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NEW STUDY: Radiation Treatments Create Cancer Cells 30 Times More Potent Than Regular Cancer Cells

(NaturalNews) In a groundbreaking new study just published in the peer reviewed journal Stem Cells, researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Department of Oncology found that, despite killing half of all tumor cells per treatment, radiation treatments on breast cancer transforms other cancer cells into cancer stem cells which are vastly more treatment-resistant than normal cancer cells. The new study is yet another blow to the failed and favored mainstream treatment paradigm of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out cancer symptoms (tumors) instead of actually curing cancer.

Senior study author Dr. Frank Pajonk, associate professor of radiation oncology at the Jonsson Center, reported that induced breast cancer stem cells (iBCSC) "were generated by radiation-induced activation of the same cellular pathways used to reprogram normal cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) in regenerative medicine." Pjonk, who is also a scientist with the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine at UCLA, added "It was remarkable that these breast cancers used the same reprogramming pathways to fight back against the radiation treatment."

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035289_radiation_cancer_stem_cell...

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health and liberty go hand in

health and liberty go hand in hand. if it didn't then the DP wouldn't have a category for it

Burzynski: The Movie

Google it.

There's no money in a cure.

An imperfect messenger of a perfect message. — Ron Paul

I watched the movie and felt

I watched the movie and felt very strongly after watching that he was being discriminated against. So I started reading his study reports and following the money....

My conclusion is that he is a fraud and a "snake oil salesman".

And.. Please remember that the Panacea for Medicine is the cure cancer. There is HUGE money in curing cancer, this is why Dr. Burzynski charges a large amount of money for his study.

Please note that nearly all study subjects are PAID for their participation in research studies where medications are administered. And they NEVER pay for the medications.

In the same way we require "sheeple" to wake up from their politcal slumber, we must strive to ensure information on other subjects on this site are truthful and not "I really feel this way/that way". The scientific method is in place for a reason.


"Their" reaction is all you need.

If he was a fraud, the FDA wouldn't have tried everything in their power to squash him for the last 30 years.

An imperfect messenger of a perfect message. — Ron Paul

Exactly, they tried to steal his patents!

Exactly, they tried to steal his patents! If they thought it was a fraud, they wouldn't have secretly filed duplicate patents for his research. They hoped to put him in prison so he couldn't defend his patents and they would own his invention.

As always

No need to jump to conclusions based on one story. Women and some low-sperm count men usually get very excited with such type of news and get some sort of itching - either global warming, cholesterol, special diet, NWO, UFO, etc.

Sure, simple folks from trust-no-one camp can keep using snake oil as well.

Successful Cures

Gerson Therapy

Berzinsky's (sp) therapy

Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil = the strongest cure

Big Pharma = no cure, not ever.

My People Parish For lack Of Insight (Knowledge)

When I was growing up in america, cancer rates were very low. People ate much more fresh fruits and vegetables, got plenty of exercise, sunshine and fresh air..

Then, things changes in america. We left the farms for better paying desk jobs..

The Ma and Pa remedies gave way to 'Big Pharm'...

Now look at the mess we have created for ourselves...

"By the sweat of thy brow ye shall earn your bread, for dusk thou are and to dusk thou shall return."

This was a command by God to Adam..Maybe we should have listened to the creator..

I think you mean 'dust' not 'dusk'

Dusk is that time between sunset and night time.

The word is dust - as in God formed man out of the dust of the ground.

Amen !!

my grandmother lived to be 96,and never had any cancer.She grew up on a farm,and ate only organic homegrown foods.My sister and I have both had breast cancer.They caught mine in the very early stage,and I only had low dose radiation.The cancer is gone now,but I feel like,I will always be at risk now,because of the radiation.

Cancer is Curable Now! A great Film!

VIDEO : Dr. Leonard Coldwell : The Only Answer To Cancer Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi1QrgPAnvI (9 mins)

I first heard Dr. Coldwell in an interview on George Noory's "Coast To Coast AM..

Every time he is on Coast to Coast Dr. Coldwell's server crashes because of an over abundance of email requests for his book..

Enjoy the video!

