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Attention: Legal Defense-Missouri Arrests Case: Brent Stafford Interviewed by St. Louis TV

UPDATE: You can see video of the show here:


UPDATE: Since I first posted this, the show has aired. Great interview by Brent Stafford and by one other caucus attendee who was very upset at being "denied the right to vote." For more details, be sure to follow Brent Stafford's post and the updates at the bottom of his page:


Original Post follows below:

It's very possible a Legal Defense Fund is needed to assist in protecting our friends who were arrested and the approx. 2,000 voters who were denied the RIGHT to caucus on Saturday.

I've been on the phone today with Ken "The Cameraman" Suitter.

Ken was one of 2 arrested when a caucus PACKED with Ron Paul supporters was shutdown on Saturday.

There are outstanding criminal charges and approx 2,000 voters were PREVENTED from exercising their RIGHT to caucus.

Stay Tuned! Another post will follow if indeed a Legal Defense Fund is established.

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What about this?

Hand this to the chair at the next caucus/convention you attend:


This is to put you on notice that I charge $50 per hour for my time. Other incidental costs of coming to this meeting amount to another $50. If we have repeat of what happened at caucuses in Georgia and Missouri, where the Chair did not heed parliamentary procedures, I will sue you in person for a recovery of my costs of attending a caucus/meeting/convention that turned into a farce. Other of my family and friends intend to do the same. We will apply for a class action lawsuit to facilitate the process and save court time. Please follow parliamentary rules and you will have nothing to worry about.

Plano TX

I'd add a few notes to make them see you are serious

"Of course, by 50.00, I mean only for my basic costs; I'll also need money for the babysitter and to have someone watch the dog who was expecting me to play with him."

"So, let's call it an even 100.00 for now and I'll let you know what else applies if you feel it necessary to spark my fury"

Is it possible to go on the

Is it possible to go on the offensive? I'm no lawyer, but last I heard unlawful arrest is a crime.

Is there any link or video...

of the interview?

I haven't found one yet

Someone said it'd be taped and they'd throw it up here in a new post.

If I find it I'll update here.

Color of law

When is someone going to suggest a color of law suit?

-quiet engineer

that's perhaps a part of it

On the one hand the cops were moonlighting and on the other the cops up there in the helicopter and all those others who responded were on duty.

Sure, I think Color of Law too often is a serious factor in what goes wrong and often why cops run amok.

For a tresspass ticket?

What is the fine? 20 bucks? Legal defense fund... Please.

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
-Pat Buchanan

Which are you? Cop or Prosecutor?

Or is it mere TOADIE?

Each faces up to 1 year in jail and a fine of as much as $2,500.00.

More to the point, should either plead guilty?

IF either does that there is no realistic hope to pursue a civil claim against all parties who denied approx 2,000 voters the right to participate in the caucus.

You might do that, after all, the spineless usually behave in that manner.

Some will not!

To obtain legal defense when the strategy is NOT to plead guilty means one risks trial and that runs into some real serious money. Depositions alone cost well into the thousands.

When if ever have you been to court? Was it in the 40's?

Heck, in today's courts even for a minor "trespass" they'd zap these 2 at least for hundreds just for starters.

The real point is the hoped for strategy is to go ahead and sue everyone who violated rights of approximately 2,000 last Saturday.

Fighting back is how we move toward better behaved vote counters instead of where we are today, which is increasingly blatant misbehavior at each caucus and primary.

You might not care about such things, again, because spineless people don't----they just go about tossing stones from their anonymous hangouts.

Please spare me

You can get tickets fixed in Missouri for 50 bucks. I usually buy my friend who is an attorney a bottle of wine and Bing bang its gone. This will cost him no more than 100 dollars to go away and the prosecutor will drop the tresspass charge. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill. The legal defense would be better spent on the campaign.

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
-Pat Buchanan

You show your true colors

when you brag openly of your own deceit and bribery. This evil is exactly what RP Patriots are fighting against! Besides, you're missing the point - acts of tyranny must be exposed and remedied NO MATTER THE COST!

