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Looking Into the Future - Rand Paul 2016?


Although I still see the glimmer of hope for Ron Paul in 2012; it's time to start looking at the future. Washington Post has a Sweet 16 bracket for President in 2016 and Rand Paul is seeded at #8 and he is versing darling of the neoconservatives, Marco Rubio (seeded at #1). Right now we are losing big (70% gap).

We need to bomb this poll and show that there is BIG support for Rand. GO VOTE and spread the poll around the site. I want an upset.

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I wish

I had been on board in 08, but thankfully Dr. Paul has been patient and has continued to hammer away until the message of liberty has become a shining light!


Is the same, maybe on some issues there is slight disagreement, but overall philosophies are quite similar: they both have a deep seeded love for liberty.

Rubio is not a natural born

Rubio is not a natural born citizen and is not eligible to be either President or VP.

Blessings )o(