Prevent Cancer

1. Get enough Vitamin D. 5,000 to 10,000 IUs a day of Vitamin D3 for supplementation.

2. Eliminate junk food, processed food, sodas, artificial sweetners, and reduce red meat

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables, get plenty of omega 3s, get more antioxidants (especially astaxanathin aka the king of the cartenoids and take supplement with omega 3's to allow it to better travel through the blood stream), and superfood such as spirullina, chorella, and etc.

4. Drink roobios tea (naturally non caffeine), green tea, and superfood smoothies such as Boku Superfood, Living Fuel, Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Eenerfood, and etc.

5. Exercise and get enough sleep. The Peak 8 exercise is a better alternative to running for an hour. It takes 20 minutes to do. Best on a elliptical. How to do it: warm up for 3 minutes, go the fastest you can for 30 seconds, rest for 90 seconds, repeat 7 more times and cool down in the last 2 minutes.

Live Free or Die

Let Me Add One More To Your List Shifty...

Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air..Don't overdue it..Work up to 2 hours of sunshine on your face. Also, I take Coral Calcium 3X a day. This keeps my blood PH where it is suppose to be..Alkaline about 7.5 - 7.65..

Otto Warburg got the Nobel in 1950 for discovering that Cancer cannot exit in an Oxygen rich environment...IT DIES!!

Most men and women will get cancer as they grow older because their blood PH becomes more acidic for a variety of reasons..

I like you recipe Shifty...I do follow follow many of your recommendations..

Thanks for sharing..

Thanks And ABout H202

I read a book called the One Minute Cure which is about 35% food grade H202 therapy where droplets of it into a cup of distilled water and drinking it 3 times a day increases oxygen and kills cancer cells. Basically it starts out 3 drops and add a drop each day until you reach 25 and then remove one drop going back to 3.

Live Free or Die

Absolutely, but please don't forget to mention...

That it also kills all probiotics in your digestive system. Probiotic enzymes must be reintroduced after this treatment.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Cancer cured?

From what I'v seen, this may be a cure for cancer, but big pharma and the FDA are not interested because they can't patent it and rob people, so they don't tell you! This should be front page news, and I have yet to see it anywhere. Check it out and tell your friends!



Big Pharma is there to make money, and cures would cut into their profit margins. They don't want people to self-medicate either, hence the laws against marijuana. They prefer people to buy their expensive, and mostly ineffective concoctions.

I'm a breast cancer survivor...

and after my radiation treatments(2 years ago),someone told me about this.Thirty times more potent cells? That's really scary.Thanks for posting.


My sister-in-law was recently diagnosed with plasma cell Myeloma. She is receiving chemo, because she has 30% functioning kidneys.

We are all EXTREMELY WORRIED about Sallie, and we just don't understand why the Medical world is no further along than they were since the 1970's. The stats are the same!

As I understand, something triggered her bad cells to overreact, and her good cells were somehow not working up to snuff to allow the bad guys to get out of control.

We are all heart sick about this. I just hope we can reverse the kidneys and get them working once again, so we can move on.

She is taking potent vitamins, probiotics, etc. in the hope that they will negate some of the damage done, but none of us like chemo AT ALL.

You might consider the powers of spice extracts

especially the hydrosols of wild oregano and rosemary (known as juice of oregano and juice of rosemary), which contain the highly antitumor agents carnosinic acid and rosmarinic acid plus carvacrol.

These are also antifungal, and fungi are associated with blood cancers, lymphoma, and myeloma.

Wild chaga is another anticancer substance traditionally used in Russia. Hope that helps.

What were her early symptoms?

Did she have radiation therapy also?

Cancer cure

All cancers are caused by inflammation as well as diabetes, heart disease, MS, etc... etc... almost everything. To cure cancer is to do things that are anti-inflammatory. I recommend you read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. These both detail good anti-inflammatory diets. Or you can just go to marksdailyapple.com and search for How to eat according to the Primal Blueprint.

Also check out jackkruse.com and read everything you can on Leptin and Cold Thermogenesis. Check out the index on that page and read everything on both of those.

Chapter one on Leptin is the first leptin blog post to read. If you don't have much time to read a good start would be to just read this and get your sister in law eating this way.


reedr3v's picture

Good luck to Sallie and your whole family