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Brad Blog: Pandemonium at MO GOP Caucus as Party Leaders Seen Attempting to Steal It From Paul Supporters

Police arrest peaceful Paul leader in parking lot after chaotic St. Charles meeting prematurely closed without delegate voteBy Brad Friedman, March 18, 2012 | Brad Blog

ALSO: Similar scene played out in GA one week earlier...

This is just amazing. At yesterday's GOP caucus in St. Charles, MO --- one of the largest and most conservative counties in the state --- the Republican establishment is seen blatantly attempting to steal the caucus from supporters of Ron Paul.

As the caucus was prematurely shut down before a vote, with state police called in, no delegates were elected at what "was to have been the biggest single prize of the day," according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch coverage of the Missouri Caucuses' mess. It was just the latest, of many, embarrassments to arise out of a GOP caucus state this year.

A Facebook page called "Hold St. Charles Republican Tyrants Accountable" includes many cell phone videos of the near riots that occurred as party leaders attempted to commandeer the caucus to thundering cries of protest and shouts of "Point of Order!" and "Division!" (a process in Roberts Rules of Order requiring an immediate written vote after a contested voice vote) by what seems to be hundreds of Paul supporters.

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"Taking photos of the wall was illegal for private citizens in East Germany"


police state ?

if this isnt police state, what is ?
if u r a little loud in protesting the GOP "leaders" breaking their own rules to get their way, its called a riot and protesters get arrested ? while the leaders breaking the rules go scot free ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

"a near riot"? Are you kidding me???

How can they print that when it's obvious by the picture that no one was near rioting - my blood is boiling!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Use Mic Check to read Robert's Rules of Order

Despite OWS's misguided efforts, the one thing that would be useful to borrow from them is the "Mic Check" for an event such as this. Many people were shouting "Point of Order" and "Division", but unless you were in the vicinity of the person saying it, it sounded like it got drowned out. There was a chant of "Point of Order", but I didn't hear one for "Division", but with the chant, it may not be obvious to some in the crowd what was being accomplished or what was going on. Someone should start a "Mic Check", call for "Point of Order", or "Division", and if neither is recognized, should start reading out the relevant section of Parliamentary Procedure from Robert's Rules of Order. I suspect that many people at these caucuses are not as well versed on Robert's Rules of Order as the Ron Paul Camp.

A "Mic Check" would have been useful for the Rump Convention that Brent Stafford tried to hold in the parking lot afterwards as well.

Anyways, I'm not an American, but I have been following all of this with immense interest but I wanted to voice some of my observations and suggestions.

Good Luck to you all and keep up the good fight!

Better idea

Better than a mic check would be some sort of cue cards for common things (e.g. a yellow folder for a call for division). Objects and colors can be more easily noticed by people and require less interruptive noise than speaking up/over people.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

Good Idea

I don't know if that would be recognized by Robert's Rules of Order, but it could definitely be used to get a group to chant the same thing in unison. If we did that, rather than devolving to jeers and screaming, then we'd be a lot harder to dismiss.

union cops

I wish the crowd would have beat the shit out of the cops. This unfortunately would make the news and shed some light on the subject. By the way you sheep out there that think this is uncivilized and will hurt the campaign should remember that the police abuse their power daily and these bastards started this corrupt BS.

dave anderson

No, no, no no....That's exactly what the media wants, so cease..

They are just "egging you on" hoping some Ron Paul people/caucus goers get really violent or bring in those militia. I mean like shooting/shocking people type of violence.

If that happens, there will be a very quick shootout with the Department of Homeland Security - and all of you folks will be hauled away to the funny farm (aka the mental ward) where the news will portray everyone they can plaster it on as raving lunatics.

Stay CALM. The most important part of the Revolution, is to stay CALM, firm, and use all the legal channels.
Fight for your defense, nothing else.

"Stay CALM." - Great advice

4Constitution created a good post itemizing the things we can do at a caucus meeting.

How to avoid a potential AMBUSH! - Posted by 4Constitution

Right, DO NOT go on the offense...Defense only..

Remember they *OWN* the media, and will defeat you in a heart-beat using the media making it all for naught.

So even in war time...don't ever go on the offense deliberately. Record everything.

The Battle of Athens

This is a link to a powerful enactment of a true story, The Battle of Athens.
The veterans response to a corrupt government intent on electing a favored establishment candidate is courageous and inspiring to see.

Athens-Clarke County, GA; different state in today's current events but brings to mind a quote by Mark Twain: “History doesn’t always repeat itself, but It often rhymes.”

This is

a sad, sad day for us. That such extremes may be necessary to get an honest election is far outside of what I have lived.

Thank you for the video.


I just logged in...

...specifically to post that exact video. Hopefully it won't come to that but the establishment is sure pushing hard. About the video: my brother sent it to me today and he's dead center politically, so it is getting around. Hopefully it will go viral as the comparison is unquestionable. I love that Twain quote, he nailed it!

SO, I guess we just roll over & lie down??

There is ONLY ONE SOLUTION-------& the CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS is not doing a darn thing about it----



These so-called policemen have to be at the bottom end of the accepted percentile for this position imo.

