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FLASH! We Now Have A 'STATE COORDINATOR' For The Paul Campaign In North Carolina

FLASH! We Now Have A 'STATE COORDINATOR' For The Paul Campaign In North Carolina

Guys, we have a state coordinator for the Paul campaign in NC. Her name is Sharon Ward and I spoke to her on the phone a few days ago. She told me that the Paul campaign had contacted her to become the State Coordinator for the campaign. She is already the Wake County coordinator for Campaign for Liberty. I wanted Sharon herself to make a post here to introduce herself to those who don't know her, but looks like she is having some trouble with the registration process and so I decided to post on her behalf.

We are kicking off the delegate process with the Raleigh Rally for Ron Paul & Freedom Fest this Saturday, Mar 24th, at the Hampton Inns & Suites, 8021 Arco Corporate Drive, Raleigh, NC 27617. The idea is to get together all supporters and those who have signed up as delegates to discuss further steps. This will also be a good time for the delegates to meet each other, so they know whom to vote for, in the conventions ahead. I have also suggested to Sharon that we conduct a coaching class for Robert's Rules of Order. If you are a Paul supporter, PLEASE be there at the Raleigh Rally. This is our Facebook page for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/3157...9804834740464/

Sharon is also collecting names, numbers and email IDs of delegates to be passed onto the campaign. I have volunteered to collect this info from the RPFers, so if you trust me enough, please PM this to me. I need full name, phone number, email ID, the house district and congressional district for which you are a delegate. If you are coming for the rally, you can give this information to Sharon herself (or whoever else will be collecting the info there).

First off, who will be coming to the rally? Tickets are available here.

DailyPaul threads on the rally:


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Do you have county coordinators too?

Do you have a web page for the entire state of NC where it lists all county coordinators and events, etc.?

In 2008, Paul got 7% in NC primary. This year, Let's get him above 20%.

Contact your donors - develop a majority - early!!!

Delegate strategy - develop a majority early!!!!
Call, meet in person all your Ron Paul donors and known supporters. Ask them get on board to be a delegate. Do not only rely on a handful of volunteers. The single biggest strategic mistake made in my county in GA is we did not engage the donors. If the very first step you only engage 30% of the potential supporters to be involved as delegate, every step further you will be reduced even more.

But you must start early and contact every known supporter in person. Email is not enough!!! Pursue them!! Each committed volunteer contact 5-10 on the donor list. Do not wait to the last minute. You also need to decentralize the training material regarding the delegate process. EVERY delegate need to be armed with strong knowledge on how to handle different scenarios. Take initiatives. Do not wait for a leader. The battle is so easily won if you can develop a majority over the party regulars early.

Also try to attend a GOP meetings before your delegate process starts. Make inroads. Make friends. Try to get into a leadership position in the GOP establishment such as getting into the nominating committee.

It appears NC already gone through MPM and county convention although the primary is in May. GA has a similar schedule as NC on the delegate process but primary is 2 months early.