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If you're not active, please wade in deeper and have fun!

I just realized something yesterday even more amazing here for our group: #1 we only had about 2 months to organize. #2 in my county, RP votes were a very tiny percentage compared to Santorum in the fake primary, #3 although our small group turned out and stayed committed, we were surprised (as well as all the republican caucus officials) by the huge turnout to caucus, compared to 4 years ago, when practically no one showed up)- and even though there were 22 people who tried to become delegates and all of them other than 2 besides our small group were pro-Santorum (the other 2 were Romney folk, who technically shouldn't have been there had the meeting been convened at the proper time) of all those going on to district, there are only 2 who firmly are committed Santorum supporters. It is 4 Paul supporters, with 2 Santorum, 1 uncommitted, and 1 Romney going to district. The highlight of my day was a little elderly lady who I had called thru voter tracking, showed up to help us vote- she was worried about the oncoming storm, but came on anyway to show her support for Dr Paul. This really touched my heart as she is in her 80's and had never participated in caucus before. I am an ordinary person who was called by another grassroots person and asked to help out by becoming a grassroots coordinator for my county. ( had never done this before, matter of fact, this was my first county caucus to attend) If I can do it, anyway can. I am thankful God helped us achieve what we did, but I honestly loved doing this, it is fun, and a great way to meet other RP supporters in your area. I just want to encourage others who would like to help, but are hesitant for whatever reason, jump in, it's so much fun to participate and do your part for freedom!

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thank you!

Wonderful story, thanks for sharing

We need more success stories posted :)