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Official Statement: Liar, Liar, GOP Chairman Eugene Dokes Wearin' Hot Pants! Again~

Official St. Charles County Republican Central Committee Statement

Statement from the SCCRC:

The St. Charles County Republican Central Committee would like to address a few of the problems at this weekend’s county Caucus meeting at Frances Howell North High School. Two issues that were a concern to caucus goers were the prohibition of recording devices and the selection of the caucus chair.

Regarding the prohibition of recording devices at the caucus: This was a house rule adopted by the county party to insure that official business of the caucus could not be disseminated to members of other political parties and, to ensure that the voting preferences of individual caucus goers stayed within the confines of the venue. Privacy is a basic tenet of our electoral system and the Committee’s well meaning intention was to preserve that fundamental right only. However house rules were to only remain in effect until a permanent chair was selected.

The second issue was the selection of the caucus chair which St Charles County GOP Chairman Eugene Dokes addressed:

“It was not our intention to disenfranchise anyone from exercising their free speech rights,” said Chairman Dokes. I deeply apologize for any confusion during the process. We worked hard to follow Robert’s Rules of Order. We put together house rules, and conducted a voice vote. Adding to the confusion was the fact that many people were handed copies of rules before the caucus that were not approved by the rules committee. Many became aggressive and belligerent when asked to follow house rules. At one point, a woman’s hat was ripped off of her head and thrown on the floor and at least 5 people rushed the podium. We would have continued the meeting after the selection of the chair but the police
asked us to shut it down.”

Dokes also declared his intention to ensure St Charles County is fully represented throughout the process: “I am working with the state party and with all the campaigns to find a solution to make sure that St. Charles County is represented at the congressional, state, and national conventions. It is my highest priority to make sure that we will not lose any delegates.”

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I'm furious that they're still trying to dictate the system.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

I'm gonna guess Dokes is

I'm gonna guess Dokes is gonna push a proportional delegates based on the primary. That would be bs

Ya Think? LOL!

No doubt true... and who has those ballots, I Wonder? Hmmm?

Calling Brent Stafford...

Hey Brent, there is a seat on the MO senate that needs filling and the Republican running may not be too popular. Need a job?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


This is pure horse manure!

At NO time did anyone who addressed the caucus body explain that the prohibition on filming could be lifted upon the seating of the permanent chair. In fact, when points of order were raised, Mr. Dokes refused to address them, explaining that this rule was non-negotiable. We were also told this by another member of the committee who was addressing the caucus body. Now they are acting as if this is all a big misunderstanding! I wasn’t pissed about any of this till reading this pile of garbage. An apology and an admission of wrong doing would have served just fine. But bold face lies parading as an apology and an explanation is beyond the pale! This insults the intelligence of anyone who witnessed these events and has even a partial brain left with which to think rationally.

In addition, Mr. Dokes wants to make it appear as if confusion among the caucus goers was the real issue. The rules being passed around were those produced by the various factions, who planned to have their rules voted on! ARGH! Does anyone believe anything coming out of this man’s mouth? I have little doubt that some people were confused by events, but that would be the responsibility of those who were in charge to fix. You do not proceed with a caucus when you believe that the majority of the caucus body is confused. Of course, this nonsense about our confusion is simply more dung from Mr. Dokes!

Mr. Dokes, you are a pathetic phony! I am seriously pissed off now. Go away! It would be better for you to go crawl in a hole than to release such a pathetic example of rhetorical nonsense. When you want to truly repent for your tyranny, then by all means release something that is actually sincere. Until then, you are nothing but a liar in my book.

Dokes did this knowingly, and

Dokes did this knowingly, and he lied about who gave the order to shut the meeting down, the police said they did not! And I have not seen 1 single video of 5 people trying to rush him. There is a letter already drafted and I think sent by Sanitarium crew that they want the votes to be proportioned!! The GOP have agreed to this??? I really got mad when I saw him in a video, smirking! I think the worst thing to come out of the caucus was that 2 men were arrested and now have been charged!!! For nothing!! What a gutless wa*#er, as we say in Aus.

"he lied about who gave the

"he lied about who gave the order to shut the meeting down, the police said they did not!"

This is TRUE. The St. Peter's police issued a statement spelling out clearly that they DID NOT tell anyone to close the proceedings. So indeed, this is Mr. Dokes trying to escape responsibility for the fiasco.

"And I have not seen 1 single video of 5 people trying to rush him."

The only people who even ventured close to the podium were those attempting to get his attention in a vain attempt to make motions, points of order or division. They were trying in vain to follow rules that Mr. Dokes was not obeying himself. Yet this attempt to participate in the caucus is somehow a threatening charge towards him. He is an ass.

"What a gutless wa*#er, as we say in Aus."
I like that. I'd use a different word, but I'm sure it would loosely translate to mean the same thing.

Liars trying to save face so they can screw us next go

around. Kick their asses out, the r3VOLution is taking over. No second chances, none. We don't have time for second chances. You get one shot or we roll over you.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


the guys in MO know what to do.

We BETTER make sure

We all seriously better constantly follow-up on this and not allow this to go down as planned. They are clearly planning to appoint these delegates themselves just like they did with the chair and the committee. Everyone in MO please keep everyone posted and give us numbers/email addresses.

Ron Paul should

... attend the re-convened caucus in person, with 2,000 supporters outside!

Plano TX

Great idea

This could be big.

That would be epic. More like

That would be epic.
More like 8,000 people would show.

Wow, just wow...

"We worked hard to follow Robert’s Rules of Order. We put together house rules, and conducted a voice vote."

No parlimentary procedure was followed. NOT ONE!

"They" do not get to put together rules. The BODY of the Caucus makes the rules.

He conducted a voice vote but ignored calls for Division.

He ignored correctly made nominations for Chairman.

The GOP's main concern is not

The GOP's main concern is not whether Obama gets reelected so much as it is whether Ron Paul get elected. Obama and the GOP are very much alike, Ron Paul-not at all.

If you take away nothing else from Ron Paul's "message", one thing EVERYONE should see is that we have a ONE party system, not two.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

It's true the Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum delegates

tried to form a unity slate against the Ron Paul delegates, but we still kicked their butt in the 36th District in WA even with all of them combined all the delegates and alternates elected were Ron Paul supporters.

They have to re-caucus

If they can use this method to block Paul as another commenter below says, then Paul as no chance. I hope the commenter is wrong.

They have to re-caucus..

is like saying they have to follow the rules. They simply do not care about rules.


they will place all their Santorum delegates and move them forward. Not a thing anyone can do about it. The police were brought in to make sure they got done what they had planned as fast as possible. This will now be played throughout the remainder of any caucus sites.

It was set-up long before

It was set-up long before Dokes took the podium. Police were on alert and enroute, if not waiting nearby.

But it's all good because if we do our job and get the word out there will be revolution in the way things are done this summer.

Dokes Posing with Santorum


thats called

gettin your FROTH-ON