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Check out this Yahoo headline/article today on thier homepage!

WTH?! Well, we now know where they stand on Ron Paul, as if we didn't already! This kind of bias reporting is just so blatant now. I hope most of America will see through this BS!

I am serioulsly thinking about pulling my email account from Yahoo in protest if anyone knows or can recommend a new email provider? And if I were to do this, will I be able to transfer the past 10 years of email to the new account. It's been hard, but I've boycotted all MSM for the most part both online and tv but I have to check my email so that's why I see the crap they post on Yahoo! Dailypaul.com is now my homepage and main source of news!


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Rachel Hartman

Yeah, that is my comment. She'll need to continue with the head jobs to keep her job.
I am completely disgusted with the MSM and their little band of stenographers.

Amaerican's to see through

Amaerican's to see through this BS? That's a fantasy...i was just forwarded that article from a co-worker. The first thing he asked (knowing i was a RP supporter) was "Why does he continue on?"