the political process and even arresting those who are lawfully assembled to determine the future of this nation.

If a cop can't endorse a candidate while on the job, what right do these PIGS have in interfering with a political caucus or convention of lawfully appointed/elected delegates when they themselves have NO STANDING as delegates at that convention.

These COPS have NO AUTHORITY there and are themselves acting as a self-appointed armed gang disrupting and attempting to sway the outcome of a caucus / convention.

They should all be fired and jailed for their unlawful actions. Ignorance is no excuse for assuming the role of an armed illegal gang of thugs.

FIRE THEM, ARREST THEM and JAIL THEM... for treason.

Contact the ACLU

...and they'll probably laugh at you b/c they only defend civil liberties when it is politically-expedient to do so.

Eugene Doyle admits Election Fraud?

Does Mr. Doyle admit that he and others committed election fraud by doing that? In my opinion, he at least tried to commit election fraud. In the qoute, shown at the end of the video, Doyle states that "they" were trying to regulate who got the delegates. Someone in MO needs to look further into this.

The Dote Interview on Allman Talk Radio

The entire interview is in the podcasts,
March 20 2012 Allman in the AM- starts in Hr 3
I hope someone posts the audio on DP.
You can hear the "Smoking Gun" evidence of GOP Vote Fraud - Delegates deprived of Ron Paul - CRIMINAL!! Treasonous.

What happens now?

What happens now?

Ben Swann is a gift from God!

Ben Swann is a gift from God!

This version

This link is cut a little differently. I like it better.

me too


Ben is great!

I sent my company's CEO a link to his piece on the oil prices and the devaluation of the dollar. We put it on our company's blog!


Keep 'em coming Ben!


you should run against eDork!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Ben took the night off

Ben took the night off tonight on the local Fox19 newscast. Looks like he's working on something big for tomorrow!! Can't wait to see it!

I hope he looks into the vote algorythm

would be a banger!

These flyers inform the people about the real agendas behind the candidates. please share..
These flyers are all free to print:


Very cool. Thank you for the good work.

Thank You O' Brother Of Liberty..

Yo Rocky!

Great to hear this is all going to be corrected...

I'm studying rules for the States out here too, since its high time to just beat them at their own game.

I don't care if someone else "wins" or not, but the Caucus system and election process needs to be kept honest & fair. True, that highly increases the chances for Ron Paul's nomination...but it also gives equal room to Gingrich.

As long as the caucus process is fair & honest, Americans will feel like they live in a free country at least. Though knowing the dishonesty, I expect there's going to be a few fights.

Good on you Brent

and good on Ben Swann. You're both awesome

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

thank you Brent...

for your service to Ron Paul and the supporters of Ron Paul. Way to go!

Looking forward to it!

Thanks for the update. I believe it really helps a lot when we package the caucus videos/write-ups and send them to the msm... or at least Ben Swann. It has to be really tempting for other media to report on it even if they're discouraged from doing so by the head office.

Brent Stafford... Ron Paul

Brent Stafford... Ron Paul Street Fighter...

You know he looks a little like Stalone...


Brent that is great, I was hoping he would pick this up. It is great that the investigation involving St. Charles isn't picked up by KSDK, KMOV or any other station here, but sure enough Cincinnati will report it.