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Marc Scaringi, PA Ron Paul Republican For Senate In Dead Heat W / Establishment Candidate

Scaringi, PA Ron Paul Republican For Senate In Dead Heat W / Establishment Candidate

Republican Liberty Caucus endorsed candidate for US Senate from PA, Marc Scaringi, is a true Ron Paul Republican. He has jumped 8 points in the polls and is now in a statistical dead heat with the establishment endorsed candidate Tom Smith. Please consider donating to Marc Scaringi's campaign and voting for him in the primary!



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Sam Rohrer just emailed me.

Sam Rohrer just emailed me. In his email this line peaked my interest.

"With recent endorsements from Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, our campaign is continuing to gain the momentum that will push our campaign to victory."

I really don't trust Rohrer. I am voting Scaringi. I encourage fellow Ron Paul supporters in PA to take a look at Scaringi. I think PA has a good chance of voting out Casey and going republican this November so winning the primary could set him up for a spot in the senate. Having another Liberty/Paul platform guy in the senate would be nice.

I'm working for Rohrer

Scaringi supports Santorum. He used to work for Santorum, thus will lose in Pa. Rohrer has a better platform (closer to RP's) and since he ran for governor, he has better name recognition. I joined his campaign as a volunteer.

Scaringi Versus Rohrer: Two

Scaringi Versus Rohrer: Two Different Views on War in Afghanistan


Roher danced around bringing the troops home. He touched on congressional approval to go to war(after a period of time?) but wouldn't even commit to leaving afganistan.

His site:

PA GOP Debate

Today at 3:30. You can listen online


Rohrer, Scaringi, Welch and Smith will all be participating.

Just read this. Sorry if it

Just read this. Sorry if it has already been posted.

"Marc Scaringi is careful to clarify that he does not seek to emulate the Congressman from Texas. In fact, if there is any Paul who he feels comes closest to his political philosophy, it is Ron Paul’s son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul."


Full Article

Question to the Hive Mind:

I printed out the list of all potential candidates and am now painstakingly going through them. Any help would be appreciated!

For senate: it seems I need to pick b/t Scaringi and Rohrer. Both have said things I love, but I can't tell which one is most like Ron (most aligned with the cause of total individual freedom). Right now it looks like maybe Scaringi wins that one even though at one time he worked for Santorum.

What about all the other clowns on the ballot? Attorney General, Auditor General, State Treasurer? I don't want to blindly pick one or the other criminal so if the Hive Mind could provide some input to make my life easier from a research stand point I'd appreciate it!! :)


Wasn't really that crazy when he first started running for office. As soon as the Bush years came along he became what he is today. He is the typical politician. Just goes in for power, but Scaringi certainly doesn't support Santorum.

This is a guy that comes out to all of PA's Ron Paul meet up groups and is a principled libertarian from all the people I know who have met him.

He's the real deal. Honestly, I don't trust Rohrer.

Tom Smith is not

the endorsed candidate - Steve Welch (a former Democrat) was endorsed by the State GOP. Marc is very articulate, and I have not heard him making any mistakes in defending the Constitution. Sam Rohrer is a very good guy, but my personal fear is that he is an Israel-firster, and would be quick to support an Israeli attack against Iran.

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

Great on the issues and message

but can we trust his integrity and will to do it without getting into "politics as usual". I mean how do you praise Santorum and Paul in one same statement :


Pennsylvania not California

Just heads up friend - Scaringi is a Pennsylvania candidate for US Senate. You have this posted on the "Ron Paul 2012" "California" topic board, instead of "Ron Paul 2012" "Pennsylvania" topic board where it should be.

Oops - You're right

I didn't even notice that.

Sam Rohrer - Pennnsylvania. Ron Paul Republican for Senate

http://www.rohrerforsenate.org/ Don't overlook this guy. He needs our support.

Sam Rohrer Foreign Policy Statement

Sam Rohrer on Foreign Policy
Sam feels that our nation has an obligation to uphold the individual liberties guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution and promote them on a world stage. One of the original orders of the Constitution was the provision for common defense and Sam believes we must maintain a strong defense at home -second to none. Sam feels that military engagements on foreign soil must be accompanied by a Congressional declaration of war and that to do less or to dispense foreign aid as is the current practice undermines the integrity of the Constitution and grants unjustified power to the Executive branch.

Please help Sam Rohrer. His voting record is excellent and he never worked for Santorum like Scaringi did.

Hmm...I like what he is

Hmm...I like what he is saying on his website. But the guy is a former Santorum staffer.

Paying attention to him

Being in PA, I have been interested to see how he turns out since he worked for Santorum in DC. So far, after seeing and listening to him speak, he's careful not to align himself too closely with Ron, only when asked by an interviewer does he address him. He says he is more in line with Rand. With his affiliation to Santorum, of course you have to wonder. But, I heard him recently asked directly about Santorum and he damn near duplicated Ron's points about RS being a FAKE conservative. Even mentioned all the bullet points where he voted too liberal. Trouble is, we know Ron WILL TRY & do what he says he will, but not so with most of the others.

Here's his views on the NDAA. http://youtu.be/nB_YJ3cHAu4

He definitely seems more in line with Ron to me

than Rohrer, who seems more like Rand. I mean Scaringi wants to end the war and drugs, unlike Rohrer who wants to keep cannabis illegal. At least without a prescription. And Rohrer says we need to support Israel against Iran, with the caveat that a declaration of war should be obtained from Congress. Whereas Scaringi seems completely non-interventionist in foreign policy like Ron is. The biggest problem with Scaringi as opposed to Rohrer is that even though Scaringi's risen in the polls from nothing to 8 percent, Rohrer has 16, and I'm concerned that this splitting of the vote could result in the loss of both candidates and a victory for the establishment candidate once again. So for that reason I'll probably be voting for Rohrer unless Scaringi jumps another 8 or so points and becomes ahead of Rohrer within the next month. If Rohrer was a typical neo-con I wouldn't bother but since he seems pretty good I don't want to sacrifice having the establishment guy win for the sake of not achieving perfection.

I agree that Scaringi sound a

I agree that Scaringi sounds a lot better than Rohrer.

But are Scaringi's convictions strong or is he just a politician? He volunteered to get Santorum elected then worked on his staff when he was in office.

I thought Steve Welch

Was the hand-picked crony..