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St. Charles County to Make Another Attempt at Caucus


"ST. CHARLES, MO. (KMOX) - There will be another caucus in St. Charles County following the failed attempt over the weekend.

That, from St. Charles County Councilman and member of the county’s G.O.P. Committee Joe Brazil.

“We will try and have it more organized and following Roberts Rules of Order and let people speak their peace in an orderly fashion” said Brazil."

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Maybe THIS time the cops will arrest Dokes...

for impersonating a human being.


If you're from that county, bring ALL eligible voters you POSSIBLY CAN to come with you and support Ron Paul! Seriously, it's time to call in favors, drive around and carpool with people, physically take them with you. Do whatever you can (morally) to get more supporters! We need to outnumber those bastards by at least 3 to 1.

AND bring/wear tiny cameras, "spy cams" if at all possible. get all that sh*t on film.

Make those bastards pay. Please.

calm down

they are no bastards. Infact most of them are simply not informed about liar santorum and flip floper romney..
We need to be strong but in the right mind to take the right decisions.
Going there with hate will accomplish nothing!

These flyers inform the people about the real agendas behind the candidates. please share..
These flyers are all free to print:

No need to calm down...

I'm not calling run of the mill Mittens/Ricky supporters bastards. I'm calling the bastards that tried to cheat and rig the process, blatantly lie about it, and cover it up, bastards. Totally different. Kinda like the other bastards in Seattle that literally ran off with all the ballots when too many RP supporters showed up.

fair enough but

even them are mostly just opportunists who will move with whomever is in charge..

That makes them bastards...


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Video Taping Allowed?

Does anyone know if the issue of video taping the proceeding has been addressed? In no way, shape or form should video taping be banned from this public event! Especially not after this fiasco!

I hope so in St Louis City

The GOP commitee is encouraging video taping and active participation. No agenda but picking slates. All republicans will get a fair shake.

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
-Pat Buchanan

my suggestion

Ask the owner of the facilities for permission to film the event. The GOP is probably borrowing/renting the facilities. They aren't really the ones who should be pressing charges for trespassing.

Please STOP making an issue of video recording

Regardless of whether or not it's "allowed". There is no rule or number of police officers that can stop hundreds of people with tablet PCs, cameras, pocket voice recorders (2 GB with amplifying microphone avail on ebay for $20 or less), flip videos etc. etc.

Just do it and keep your trap shut about it and quit making an issue of it. SHEESH.

Not to be vulgar... but f*ck that, film anyway!

Seriously, if it's not recorded it didn't happen. And there's no way they can legally prevent you from filming that. Hell, be discreet. We can always turn our heads sideways or whatever if it's on it's side, or take some Dramamine if it's all jostling around and whatnot. The point is: get that sh*t on tape!

Tiny cameras! Nanny cams! Spy cams! Cell phones! whatever you got! Hell hit record on your cell phone and slip it in your breast pocket w/ something under it so the lens is just over the lip of the pocket recording everything.

Do. Whatever. You. Need. To.

(can you tell the GOP/all Big Government fascists really pisses me off?)

Dokes this morning 3/20

Go to:
March 20 2012 Allman in the AM Hour 3 7 AM (20:10)
You'll have to wait to the 20:10 point for the interview. Someone is working on a youtube which will be easier - it will be up soon.


"I think the second thing… I actually made another mistake. I was told… I was given some bad advice, I think. When it comes to the… uh… the appointment of the chair. I was told that we could take the chair…uh, - an announcement for a chair, and in that same announcement, in that same sentence, It was said, - if I nominate this person and I close all the nominations - that that was fair and that was legal, and with my inexperience with Robert's rules, inexperience with the caucuses, I didn't know that that was NOT legal".


Then maybe you shouldn't have been running the meeting...

...you IDIOT.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Why is someone so inexperienced with Roberts Rules

temp chairing or chairing ANYTHING?


When 2,500 people loudly disagree with what you're doing, don't you think that THAT is the time to question the advice some unnamed dude gave you?
Also, how the hell does a guy go into a caucus of this size without at least reading about Robert's Rules? Did he not know that he was expected to function as the chairman?!
As for nominating and closing nominations in the same sentence ... why would anyone even ask if they could do that unless they intended or were expected to ram a nominee through without majority approval? Seems to me an honest man would give ample time for the nominee process. He sure was willing to wait forever until the boos regarding the camera thing died down ... and now he was trying to save time during actual business?
Incredible interview ... complete BS from Dokes.

*edit - sorry I got one more thing because I'm just so pissed at the arrogance and ineptitude of this man ...
NO mention or apology regarding having 2 good men arrested and threatening thousands with arrest, no hint of culpability at all. He's happy to go ahead with the charges and make taxpayers foot the bill. And this guy wants to be your State Representative! Astonishing.

so the next question should be..

who gave him the bad advice? Ricky the liar Santorum?

edit: uhm its in the interview..but he doesnt name names.
besides: "uhm.didnt know I cant shoot someone in the head. you cant blame me"
dont hate the player hate the game he?

In essence they are making a fool of themselves..all of them.Just painful to see that the american public cant see through it..

These flyers are all free to print to wake them up:

Yeah, right

Time to play dumb now, Eugene...

We need to get some of the alleged statements made by Spencer beforehand about what he planned to do if Ron Paul supporters "hijacked" the caucus out into the open.

youtube! Dokes on Newstalk 97.1 March 20, 2012

Eugene Dokes interviewed by Jamie Allman (10:42)



I hope Brent will come back and give us the scoop as to what is going to happen. It really is a travesty, if delegates are allowed to show up who did not show up for the original caucus.


Did anyone notice that in the article the GOP claims to only have 964 people on their list that originally signed into the caucus. If they only let those people in, who knows who they are :( I just don't see any way to make this right. From what I could see on the video, there was a whole lot more than 964 people there!

This may have been

This may have been intentional to delay the caucus to get more Santorum and Romney folks out to counter the large crowds for Ron Paul on the day of the original caucus. Just a theory.

no such thing as more santorum and romney supporters.

Make sure to check pulses and knock on them to check if they are hollow. I hope the corruption drama will inspire more RP people to overwhelm them again....

Be Nice

If everyone is nice, and avoids name-calling, the undecided or non-Paul members who were there and saw how unfair it was, can be won over. Many might vote for Ron Paul in order to express their annoyance at the way it was handled.

Be super-sensitive to the "old folks" who have been going to party events and voting for decades. How hard can it be to win them over? Do they think he's too old?

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

signed it.


"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry


Thank you!

when is it?

we need to bring as many supporters as possible because you know they will.

They admit the rules were improperly imposed

The County G.O.P. Chairman Eugene Dokes issued a statement apologizing for the confusion. He says people were handed copies of the rules before the caucus that were not approved by the rules committee.

He was refererring to draft rules

We had distributed the proposed rules that our rules committee was expected to put forward so that people had something to refer to when debating and voting on them.

He is the one confused.

A Note to Paul Camp in St.

A Note to Paul Camp in St. Charles.

Bring your own "off duty cops"
Bring more people with you!
Use your list of attendees and contact all Paul supporters. Tell them to bring as many people as possible with them.
Have a contest to who can bring the most support!
Bring hidden cameras and record everything!
Bring hidden voice recorders and record everything!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!