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Ron Paul on CNBC: 3/19/12

Thanks Shawker and tsai3904 for links:


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Took the words right out of my mouth.

Spends the first half of the interview denigrating his chances and trying to marginalize him and then says Oh by the way, let's talk about some issues.

Good Decision

I'm am glad that RP is taking some of these interviews with those who lead the thinking outside the choir. There is a better chance of finding new converts from this type of interview than from the audiences that already agree with him.

Gene Louis
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One needs to have an I.Q. under 50 to work as a financial journalist with the paleomedia. What an idiot!



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Love you Ron!

Love you Ron!

GOD I wish people would see

GOD I wish people would see that Ron KNOWS what to do to fix this country!!!

Pull out? Are yah crazy?

"Thousands of people are attending my rallies while the other candidates are happy with crowds of 150 to 300. You won't know that because you won't broadcast it. Shame on all of you in the media. I'm winning far more delegates at the delegate selection level than the phony straw polls indicate. Besides, these straw polls are rigged. While I'm drawing ever bigger and bigger crowds at my rallies, I'm all in to win the nomination. This is race for delegates not straw poll race. My supporters are turning up to be delegates in huge numbers. The GOP is doing all they can to frustrate the process and break their own rules, which just proves that the establishment has hijacked the Republic, but we are winning it back."

Plano TX

Where is the embedderman?

Where is the embedderman?

On youtube:


Especially enjoyable to see Dr. Paul spend a healthy 6-7 seconds laughing at her for the Federal Reserve stabilizing the economy comment.

"Loyalty's worth more than wealth...in a world where...people be all for self."

Dr. Paul answered the question about VP, so

no more discussion about that nonsense.

Great answers to absurd questions. Don't miss this one.

Thanks for the link.

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He did not rule anything out

with absolutes.

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Maria certainly wasn't friendly!

She was a real cold fish and certainly did everything she could to throw spitballs at Ron Paul. He really deflected her with laughing at how she spouted the Federal Reserve has saved the American economy since 2008. Laughing at her nastiness was perfect!


Thanks for the link..

She was awful at first and then she turned into a joke. But, Dr. Paul was really good. Gave good answers. Wasn't he supposed to be at a luncheon today in LA with the Black Swan guy? Anyone know anything about that...it was a fundraiser.




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Delegate math mess up in the same show... lol

first they show RP delegates at 50 in the first graph and then later they show it at 43...

Oh boy!


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different sources

I kept an eye out for this when I watched. The first graphic was using UsaToday.com delegate numbers. The second graphic used NBC numbers. Just goes to show that none of these delegates are verified yet and that the numbers can't be trusted.

"Loyalty's worth more than wealth...in a world where...people be all for self."

Geesh....She kept blowing spit-balls at Ron

These types of interviews are so sad. But I'm so proud of Ron for speaking intelligently and brushing off the paper wads spit at him.

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That was wonderful

There's nothing like seeing Dr. Paul educate the MSM! Thanks for the link, hopefully someone will be able to get a you tube up for everyone who missed this...

He Gone!

Man it goes by to quickly!

He'll be on within the next 15 minutes

"After Market" with Maria Bartiromo.