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Fire Jesse Benton?

In a podcast by Scott Horton from Anti-War Radio, he makes the argument that Jesse Benton should be fired. Begins at about the 3:50 minute mark.

Do you love Ron Paul?:


Cast your vote on Benton. Should he stay or should he go?

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REASSIGN Jesse Benton to a different position,no more of this..!

No, I disagree that Jesse should be fired. Reassign him to a different position instead, put Doug Wead, Thomas Woods in place for speaking to press.

Folks need to recognize this isn't a joke, there could be no compromise because this is all out war. I think Benton is a decent person, but he has his weaknesses & should NOT be the official press person at all. Let Dr. Paul know now!!

In spite of his good works, Jesse is still mortal & he's easily played and deceived by the Great Harlot. The Devil is what you are actually fighting, never forget it!

Mitt Romney is a deceiver, a liar and a snake. No matter what he "claims & promises" to us, we would be MOST WISE to discern that it is pure lies. Folks drag out your Bibles and read it! He is an elite liberal, & ultimate deceiver spoken in Revelations 12. Romney is NOT a Witness, he is the Dragon King who pretends to be "The Bride of Christ" word for word!!

"The third part of the stars of heaven are further identified in Revelation 12:17: “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Romney is for a fact the Dragon. It means what? Well, Romney is a "good" guy sure. He well may do everything we demand, Abolish the Fed, criminal trials for all & allow Dr. Paul to phase out the commerce department. I mean it, that this guy may allow us to put them all in prison for a year. Plus Obama. The he might look "good" as to aiding Dr. Paul in legalizing State Rights in the U.S.A...anything to make King "Solomon" look good.

But Romney is the Bride of a Harlot, so at a CERTAIN TIME he will turn on Dr. Paul & appoint as many of us as he can inside a new "peaceful" Global Central Bank. He will give Benton a cushy job overseeing "great projects" for the Global Fed, helping "humanity & mankind" and bringing order. Read Revelations, even if you're an Aethiest!! He will then *demand* that we submit to economic rule, by wearing a mark on our hands & chip on our cars. For "peace" he says. 12-20 Candles will be lit in his palace, we will be *FORCED* to serve him if we took in the mark. Those who did not could disappear as per the NDAA, being tortured in Globalist-Zionist prisons.

He will appear pure, bringing the Kingdom of God yet 'tis the Dragon. The Lord/God commanded man to trust "NO GOVERNMENT, for they are all tools of a devil." (& he would wipe them to ash, the same day of his return!!) That means trust NO Globalist Israelist, no matter how pure they seem. They are a PHARISEE, is what God has said..to YOU.
Will you get the message?

Even the Aethiests among you all, must admit the words spoken in Revelation are a dire warning. For if God exists, he would want no "flesh" to be trusted: save they be a Dragon...Pharisee, vying to replace God. His words are sacrosanct. Do not ignore, we are a Remnant, & the Dragon(Mitt) is already here to deceive us & scatter us unto his palace; pretending to be for liberty. (Even Benjamin Fulford may work for Romney, I don't trust him a bit...they never comment on Ron Paul)

Contact the campaign through ronpaul2012.com...

... and let them know that WE,THE PEOPLE/THE REVOLUTION will NOT TOLERATE any COMPROMISE or bartering of Ron Paul delegates for any kind of VP position, cabinet post or whatever! Tell the campaign to search engine "Josh Tolley: Ron Paul is Going to Win – Mar 12 2012" OR go to this link:
http://ronpaulflix.com/2012/03/josh-tolley-ron-paul-is-going... It's essence: If Ron Paul doesn't win at the August convention, then he goes 3rd party but to do this he needs to become the Libertarian Presidential candidate by their May deadline, concurrently with being the Republican Presidential Candidate. If he doesn't win at the Republican Convention, then he goes full on with the Libertarian Party, takes the Ron Paul voters and some of the anti-Romney voters, plus many independents and many democrats disillusioned with Obama. This strategy makes it impossible for Romney or another republican to win the general election and will produce a Paul vs. Obama general election. Listen to the Josh Tolley youtube and DEMAND that the campaign listen to it and take action on it. And tell the campaign to tell Jesse Benton to stop with the compromising talk. We are in it to win it! We're going for it ALL or nothing at all. It's ALL or NOTHING! We will NOT TOLERATE the Ron Paul Revolution to be co-opted by a compromise for a place at the table through a VP or cabinet level position. THIS IS IT FOLKS! Forget about 2016. We very well may not get there if Ron Paul doesn't become President in 2012. TAKE ACTION NOW! CONTACT THE CAMPAIGN REGARDING THIS through the ronpaul2012.com website. Now is the time. DO IT NOW!

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

I believe

that should be the good doctor's call. Not yours, mine, or anyone else.
Why would you want to waste time on this meaningless straw poll?

I agree with Scott Horton completely, and I look forward...

to hearing what Adam is proposing, tomorrow.

O.not this again...lol. He

O.not this again...lol. He has done a much better job than last time.

In '08, he prematurely

In '08, he prematurely dropped Paul out of the race and we had to go around to explaining to people, at our state convention, that no he didn't, yes please still vote for him. Now we'll have to plead, no it's not just a vote for Romney (to the non-RP delegates) and no he's not a sell out (to get our own people to show). Benton's taken it to a whole new level this time. It's gotten to the point where I can't trust any man to be president who would employ this man. Somebody needs to get through to Dr. Paul.

Honest question. How?

Honest question. How?

