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Any SC RP Organization for upcoming county conventions?

I have been looking to help out in the Berkley county convention but I cannot find any support or even hq.

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Thanks for helping nmlifestyles its

great to have people like you on board.

Yes ...

See >>> http://www.scgop2012.com/district-conventions/

District Conventions

2012 District Conventions

The purpose of the District Convention is to elect Delegates to the 2012 Republican National Convention. Each district convention will elect 2 delegates to the National Convention.

Also at the District Conventions delegates will elect a District Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary. These are four year terms. The District Chairman serves as a non-voting member of the State Executive Committee. In addition, the District Chairman must organize the District Conventions held every four years.

In addition, other party business may not be considered.

To register for your district conventions, please use the reply form that you receive in the call to conventions in the mail.

Becoming a Delegate
To become a delegate to the 2012 District Convention you must have been elected a delegate to the 2011 State Convention during 2011 Precinct Reorganization.

The next precinct reorganization will be in 2013. To become a delegate to the 2013 State Convention you must go through precinct reorganization at that time.

To be elected a National Delegate you must be a State Delegate or State Alternate.

Continue to check back at this site for more information as it is released!

Call me for further info 864.325.6400