Take a long look in the mirror and get yourself straightened out.

Grambo2, Anchorage AK
"Freedom is never free!"

Not bribery its a plea

Fine waste 5 grand. What do I care, not my money. This can be solved by the traffic law hotline for a 100 bucks. That is my point. Deal with it... I got my speeding ticket fixed to a noise violation. I guess I have no honor. Should have paid the full amount to the state. I can live with gaming a corrupt system. Sleep like a baby at night.

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
-Pat Buchanan

Hold the phone, whose side are you on again uncle....

This caucus so far has been nothing but a clown show, a circus show with several bad actors involved messing with citizens rights.

Any attorney in their right mind would want this in court. Probably even the elder Judge, if this is how he's been running this town.

The point isn't anything "Ron Paul".

The point is upwards of 2,000 voters got their voices silenced, DENIED from the process due to criminal violations.

Apparently the mayor of St. Charles disagrees and says this is not the way to run this town. Further, to avoid everyone any "embarrassment" its time to claim full monetary/civil damages.

If not against Dokes, just plain damages off the entire county. They shouldn't operate their Caucus/events like a Barnum Bailey Circus, and expect not to pay the bill.

You don't know much do you?


First, you just stated in a public forum that you and your attorney friend bribe public officials.

I'm sure your attorney considers you a valuable friend, since you just advertised him as someone who needs to be disbarred as well as further implicated prosecutor(s) who face further shame.

The point IS to litigate and one won't be able to succeed at that if one has pled guilty.

When you pay the fine that's what you have done, you've pled guilty.

and denied with a monstrous plot in mind

which is to halt the momentum for a presidential candidate. Last I looked that is known as "electioneering." This is a felony, let alone the violations against the rights of Paul voters and wrongful arrests. Plus, the trauma of being handcuffed, accused; the fright, the trauma, the adrenaline: all because of the fanatical political machinations of Santorum-ites? They, too, including Dokes, are liable for the wrongful trauma endured by the wrongfully arrested.

$20 bucks? How about $20 million in damage? The adrenaline shock alone should be worth that. How would you like to be cuffed, have your head shoved down, and chucked into a police car, without any idea of the consequences?

Yes, this lawsuit is being explored vigorously.


I like to say I have 2 heroes: Rosa Parks and The San Diego Walkman.

I think many people who never have been arrested, singled out for what they believe and/or who they are nevertheless can understand why it is a very bad thing to have happen.

Others don't know that fear, nervousness, sleeplessness, loss of income, uncertainty and many other unpleasant things are very real circumstances one gets all due to having attended a caucus to participate and to be helpful.

This is a case involving content based discrimination and it arises out of the insidious machinations of a few at the expense of the rest of us.

It's necessary to keep fighting and hopefully, in the end, some of the miscreants will learn a long overdue lesson in civility.

Thats funny

It's not a bribe its a plea....You clearly are not from Missouri. I pay the fine which the attorney gets reduced to a small amount. He gets a nice bottle of wine. The St Peters prosecutor does not want to deal with this... He has much better things to do. Clearly many here don't think of the legal system as I do. It's a fraud treat it as such.

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
-Pat Buchanan

Yeah I don't think so...And accepting bribes is a crime..

Advertising to the world that your local attorney is accepting bribes?

Not a great idea, sport. It's also a felony & fixer for disbarment.

The point was over 2000 people got harmed by this event, with their votes denied, and are going to make the county pay for it. Enough of that going on, will show such a City, they work for the taxpayers. You don't want to go bankrupt, don't violate civil rights.

You said "fix"

That means bribe where I'm from. And I've been to Missouri, never felt the people there didn't understand the term "fix".

And it's a plea of guilty or no contest, which mean that you give the State money and waive all further rights in the matter, which means you've got to keep your nose clean for at least a year, sometimes more, or face sentence for the original offense to which you just pled.

That means you are sentenced WITHOUT trial, since you waived it already.

