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Call The St. Peters Missouri Police Department About Their Actions At The Caucuses Recently. They Protected The Caucus Chair As

he broke the rules. And they removed the people who were trying to have a fair caucus procedure. I called & told them just that: the police officers were taking orders from the GOP chairman of the caucus as if he was able to give them those orders. The police did not even have an understanding that the chairman was the one breaking the rules, yet they followed arbitrary orders against the people, given by the corrupted chair.

The St Peters Missouri Police are who committed these unjust & corrupt acts against the people.
Here is the St. Peters Missouri Police Station Contact Info

PHONE CONTACT(636) 278-2222

Be cordial & firm with them. We must show them that we are ordinary people who will not take this kind of treatment.

Here is a link to the (unbelievable) video of the GOP & Police Corrupt Acts:

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Just following orders, Mr. Stalin.....

Yeah well, when the people giving those are not smart & are pretty corrupt..that's no excuse.

Make sure the county pays for it, put the mess on T.V. so Americans know we are reclaiming our electoral process.

There needs to be a class action lawsuit

That is the only thing they will understand!


How about this?

Hand this to the chair at the next caucus/convention you attend:


This is to put you on notice that I charge $50 per hour for my time. Other incidental costs of coming to this meeting amount to another $50. If we have repeat of what happened at caucuses in Georgia and Missouri, where the Chair did not heed parliamentary procedures, I will sue you in person for a recovery of my costs of attending a caucus/meeting/convention that turned into a farce. Other of my family and friends intend to do the same. We will apply for a class action lawsuit to facilitate the process and save court time. Please follow parliamentary rules and you will have nothing to worry about.

Plano TX