In my opinion he has amplified all of the same mistakes as 2008.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Well, TJ, you should by all

Well, TJ, you should by all means do everything you can to sabotage the campaign by making this a big F'king deal.

I honestly don't know what is wrong with you people.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Is Ron Paul trying to

Is Ron Paul trying to sabotage the economy when he points out the weakness in the dollar or is he trying to fix it?

Benton has little affinity for the grassroots.

A paid political operator, I suppose it's his job to find politically connected people and use them for the campaign's advantage.

There are two campaigns rolling across the states. The official campaign and a myriad of grassroots campaigns in kitchens and blogspaces and meeting rooms across the country.

The official Campaign is seeking the GOP nomination for President of the United States. One way or the other that will end at the next Presidential Inauguration. Little do I envy them their job. What is portrayed as an honest process, is really a Casino; the house always wins. And in spite of it all trying to remain honorable in thought word and deed? It's a job for a saint in a world of men of great ambition.

The rest of us have lives to live as free men and women. We are the remnant found. It seems a worthy challenge to pay the message of liberty forward.

Thanks, Dr. Paul. Let the healing begin!

Free includes debt-free!

You obviously don't know jack

You obviously don't know jack schitt about Ron Paul or Jesse Benton. Ron trusts Jesse. That is all that you need to know.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

He trusted Eric Dondero and

He trusted Eric Dondero and that newsletters guy too. Apparently, we do need to know a little more from time to time.


I trust my dog but wouldn't let him drive my car.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

What this campaign needs more than Jesse Benton is a sales/

Marketing campaign Manager. There is NO FOLLOW-UP and No COMMUNICATION....as least there hasn't been with me.

And now I am an alternate for a board that I forgot the name of and all I hear about is news from the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA board which is interesting but has NOTHING TO DO with getting all the RED VOTES out of the California Central Valley which has 7 million people and which HISTORICALLY VOTES RED.

At this point I am majorly annoyed by this as my perception is that precious resources are l) being IGNORED...(like my 2 hands and others like me) and 2) energy is being used to gather votes in areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles which both VOTE BLUE. That is to say MISSING THE RED VOTES OF THE CALIFORNIA CENTRAL VALLEY the only RED AREA in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA! (F OFF Orange cty)

I have placed a lot of comments on the DP about this and at this point have sent 4 emails to the campaign to try to get someone's attention.

To me this is not just "missing the boat" but in this case it's "MISSING THE VOTE!"


How about we make his job easier?

The campaign has made some great moves and great ads. Of course Benton could do better, but more importantly, we could do better. We could all be canvassing more, phoning more, and writing letters to the editor. Let's carry so much of the weight the official campaign won't have anything to do.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

I've dedicated a fair amount

I've dedicated a fair amount of money and time to this campaign. And each time in the home stretch, right when morale is on a precpice, Benton is there to make one of these screw ups and undo all of our hard work. It's impossible to want to work harder when our own campaign manager is working against us. Dr. Paul needs to cut it out with the nepotism and do what needs to be done.

Your right about canvassing and phoning...

All these negative posting that is going on is because they know we are winning... I can see first hand in my state we have taken over a lot of the BPOU Chair/Vice Chair positions. We are sweeping the delegates out of the BPOU's to go on to the District and State Convention. The main radio in Minnesota had a Romney person on who said he couldn't get a delegate spot because the Ron Paul people were just way too organized... Why are we organized is because we love Liberty.

We are winning and folks can't stress get involved canvass your neighborhood as thats how I won my precinct and delivered 3 delegates on to the State Convention... You folks can do the same...

right thats the way..

These flyers inform the people about the real agendas behind the candidates. please share..
These flyers are all free to print and share:

If every Paul supporter prints some hundred and distributes them in their neighborhood now, and wherever they may have an impact, then we multiply our chances to win the nomination!

The fat lady hasn't sung yet.

I'll give Jesse credit for his devotion to Ron Paul. After all, he's married to Ron Paul's granddaughter. Hmmm, that puts him a fairly young age to be in charge of a national presidential campaign. But if it's Paul's choice, so be it. However, that being said, I'm not sure he's up to the intense strategy that this race has demanded, especially for Ron Paul, who knowingly was going to be cheated on, scammed on, lied about, and marginalized by every GOP and media organization out there! This race called for the services of a top notch team of real public relation pros that know how to work the systems. I don't see that the 2012 Paul team learned anything from the 2008 race - unless their stategy of gathering delegates proves to be successful. Then we'll stand back in amazement. I've got a bad feeling that the GOP will cheat however necessary to block Ron Paul.

alan laney

Same argument

that made the rounds last time around...

Jesse Benton will not make or break Ron Paul...

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Over his head

I'd say Jesse, while good perhaps for the Congressional level, is out of his depth when it comes to running a national POTUS campaign.

Jesse Benton

a country bumpkin'

lacks professionalism

out of his league

not worthy of the position

his dress attire.. disrespectful of the position?

-observation, just sayin'

and you..

cooky..overdressed..wanna be pro..
:P just sayin.. but I dont know you so dont take it personal ;)



no.. I have, middle-of-the-back-long-hair, goatee, dress like a bum: sort-of, kind-of.. good clothes once 'n a while, don't own a suit, hoping no one will notice me, well, except upon rare occasions.

Hate offices, too claustrophobic.

: - )

ah hey there we are not so different ;)

other then the hair ;)

so anti war radio starts a war...lol

says everything...
I dont trust them...

kokesh brings it on point.
Firing benton while you dont know whats going on behind the scenes? not wise.
questoning him for pushing the vp topic..yes
firing him when we approach the finish line..not good..

wont happen...