How willingly they go on with this fiasco is almost beyond belief? It is like time travel to the old Soviet Bloc.

I wonder if they even consider(ed) after the fact what the heck they were involved in? They have to be reminded that this is not TV land. Wonder how much reading many of them do besides menus and playboy magazines? ;)

I like Missouri, the people are great but they really have to have a look at this situation.


Sometimes in life you have to

Sometimes in life you have to be willing to fight for what you believe in, for what you want. Otherwise they will crap on your face.

So as long as crap on your face doesn't bother you, keep on keeping on as they are absolutely going to keep on crapping until something changes and it doesn't appear that anything is going to change.

So while it's impressive to see the crowds, do the crowds translate to anything?

I can tell you this much, if this was 1968 there would be a lot more happening then what's happening now. Look up the 1968 chicago riots as a starting point. Not willing to do that? Enjoy your crap.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine Godfather of the American Revolution)

I was there in Chicago in

I was there in Chicago in '68. (Made the front page of the Chicago Sun, above the fold under the headline "Gasmasked Hippies Harass Police". I was the "gasmasked hippie" on the left, with the pasley shirt.)

What that was about was the police being ordered to suppress the people and the people mostly trying to just show their numbers while being attacked with billy clubs, tear gas, and the threat of automatic rifles, "crowd control" jeeps with barbed wire structures on the front, and others with machine guns in the back. Cops, national guard, and the 101st Airborne.

The "Gasmasked Hippie" picture was from a few minutes before violence broke out in the Old Town confrontation. The helmet liners and WW I gasmasks were from a surplus store, our prep for possible billyclub attacks. All the surplus stores in Greater Chicago were out of WW II gasmasks because the cops had bought them all in advance of the convention. Thus we knew we'd guessed right about what was going to happen.

Our group had figured out that it was degenerating into a riot and had decided to leave, since no further good points could be made by our side. We were holding hands so we wouldn't get separated by the crowd activity. Apparently we were very photogenic for the '68 version of the MSM when THEY wanted a pixbite for a smear on an opposition group.

They changed their tune about the next day, when the cops started attacking reporters and smashing cameras, on orders from city hall. (Minicams were JUST THEN being deployed. They didn't realize that by the time the billyclub broke the lens the picture of it approaching the viewpoint was on the screens in living rooms nationwide rather than being on a piece of film in the camera's remains, being wiped out by the ambient light.)

Attacking the press meant that the press decided to cover the action more sympatheticly to the other side. (And it didn't hurt that the Soviet Union had just used troops to put down opposition in their own empire, providing an ironic contrast at the height of the Cold War.) The press covered the riots on live TV, which consisted of the police and troop repeatedly attacking crowds of protesters whose sole activity was refusing to disperse, waving protest signs and flags, and chanting "The whole world is watching!"

The GOP is now setting itself up for something similar in Miami - but with far more public support than the antiwar / antidraft movement had in late 1968. What started the protests was the stealing of the Democratic nomination from antiwar outsider Gene McCarthy in favor of the machine's pick, Hubert Humphery, by crediting him, rather than Gene, with the antiwar votes that had been cast for Bobby Kennedy. What turned it into a riot was the Chicago political machine supporting the party establishment with excessive force while the dirty tricks were in play at the convention. And while the "Police Riot" did not keep the machine's candidate from being nominated, it DID cost him the election and it DID swing public opinion in a way that ended up forcing the end of the Vietnam "un-war".

The GOP is now setting itself up for something very similar in Miami - but with far more public support than the antiwar / antidraft movement had in late 1968. It remains to be seen whether they have figured that out and are ready to salvage the situation by accepting the Paulites, or if they too will refuse to bend and precipitate a similar disaster.

But there is an important point here: What turned the tide was THEM attacking a giant peaceful protest. It was another piece of having the right on our side.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

As an aside...

What can I do if a policedork tries to manhandle me and I am participating as a delegate. Do I have to go along peaceably and let him take me to his leader???

As I understand it: The law

As I understand it: The law says you are supposed to go along and let the courts sort it out - even if you are rin fear of life or limb. How this would play out in an "indefinite detention" situation is yet to be determined.

Discussing other options here, such as those taught and used by "our brothers on the left" in the freedom rides and the Vietnam protests, would no doubt count as conspiracy.

If you ever wondered why so many Jews went quietly off to concentration camps in Germany, now you may have some insight.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Hmm that's a good stream of positive press....

Normally never agree with this guy, but I'll welcome his assistance to spread the media reports far and wide.

I think Brad truly is a Ron Paul person and has no idea yet. These brainwashed, media stalwarts have been fed such utter propaganda for years it wouldn't surprise me.

All by the Democratic party, and the rest by the Democrats masquerading as the GOP.
Especially my favorite quote: "If he were in charge, all the seniors would lose their medicare. They'd be homeless!"

reedr3v's picture

I've no idea of Brad's affiliation, but I'm

so glad someone outside our own camp is doing responsible journalism on this story.


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