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MN Update... Good News

I just wanted to let folks know we had a good weekend advancing more delegates to the District and State Conventions. Things are looking very good and can't stress how important is for the people in the remaining states to organize and become delegates in the process... Even if you become an alternate delegate you have a chance to be seated when someone doesn't show up....

Keep fighting for Liberty as we will win this battle to the National Convention.

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Not enough

We arenot going to get enough delegates with caucus states. We need to rundelegates for Romney and santorum that can vote Paul on second ballot.



Their is no better feeling

Their is no better feeling then spending an afternoon fighting for liberty!
Become a delegate for Ron Paul learn the process and fight the good fight!

WA State

We got it going on here. Seattle 2 Legislative districts went for Ron Paul though Mitt won the straw poll. Ours in Cowlitz County won't be until next month. Looking through Roberts Rules and County Convention rules. We're on the ball.


Thanks for the dedication and effort on behalf of our favorite lady, Lady Liberty.

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I posted earlier today about

I posted earlier today about how easy it is to make a difference this way-it is basically just your time and committment, Please everyone become delegates at your local level!. If I had known before this time how easy it was, I would have done it ages ago-its fun!

Looks like a lesson to take

Looks like a lesson to take from the delegate fight over the last couple of weeks, is that the best way to defeat fraud is to over whelm them with Ron Paul delegates.

Don't dare to ever come to the point where you don't bother to go to a convention since you don't think you are needed because you are certain Ron Paul will win anyway. Every able bodied (and not so able bodied) person is needed.

Hell, if you're breathing at all...

Get your ass to a convention to support our man! Heck there was a guy at the MASSIVE COUP FOR RON PAUL in Seattle just recently who was running low on his oxygen tank cause it took so long to rout out the GOP and guess what? A bunch of RP supporters ponied up their spare O2 tanks! Yeah. That's right. Even if you're dependent on home O2 and don't have any... we'll take care of it for you.


Ya, I saw that O2 news the

Ya, I saw that O2 news the other day and got a real kick out of it.

Makes me curious to know why people were bringing along O2 tanks, since the way the news was told it didn't seem to be related to bringing spare tanks specifically for that person.

Likely they were spare tanks people had thought to bring

along for themselves... COPDers and the like.

Such an awesome bonus to the story! :)


That is our mantra! Seriously, it's all that matters in this race. If I wasn't moving out of my state and ineligible to be a delegate as a result (in either state), you can BET YOUR ASS I'd be a delegate for Ron Paul.

So you best get your ass to Tampa as a delegate for Ron Paul or do everything in your power to be sure another RP supporter does in your stead.


(The above war cry works best if you picture me running with a musket in my hands) :)

I'll be going to the District Caucus here in Colorado

this Saturday. Hoping to go to the State Convention again this time, just as I did in 2007. We had a very rough time in 2007, but are much better organized this time around.

You rock! :)

Thank you sir (or ma'am)!!

My dad supports Romney or Gingrich

He's a precinct delegate, said he's not going to bother going to the District Caucus since Romney is going to win.. hehe

I forgot to mention my father heard on the WCCO Radio in

Minneapolis a Caller said he was for Romney and tried to become a delegate, he said he had to settle for a alternate delegate spot since the Ron Paul campaign had secured all Regular Delegate spots to the State and District convention. Keep positive and fight to become a delegate.