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Pre-determined Illinois Primary Results Leaked to Local Affiliate?

Yep, there's no voter fraud.

Except, the local Chicago affiliate already has complete results for TOMORROW's elections.


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Am I missing something? The

Am I missing something? The actual results were nowhere close to the "leaked" ones... Why is this still being discussed?

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I called everyone and asked

I called everyone and asked about it. I called the Cook County Clerk, the Department of Justice, and all news outlets. I got a couple different responses and none of them had anything to do with software testing.

in what direction did they go?


ABC gave a few different

ABC gave a few different responses, none of them had anything to do with software testing. The Clerks Office said that none of the votes were counted same with the DOJ. I told them both we live in a republic, not a tyranny.

Great post!

Thank you, I don't think this is some type of software testing.


I would also like to add that the majority of people

defending ABC and saying we're wrong have often not been members long. A couple I saw have been members for a few hours!!!!!! What!!!!! So, could there be trolls? I suppose. But, like I said, I think they let the cat out of the bag and they are desperately trying to get the cat back in. Those that have supported RP for a while know there has been a bunch of shenanigans cast our way!


I think this situation needs to be put forth to all DP Readers

and to all those hardworking RP potential delegates that are going to the Illinois Caucus. Let's look at the facts:

I) ABC7 tabulated predetermined results last night, which made a big splash here on the DP
2) Several of the DP readers took proof of this
3) Then, the manager from ABC7 wrote in and said this was from AP and a trial run
4) The question then is: Is this true?
Let's look at some obvious things:

* Is this commonly done so that the internet viewers are familiar with this type of process?
I don't think so.

*Why would the numbers have been tabulated in the way they were with 3% going to Ron Paul, etc.

*Why wouldn't they have just put Candidates XYZ?

* Why suddenly pull it after it went wild on the DP?

*Has the media lied to us before? Have they lied often? Do you trust chronic liars?

*The excuse that the numbers are different today than yesterday has no real value, as anybody can tweak this!

I do not think that this is any kind of overreaction. The major media has done everything in their power to spin Ron Paul in a negative light. They are obviously intimidated by his presence and appear to be working in tandem with the GOP. The GOP in Missouri just had two peaceful RP supporters arrested in an obvious attempt to retain their power. When has there been any real fairness, truth, decency in this entire process with the media and the GOP? Why would you believe anything they tell you!?!


Illinois (at least Chicago) is going to be

a HUGE joke. With Rham Emmanuel as mayor and Obombeverybody's storm troopers monitoring the votes...This country is screwed.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I have one word for you...predator drones. Oh, you think I'm kidding?" Obombya

Think It's Safe To Say It's a Test

However, if the actual results come anywhere close to these numbers (or exactly these numbers) then it's on like donkey kong.


I cofess I've been overreacting- IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY that illinois turned out over 3 million voters for a republican primary - a day early.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Comment from a Software Engineer

Hi all. I'm a software engineer who specializes in web development. I wouldn't worry too much about this and think that you are all getting worked up over nothing. Web developers have a tremendous amount of pressure on them to ensure that errors are never seen by the general public. It is common for developers to write scripts that generate test data (commonly referred to as seed data). I do it all the time. Generally you run your tests in a development or test environment (typically a developer's laptop) where the test data is only visible to the developer. You try to set up your development environment as closely as possible to match the final production environment, but they are never exactly 100% identical, no matter how hard you try. So the timing makes complete sense to me. The developers for the news station were simply doing their final round of testing on the actual production environment to ensure that everything runs smoothly tomorrow.

This proves nothing and all the wild speculation only leaves us with a bad stereotype. Much better to follow Ron Paul's example and keep your cool.

Being a software engineer too

I second that. Nothing to get all worked up here. Some dude there just inputted the data the way he personally feels it's gonna be like (or he approximated it from some polls or whatever) and tried it out.


Why not run the tests with O votes on the vote tally column?

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

You mean it's not a conspiracy?!?

Awww, Man! That's no fun!

Heeeyy, how do we know YOU'RE not in on it too?!

She's a witch! Buuurrrnnnn her!

Television: Why do you think they call it "programming"?

It's funny because..

The unfair treatment that Ron Paul has received has literally made people here lose their minds. People have completely lost touch with reality, and jump on every opportunity to declare something a giant conspiracy (ex. 302 YouTube view count, not being on a Fox News campaign map showing where candidates are currently located in the state when RP was in Texas, etc.). It's sad because the number one reason people give me for not wanting to hear anything about RP is the experiences they have had with his "batsh*t crazy supporters."

Then, to make matters ten times worse, these same people will accuse posters like this developer of being in on the "conspiracy" and trying to infiltrate the DailyPaul. It's sad to see and is seriously making me reconsider being an outspoken Paul supporter, which sucks.


This proves nothing. Not that it should be ignored and unrecorded... I mean, if the numbers ultimately end up matching these numbers when it's all said and done, then yes, but at this point, it is common for developers to test their code ahead of time. I am also a programmer.

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


This exact same thing happened during the Maine Caucus

numbers were similar but not exact then.


Prove nothing but a delusion to common sense. Be gone.

Re-emphasizing the post titled, Sighh...

Re-emphasizing the post titled, Sighh... from sk112988 where he says:

"Hate to say it but it's us doing stuff like this that turns people off and makes Dr. Paul lose credibility as a candidate".

Guys, you are being paranoid.

This is definitely test data, AP regularly sends this data out attempting to ascertain how local and national elections will go. If you don't believe me simply google the phrase that goes out with every test return they send, "These are TEST returns. They must not be broadcast or published."

Evidently MSM cant even follow simple instructions because they are all over the web since 2010, this data isn't all slanted against Paul, I don't know what they are based on, but for example this prediction from AP, has Ron Paul winning Hawaii, which ultimately he did not.


This link its the projected Illinois results, however its only 72% reported so it's different, i'm not sure why.


This link is the projected Louisiana results.


Use this as Inspiration!

To Go out and Vote, Lets not this be the reality!


It was a test page, just a random guy putting numbers in to see how it displayed when the page went live. Usually happens before every primary, they have to make sure the formatting is right and the votes are being displayed correctly before 5 million visitors bombard the website.

Really hope you guys didn't attack and e-mail everyone about this. Hate to say it but it's us doing stuff like this that turns people off and makes Dr. Paul lose credibility as a candidate.

Now who will be the first to call me a troll?

Why would a test page

use the real candidate's names with numbers showing a win for one candidate over another indicating a prediction or preference by someone?
I'd assume that a "test" page should have candidate x, y, and z.
Sorry, but that way of "testing" (if it's as you claim) is questionable.
It's a subtle, but intentional, form of propaganda if you ask me.

If you use candidate "x",

If you use candidate "x", "y", and "z", you may not catch a bad word wrap with a slightly longer name like say, "Rick Santorum". When developers test, they test with data that matches as closely as possible to the actual data they expect. It is intentional, but has nothing to do with propaganda.


That little problem would be so complicated to fix...
like, uh...perhaps
First Candidate
Second Candidate
Third Candidate
Fourth Candidate
or something similiar.

Publishing (let me repeat - PUBLISHING) - "fake" test results with real candidates names showing winners and losers prior to an election is NOT cool...and there are lots of ways to avoid it - if one chooses to do so.

Don't waste my time with facts and professional experience.

We want a conspiracy!
We want a conspiracy!

She's a witch! Buuuuurrrn her!

Television: Why do you think they call it "programming"?


the same happened on different websites for different states. RP supporters produced videos on youtube. But next day results did not match the previous day result. Only one thing was clear, we, RP supporters, are boiling in our own stew and drift from reality.

It is like the complain about youtube "view count." It does not work properly, but new visitors always suspect the conspiracy.

True conspiracy is when CNN still did not publish "Virgin Island" results.

Please read..

In all due respect Sigh sk1129988, test page or not, please take the time to read comments before you post or you will receive down votes and negative comments from your fellow Ron Paul supporters. It's not that we dont like you it's just that you are repeating what has already been said. There is alot more to it than it just being a test page.

Let it be written, that in 2012 we changed the World!!!

i called them

the woman I spoke to sounded surprised when I asked about it. she told me two different things, and neither of them were related to testing purposes.