And, again, the point for Ron Paul supporters and all others who are trying to caucus in Missouri AND in other states is to file a civil claim---that's why it's necessary to fight the criminal charges and to Win a not guilty verdict or get the charges dropped.

Anyone can buy a bottle of wine, scrape up 100.00 and give it to an attorney.

Sorry your state laws suck

Perfectly legal in Missouri. Sorry trespass is a joke of a ticket. I have made much worse brought down to noise pollution. We do things differently in MO. Sorry... Just the way things are done. Do me a favor and Google search fix tickets St. Louis. Then get back to me. I am not making this stuff up.

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
-Pat Buchanan

File a personal class action lawsuit...

... against the temporary chair. Sue him in his personal capacity for all costs incurred in attending the caucus, including cost of time wasted. Once these suits are filed, no temporary chair will ever again try and bypass the parliamentary rules and procedures.

County taxpayers should also sue him for a recovery of costs incurred in calling the police and putting helicopters in the sky. Improper use of county resources. If you make a frivolous 911 call, you'll pay the costs, might even be indicted.

Time to file lawsuits.

Also file for UNLAWFUL ARREST - violation of Constitutional Rights... We the People RULE!

Plano TX

Great work John, they're ambushed from all sides!!

No way for the "establishment" to spin anything anymore.

They can't deny legal or due process to attendees, to the caucus and they can't deny due process to Americans - PERIOD.

What Eugene Stokes did is like something right out of a Black Panthers novel, if that was indeed the Obammunist rhetoric he was following.

It disenfranchised Paul backers, Romney backers, and even campaign staff for Gingrich's supporters. Truly egrigious violations, carried out in concert with some Santorum/saboteurs who also made the claim Dokes' family received death threats.

That is absolute NONSENSE!!!
No one, no one who attended threatened Dokes or his family & they recorded it on video. Absolute commun-isque.

Thank you

Stay tuned, I discussed with Ken "TheCameraman" some of the details and it looks likely some kind of fund will be necessary.

I've got a call in to see if we can get legal help now.

See if you can investigate statutes about making false claims..

That's got to hold Dokes legally liable, wouldn't it?

It would be different if it was off camera, but it seems Eugene Dokes has gone before the public several times - even the police - making a fictitious claim that he & his family got death threats.

At the least, would be a slam-dunk case for civil perjury...

Yea, Dokes needs to have this

Yea, Dokes needs to have this on his political record somehow since he's running for Congress. The last thing we need are actual threats as they would only make him look like the good guy and we the bad, but just paperwork being filed about backroom dealings and false claims against any politician goes to the court of public opinion. And we all know, public opinion is what these candidates want.

I just caught the end of it...

Brent was talking, then voice of Dokes. Dokes saying it was just confusion over the rules. Then, announcer said new caucus will have to be before April 21. Unfortunately, I missed most of what Brent said.

I'm for this lawsuit; we'll win this

This is a great event in the history of FREEDOM. Missouri will show us the way. God bless Mr. Cameraman and Mr. Stafford.

Two Shows, where this will be exposed:

republicbroadcasting.org, Tuesday for 2 hours, 9-11 CST, possibly Monday for 1 hour, 10-11 CST.

The Power Hour, Joyce Riley, Wed: 9-10:00 CST.

Please join. If Suitter and Stafford wish to be on, let me know:


This is the greatest thing that could happen to us. Let's pursue it. Their rights were SEVERELY impugned.

I totally agree Dr. K

This just may be the best thing that has happened to us along this bumpy road.
The slime is a comin' up to the surface!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

They did air a segment.

It was about 2 minutes long, said there were some arrests after a man who was told to leave the caucus didn't leave the grounds; that there was a popular youtube video which they showed some of; and that the caucus couldn't decide whether or not to allow video recording and that the GOP officials want to reschedule it but hadn't decided on a date and that no delegates were awarded.

They just aired it again - horrible IMO - very biased

towards the GOP - emphasis on "told repeatedly to leave" etc.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix