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GOP is not letting me push Paul on state GOP Facebooks!

I have been pushing voting for Paul on state GOP Facebooks, and Facebook is telling me that is spamming. Is it spamming? Others are able to push their Presidential candidates on the state GOP Facebooks. I tried to enter something on the Illinois GOP Facebook tonite, about Ron Paul for President and Facebook told me I have been warned not to spam. What is going on? Should this be reported to the national Election board? This is totally unfair. Or is the problem that I have been posting on different state GOP facebooks? Help ! That was the only ONE I did tonight. I have not done such in a week.

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push the comparison flyers instead!


they are not on first sight identifiable as Paul support.

People should know what the candidates really stand for.

Same here

Same thing happened to me, and the sad part is: I am not campaign-paid employee, I'm just an individual speaking my mind. Whereas the Newtbots and Frothbots who clearly have those campaigns LISTED AS THEIR EMPLOYERS on FB are allowed to post all kinds of propaganda spam for their candidates all over the GOP FB pages and it's left up and they are not blocked.


Ive been banned from some too, One just about an hour ago, I posted about the early published results for Illinois and this link http://pastehtml.com/view/bry98id0w.html then it was deleted straight away and I was banned, Also been banned multiple times on the Kony page posting The Foriegn Policy and Tribute to the Troops video.

Also, there is a button to press to complain as spam, Paul haters probably do this, then it gets flagged and then they ban you.

They are scared alright

All the tricks in the book are being used to keep corruption in the dark..

I am not surprised.

I am not surprised.

For a very, very loooong time, my YouTube Ron Paul Videos on my Myspace STATUS STREAM get erased within ONE HOUR.

I always have to re-post them.

(I post the most important information on weekends when more people are home to watch them).

The postings remain on my page, but "disappear" from the Status Forum within 1 hour.

Wisdom Strategies

Sounds like...

it's probably due to your posting on more than one site.Facebook's monitoring system picks it up,and identifies it as spam.Not really sure though.