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CS Monitor : Is Ron Paul Running Into Money Problems?

CS Monitor : Is Ron Paul Running Into Money Problems?

Is Ron Paul running into money problems? You might think so if you look at his latest Federal Election Commission report. The report, filed over the weekend, shows that he took in about $3.3 million in February. That’s almost $1 million less than he amassed in January – meaning his frenzied “money bomb” fund appeals are perhaps becoming less effective.

Furthermore, he’s got only about $1.6 million in the bank, according to the FEC figures. He spent $5 million in January alone. Do the math, and it’s easy to think that this month he has to raise more, spend less, or dive into the red. And we’re pretty sure that the Paul campaign won’t go that last route, given how much he dislikes deficit spending.

Fear not, Paulites! We think Representative Paul will cruise easily toward the GOP convention in August, if that’s what he wants. He won’t be reduced to wandering student unions after college appearances, asking for spare bills or loose change.


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