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Do we still care about preaching for the cause of Liberty and Ron Paul in direction of OWS ?

I'm just asking.

I'd like some well-thought, rational feedback, with reports of concrete recent points of contact experience.

I am asking because after checking various online resources, my doubts re: the true motivations and rationale of this movement don't cease to grow.

It is well-known to us they openly targets what we consider symptoms only of a more profoundly flawed economy.

Wall St of course, we know is just an anecdote. The true rotten limb is the Fed coupled with a fractional reserve banking system literally gotten out of hands and ... World wide.

OWS has recently showed themselves surfacing with non sensical (for who knows history) and rather irresponsible socialism-flavored ideas.

I don't get it:

How come we are, with Ron Paul, as an appeal to Restore America's foundations, and NOT change them, actually the most radical movement in the strict sense, vs. some people who put themselves already in the streets exclusively?

Not to mention they still officially ignore or sometimes brush away with the back of their hand the only presidential candidate who should be a blessing to anyone (them included) against crony capitalism, warmongerism, and corrupt corporations.

(Ron Paul stands strongly for making corporations responsible for their own mistakes on the markets, to begin with)

Hint : we are true radicals if only because we attack a 100+ years Fed SCAM.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I'm kinda slow ketchin up to the lingo, sorry. What is O W S stand for. I really want to keep up and be an effective communicator of the Liberty message. Thank You.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

OWS stands for

"Occupy Wall Street."

The leaders may be

The leaders may be brainwashed, but many of the members are willing to listen if you can articulate the difference between crony capitalism and free market. The message needs to be spread far and wide and for anyone with an open ear and mind. Our rights will be lost if we don't unite. There will always be differences of opinion on how to make changes, but that is the beauty of our constitutional system, when applied correctly. Dr. Paul is the only one offering a solution that is real and tangible, to reestablish our constitution and the rights it protects.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

I think you sum it up quite well. OWS leaders are brainwashed...

....Out of touch with reality, and no friends of Liberty as they attack Wall Street/K Street which didn't cause the financial crisis.

It was the Federal Reserve whom instigated, and caused the crisis. They need to re-learn their history.

Thus, OWS whose participants have been thoroughly hijacked by criminals George Soros/Koch Inc. need to "disavow" this organization.....and join the Tea Party. (And NOT T Party Express, ever, period!)

We have no hope of "reaching" them....We must bring them out of this movement, to understand Ron Paul's message of limited government. Bring them into the fold, as it were.

Otherwise, the stated organization's goals would lead to a communist run global banking system that would make Rockefeller, Koch & the bankers gush with glee.

Not sure

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here - that OWS people are brainwashed beyond hope, or that that they can be reached if they don't identify with OWS.

I don't think it would be too difficult to get some OWS people informed. Watching the Peter Shiff @ Occupy video helped me better understand the perspective, and that wasn't even a very good video.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

That the OWS people need to be brought out of the fog...

So to speak, they are in a fog. A fixed fog designed to bring tyranny.

They can't stay inside some kind of slogan like "Occupy Wall Street" because its just a non-sense construct by elites.

We have to spread the message and get them into the Tea Party etc......and as far away from the OW banner as possible.

Be regular protestors, not occupiers.

into the Tea Party? The Tea

into the Tea Party? The Tea Party that is just as, if not more, co-opted than OWS is? I don't think so...

The Tea Party is dead, long live the R3volution!

That's Tea Party Express by Freedom Works.

The "Liberty Tea Party" has never been co-opted and is now more active than ever. Has no Freedom Works backers.