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April 3 Texas primary?

I need help. I was wondering if any of the DP'ers know any information on the Texas primary, and how to go about organizing delegates to come represent at the primary? I'm from Brazoria County-district 14(yes Ron Paul is my congressman)if any of you fellow patriots have any insight please fill me in; it is all so confusing to me.

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I may be wrong but this is how I understand it.

The bottom line is that if you wait until the Texas Primary, you will miss the whole delegate selection process.

I believe that this should be a separate post on it's own to make sure that DP readers in Texas are aware of this.



Precinct conventions in Texas have typically been held the day of the primary.

On March 1 2012, a federal court in San Antonio ruled that some dates needed to be changed because a few days earlier the same federal court finalized the new congressional districts.

The reason the feds became involved was because the 2010 census showed an increase in population.

The increase in population was to such a degree that it warranted a few more seats/districts for the US House of Representatives.

Gerrymandering is the act of purposely cutting a voting district to favor one political party. The idea behind it is that if a certain political party takes control of a state, they can pull strings to align the federal districts to favor that same party.

Texas belongs to a few southern states that have had a history of gerrymandering and/or racial issues and there is a federal requirement/mandate where a federal judge must sign off on all changes to provide some sort of oversight.

Anyhow, because the federal approval process took a while which delayed things all the way down the line. With 2 to 4 new house seats (I am unsure of the exact number) and with the added caveat that current district lines would probably change, potential candidates were unable to start the whole get on the ballot process.

If you want to get on the ballot for a particular house seat, you need to know what district you are running for and what area you will represent.

Forms need to be filled out and signatures from your district need to be obtained.

You cannot start this process until you have a finalized map, detailing of who, what, and where.

I hope that that makes sense.

Anyhow, the problem here is this.

The March 1 2012 court order moved the 2012 primary to May 29, 2012.

After precinct conventions, you have county conventions.
After country conventions, you have the state convention.

These were previously scheduled way in advance.

Venues were rented/reserved to hold the conventions.
Hotels were booked.

They could not have been changed at the last minute.

I believe the current consensus is this.

Most counties will skip the precinct conventions and go strait to the county convention.

The county conventions will be April 14 or April 21.

Contact your county chairmen to get the full details as each county is doing it differently.


The bottom line is that if you wait until the Texas Primary, you will miss the whole delegate selection process.


Brazoria County Team

Hi, LJTX4Paul -

We have teams of people working the grassroots in Houston and the Houston area to support you.

Here's what you can do to get started.

First -
Find your senate district with the interim map viewer:

In the upper left hand corner, click "find" and then "address". Enter in your address info and it will locate your address on the map. Make sure you are set to "districts" in the upper right corner.

Second -

Find your facebook senate district# page:

So if you leave in Pearland your senate district number may be 11. Your facebook page is "Ron Paul TX SD 11".

Send a message to your senate district facebook page team (once you have your correct SD#) and they'll give you everything you need to know. If you don't hear back right away, email houstonronpaul2012@lycos.com.

wherever you are flood the area with RP info

We need to inform them about flip flop Romney, liar Santorum and moon man Gingrich to stop this madness asap!

These flyers inform the people about the real agendas behind the candidates. please share..
These flyers are all free to print:

If every Paul supporter prints some hundred and distributes them in their neighborhood now, and wherever they may have an impact, then we multiply our chances to win the nomination!

It's not April 3 anymore

There was a big political fight about this year's redistricting and a San Antonio judge pushed it back to May 29. Sad thing is I'm probably not going to be in town (Austin) anymore when Dr. Paul hopefully hosts a rally here.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." - Lord Acton

That's a bummer Atlas. It is

That's a bummer Atlas. It is always a pleasure to hear the Dr. speak. Will you be voting in Texas?