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Nokia Envisions Magnetic Tattoo to Feel Smartphone Vibrations

Today's best smartphones still can't alert human owners about an incoming call or text without either annoyingly loud rings or vibrations that can go unnoticed. That's why Nokia would let smartphone owners feel the vibrations on their skin through a magnetic tattoo.

The touch-based twist on cellphone alerts surfaced in a Nokia patent filing reported by UnwiredView.com. If the tattoo idea ever became reality, it could mean an end to the days when a silenced cellphone means missing calls and text messages during a movie or music concert.

Smartphone owners could specify their mobile devices to send out patterns of magnetic pulses as shorthand Morse code for different phone alerts, according to the Nokia patent filing. A series of short, strong pulses might let the owner know about messages from a certain friends, while a weaker series of long pulses might signal that the phone's battery is running low.

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I have a better idea..

lets connect it directly with our hearts. If you miss the call...well,...