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Ron Paul Makes History In Hawaii Inaugural GOP Caucus

Ron Paul Makes History In Hawaii Inaugural GOP Caucus


HONOLULU, Hawaii – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul made history in Hawaii’s first-ever Republican caucus last week, winning neighbor islands Maui and “Big Island.”

The Aloha State held its first-ever Republican presidential caucus last Tuesday. In anticipation of what turnout might be, the Republican Party of Hawaii was buzzing with curiosity and excitement leading up to caucus day. Turnout predictions under discussion ranged from 4,000 to 6,000 voters. An air of success and celebration was palpable last Tuesday, when it was learned more than 10,000 Hawaiians participated.

On election night, the Ron Paul campaign was celebrating its victory of winning “The Big Island” as votes were reported via telephone from the neighbor islands. At this point in Maui, Ron Paul was a mere nine votes behind rival Mitt Romney. The final outcome was yet to be determined, as Paul campaign organizers awaited close to 200 provisional ballots being flown in from the neighbor islands.

For three full consecutive days, representatives and volunteers from each campaign locked themselves in a room together, counting ballots and receiving express mail packages arrive from the neighbor islands. When it came down to Maui, Ron Paul ended up receiving 47 provisional ballots cast for him, taking the lead over Mitt Romney by 18 votes.

“We were all sitting together with our calculators, and as soon I pushed ‘equals’ and wrote down the number 47, I knew that we had won Maui too,” stated Ron Paul 2012 Hawaii State Director Meghann Walker. “I turned to look at the other Ron Paul supporters in the room and we all had a confident grin of excitement on our faces. It was a great moment we already count as a memorable one.”


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no update on GOPHawaii site yet

I sent the Hawaii GOP an email asking them to update their vote totals for the county of Maui. As of now they still have Romney winning Maui by 9 votes on their site, as well as on other sites like CNN.

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Just my Observations on Oahu Caucus and " Official Results"

I got this eamil from the GOP: "The official results for Hawaii's first Republican Presidential Caucus are in! The numbers you see below have been certified by the State Executive Committee as well as each of the presidential candidates' teams. I want to take the time to say mahalo for making Hawaii's first ever Republican Presidential Caucus a success. Over 10,000 Republicans came out to cast their vote. That is nearly 10 times the number of people that came out for the Democrat Caucus. You have played a vital role in nominating the next Republi can Presidential Nominee and look forward to a victorious 2012!"

Official Republican Presidential Caucus Results*

State Total: 10228 votes cast

Romney: 4548
Santorum: 2589
Paul: 1975
Gingrich: 1116
CD1 Total: 4007 votes cast ( What? Needs clarification)

Romney: 1742
Santorum: 1160
Paul: 631
Gingrich: 474
CD2 Total: 6221 votes cast

Romney: 2806
Santorum: 1429
Paul: 1344
Gingrich: 642
The RNC delegate allocation is:

CD1: Romney 2, Santorum 1
CD2: Romney 2, Santorum 1
State: Romney 5, Santorum 3, Paul 3
Total Delegates: Romney 9, Santorum 5, Paul 3

Total Alternates: Romney 9, Santorum 5, Paul 3

Sister Island Requirement: Romney 3, Santorum 2, Paul 1 (Hawaii GOP Rule 215-F) My story re: Oahu
I went down to GOP at around 11:00 PM as they were tallying up the votes. I wasn't allowed to observe that. I spoke with a GOP "Official" a Mr. Lui who told me that 3 locations (they merged precincts- Waikiki was merged w 2 others ) didn't call their totals in but just "went right ahead and carried them in". Now I don't know if that is suspicious or not, but reason given "We only had 1 phone line". (don't we have cell phones?) He did refuse to tell me which 3 that was. Voting at my location took me 1 hour and 15 minutes. Locals told me that many life long democrats were joining the Republican Party. They were blown away with participation. Cars circled around as people tried to get parking. I asked who/which one/where was our Ron Paul poll watcher. Got different awnsers: "He's the tall guy" (I never saw him), and "He's running around here somewhere" and "We're not allowed to tell you who is who". There were no exit polls. I thought that the poll watcher was supposed ot keep an exact count of how many voted and absolutely not supposed to be working at the door or running around. Other areas: In Makiki a heavy college district voting was cut off at 8:00 and anyone in line didn't get to vote at all! DENIED!!! This is where the poll watcher who went to training showed up and somebody else was in his place! WRONG! In Wainae they tried to carry the votes to GOP w/o calling but a patriot insisted they call it in. Another caucus broght to you by Goldman Sachs? Ron Paul probably did a whole lot better in Hawaii in my opinion! I think these people are not playing and this power struggle is nasty bizness. I think they have already put their people in place. Still, we will win! I have faith that over the long haul, we will win in the end! Long live Dr. Ron Paul!!!!

I saw nothing that said they

I saw nothing that said they were still counting. This was just showing that Ron won Maui and the Big Island. Has nothing to do with the State totals which still says Romney won. It's great that he won two of the biggest parts of Hawaii, but the "official" numbers still show Romney as winning HI. The counting is done.

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Did we certify that all votes were people who have not

passed on into the next world?

Can you prove it? Can you

Can you prove it? Can you prove who did it if it did happen?

If No then it's not going to make a difference unfortunately.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

Final Outcome TBD

Counting is ongoing at this time..Be patient folks..

I'm confused

You posted this on 3/20 and say the final count is still ongoing? Perhaps I missed something here. Did Romney already win in HI or are they still counting?

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what does this have to do with California?


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Palmtrees, clearly.

Palmtrees, clearly.



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Dr. Paul et all!

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Aloha Maui and Neighbors.

I always suspected there were many more "hang loose" folks than were counted.

Great job!!!

Delegates? Do you have to get them to Honolulu?

Did He Win the State?

Or did Romney beat him still? And why is this news just coming out now?

Big Island of Hawaii - Ron Paul won

Maui, not sure about it see above results.


Did you read it?

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

nope, read again. This was

nope, read again. This was all past tense. They are not counting anymore.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT