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Can You Say Dictatorship? Yes We Can!

The Following is my latest Facebook Status. Just trying to reach out and wake people up. But sheeple will be sheeple. I can't say I didn't try:

Hope everyone loves living in this dictatorship. You know fox always has spin. Well, this is the nice kind. Because their coverage of this...doesn't scratch the surface of this new Executive Order. So I'll fill in a FEW points.

This can all be done if there is a “potential threat to the security of the United States.”

A)They can steal public and private property and give it to whom they want, for "national security" reasons.

B)Allows them to seize ALL communications. Remember last year they did the FIRST FEMA test to seize all communications. Previously, communication channels would be prompted to transmit the signal, now...the government seizes ALL of it, TV to CB Radios.

C) Allows them to take control of ALL transportation. Including your family car.

As John Adams noted, the very basis of the Constitution rests on the concept of private property. “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God,” Adams wrote, “anarchy and tyranny commence. Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.”

Wake up people. WAKE UP.


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More info already available.

This subject is already being discussed in another DP forum. It has been active since Saturday. Lots of great links in the comments. If you have time, listen to the podcast in the initial post. It goes through the entire executive order and explains it in understandable language.
I listened to it and it was the straw that broke the camels back to me. I am officially becoming a prepper.


Let it be written, that in 2012 we changed the World!!!


We will unite as americans and stand up to the tyranny, once it actually takes affect. However the majority of people wait for the last minute for everything and many of
of our peers are brainwashed or indoctrinated to the point they don't care, yet.

If its bad enough the police, the sheriffs, the courts, and most importantly the people don't stand up to it, then divided we will fall, which would prove the conspiracy theorists right. In that the elitists(scum) have had this planned for over a hundred years and the fed, the bureaucracies, and their influence has destroyed our livelihood, our future. If the murals at the denver airport are any indication if things to come I don't want to be around, and friends the dots are starting to connect in all the wrong ways. Remember that if the ends justify the means they will do whatever it takes to shut the opposition up.

For freedom, liberty, and peace,

Jonny Walker

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Good tact explaining bills in simple,

"how it impacts you" format. Very few people seem motivated by principles or ethics in political issues. The "me" factor seems dominate in deciding how most people vote.

Sadly, this status surely

Sadly, this status surely made people nothing but apathetic. It's the entitlement society we live in. Oh well. Get it? ha