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Missouri wasn't the last caucus state!

I've heard some people (both on here and in the media) claiming that Missouri was the last caucus state....that's most certainly not true. Nebraska has a similar situation as Missouri, in that it will be holding a non-binding "beauty contest" primary on May 15, but the actual delegates will be chosen at the county conventions (June 1-10) and ultimately the state convention (July 14). So we still have another caucus state to excel at...fortunately, we have lots of time to prepare.

Not only that, but there are also two more caucuses as well:
Louisiana - April 28 (LA has both a caucus and a primary)
Montana - June 14-16 (actually the state convention)

And, of course, Missouri isn't finished yet; the two largest counties go on March 24.

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Important! Please Edit More Caucuses!

Missouri - Finish up on March 24
Louisiana - April 28
Nebraska - June 1-10
Montana - June 14-16

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_republican_primary

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Hawaii provisional ballots not counted

the first time voters in Hawaii don't seem to have been counted?

google results 03/13/2012

The official results 03/18/2012

anyone have news on this?

Lesson for Other States

notice that delegates were by congressional district. A few more votes on the neighbor islands and Sanctamonius would have been 3rd and Dr. Paul would have one more delegate.

This is analagous to the county by county battle in other states.

Add LA to that list also.

Louisiana has a primary but it is more or less a straw poll. They caucus later for delegates and that's whats truly matters. If you don't believe call and ask the Ron Paul HQ in Baton Rouge, LA. The primary does not MEAN ANYTHING.


for restoring the republic

Louisiana is a caucus state

Primary March 24

Caucus April 28



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for Nebraska's Ron Paul delegation!