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Ron Paul Has 90 Delegates! (march 19,2012)

According to the Santorum teams, RON PAUL has 90 delegates now in count. See item: http://news.yahoo.com/santorum-campaign-floats-delegate-math... From what i researched before the Florida primary, the delegates were supposed to be given out proportionately, and I was much confused when they were not. Florida moved up its primary and the punishment was to divide its delegates in half and then to proportion out about half of them and the others were 2 delegates per district won.

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BTW..I sent this to drudge

BTW..I sent this to drudge with a note that the delegate count is closer than most outlets are reporting. Even if these numbers aren't legit, the closer the race seems the better. I suggest everyone sending this to drudge.

50 rules for 50 states.

For example, Arizona's are bound for 1 vote, Georgia's for 3, etc. Our #'s will improve with each vote, we just have to keep Romney from hitting 1144 at any time.

Yes, you can ALWAYS abstain.


So, I have asked this questions in many places but have received a firm answer... can delegates abstain from voting in the first round? Even if they are bound?

"In 1912 Mr. Taft was

"In 1912 Mr. Taft was nominated by the Republicans on the first ballot after an embittered struggle over the credentials of certain delegates. Three hundred forty-three delegates abstained from voting and a month later held a convention of their own, at which a new party, called Progressive, was formed, and Mr. Roosevelt was nominated for the presidency."


Granted that was 100 years

Granted that was 100 years ago and many rules have changed since then. But, I couldn't find anything else saying one way or the other. Here is a link to the convention and delegate rules.


Everthing I've ever heard says yes they can abstain.

In the 197? over 100 didn't vote first round.In 2008 20 didn't vote first round. You cannot change if you are bound but nothing or no one can stop you from going to the restroom to throw up.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
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Do you have a link to back

Do you have a link to back this up?

How long before they vote a second round?

I would hate to be in the bathroom when that happened!

lets hope for

about 200-300 Bound Delegates

and about 700 Stealth Delegates.

Lets hope that they are able to abstain from the first vote

Aren't there about 2300 total

We should be able to get at least 1500 the way things are looking.

Keep exposing the GOP people

The Ron Paul 1-2 punch is coming

1: Abstain from the first vote

2: Vote for Paul in the second round

I think he already has..

..a little over 400 delegates. But please...shhhhh. Don't plug MSM back on. Keep 'em unplugged, ya hear?

good news

I heard Paul mention the desire for 200 to 300 delegates - so let's go for 400 - 500.

I thought 108 or 109

I thought 108 or 109

He just got 48 from boone

He just got 48 from boone county alone.. but they gotta go thru the loops to become state delegates

Not the Same

He wants delegates to the national convention. To do that, the delegates from Boone have to vote with the delegates from other counties, at the state convention, to send delegates to the national convention.

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