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St. Charles County Caucus RIGGED As Admitted on Talk Radio By Dokes

St. Charles County Caucus RIGGED As Admitted on Talk Radio By Dokes



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Eugene Dokes is a Hero!

This really is cause to rejoice for America!!! Think about it.... Eugene Dokes is a hero of equality! May his name be uttered through time in reverence!

Finally we have a lying cheating establishment entrenched black conservative Republican!!!

Now we can close the book on this affirmative action and diversity bull and start judging people rather on the content of their character!!!!

No more need for political group-speak. We are finally, and truly can be,,, recognized as individuals with unalienable rights at last! Think of the all the laws and bureaucracies that will just fall away now that we have reached this incredible plateau of humanity!!!!!

No more need for all these advocacy groups. We can actually use our Constitution to define and defend our liberties as individuals without tens of thousands of regulations. No more lobbyist needed to pit one group of free individuals against another group of free individuals so that the government can regulate both and take the rights from all involved!!!!

Thanks to Mr Dokes! Because of you we can finally be free and responsible individual citizens with liberty for all and special treatment for none!!!!

Yay!!! We have finally made it America!!! Abe Lincoln and Dr. King are high-fiving in heaven today.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

The Powers - That - Be

The powers-that-be: those "bosses" we tend to find intimidating, elected, established, authoritarian--you went to high school with them.

Yes, they may not have been in your class, but someone just like them was.

If they're wise and mature, they'll break the ice and invite you in. But how many of your classmates are wise and mature? Sometimes you have to be the mature one and make them feel comfortable.

This process does not always have to be adversarial, and it works much better if you don't let their petty tyrants trigger your actions, but instead, you keep your eye on the goal.

They're just people.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Fear Provokes Blowback

Fear often provokes blowback: in this case, they clearly were paranoid about a "take over" by someone. Why they think the LP would crash the GOP, I have no idea. We barely have enough time, money, and members to handle our own meetings (which, from what I've seen, follow Robert's Rules, much better.)

But the point, here, is, somebody go talk to them. Show up at meetings. Then, even if some are still paranoid of the crazy Uncle Ron people, the others will at least have reason to doubt them.

This is why it pays, sometimes, to replace the scary T-shirts with a suit, and stop writing essays on signs, in favor of a cup of coffee or a beer with prospective GOP supporters.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

More importantly

Dokes has felt a lot of the heat, but we should be putting the heat on ALL responsible.


Send complaints and DEMANDS to reschedule this caucus to:

Lloyd Smith
Executive Director

Jonathon Prouty
Communications Director

It must be...

The caucus must be rescheduled BEFORE April 21st to be counted!

How about an apology?

It sounds like he has absolutely no idea how a caucus works nor does he have any worthwhile knowledge of Robert's Rules. Yes, he may have been manipulated and used by his superiors, but the fact is that he let them. I can believe that he had good intentions, but that doesn't excuse the fact that he screwed up. I think he truly believes he made a couple mistakes and he played a role in things getting out of hand. He even indicated that he was at fault a couple times. But that doesn't excuse him for being used as a puppet. If I were in his position, I would be extremely apologetic for my role in these events, while at the same time joining in the public outcry against those who sought to rig this caucus. If he was truly sorry, he would say so, and he would be very angry at those who used him. Right now he just sounds like a guy who wants to pass the buck.

Good intentions?

His intention was only to further his political ambitions. Oh, and I would imagine his is very angry at his handlers (puppet masters) right now. But not for the right reasons.

Other than that, I agree with you.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Puppet Masters

Good Morning Mr. Dotes,
Your Mission, Mr. Dokes is to stop, by any means, any attempt by any candidate supporters(that are NOT OUR CHOICE)from obtaining chair positions during the Caucus.

You will open and close, in a single sentence, the appointment of the selected people on the list that WE have provided you.

You are to perform the above only after all recording devices have been turned off. Police are made available to you to enforce the above requirement.

To ensure your safety and the success of this operation, more than adequate agents and law enforcement is on ready to move standby alert, including air support.

A cover story for media has been issued.

Should you or any members of your team be caught or exposed, the Media will stand down, with the exception of the cover story.

The secretary will disavow your actions.
You will quell any all inquisition by taking total personal responsibility in the error of your on personal judgement.
This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds

Good! An eye witnesss report!


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

What Jokes (Dokes) Did Was Disgusting...I Cut Him No Slack

He is not an innocent victim...He is a disgusting piece of filth...These people ought to be hung as an example and a warning to all that screw around with the voting process...


I hope that you are being melodramatic and don't actually mean hung. Fined or sanctioned (even jailed) but hung is just to far. An Irate minority should not be a lynch mob. period!

“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” Ronald Reagan

Eugene, how about it's not

Eugene, how about it's not FAIR that you leverage your power to benefit Santorum when his supporters aren't enthusiastic enough to show up at the county caucus. This is how caucuses WORK, the most enthusiastic and politically involved citizens determine delegates, not the ones who stay at home and don't care much about the political process.

I just e-mailed him the above

to info@edokes.com

That's his campaign e-mail (he's running for state rep). If anyone knows his personal e-mail I'd be happy to send it there too.

His other emails


My 2 Cents....

I think this absolute railroading of the people's process is a purposeful act to prevent the Tireless Minority from gaining ground. Given the implications of the actions of this Dokes character, it is abundantly clear the Establishment of either Party want Ron Paul STOPPED!

If after this anyone still has doubts that every single popular voted in every state isn't being manipulated to prevent a Paul victory, what more proof do you need?

As part of the Agenda which Obama is fast Tracking with all his new Martial Law/ War on America legislation it is clear the collapse is coming soon. Ron Paul is NOT part of the plan, if he succeeds in the Nomination he will most likely be assassinated.

Understand this, the Establishment had Ron Paul supporters arrested for following the rules as set out by the founding fathers of the Constitution and the Republic. They are hell bent on staying their course. It is the reason this election cycle has been so fraught with problems, because unlike every other election cycle this cycle has a "NEO" in the Matrix and all the agent Smiths are on high alert to remove him.

Ron Paul is winning because the people are waking up daily and the damn is bursting, the establishment is being forced to expose themselves, just as the caucus system was designed to. You can rig the machines & manipulate secret counts, but when you arrest people in front of other people for following the systems rules, you show your true colors, vile and disgusting.

Mr. Dokes should be strung up by his neck, he knows exactly what he is doing, any idiot with half a brain would realize this when 2,000 people stand up in an up roar against what you are dictating. He is a fraud just like all the other snakes. Don't be fooled, claiming ignorance is part of their disguise.

Anyway, the establishment is concerned, the caucus system will expose them even further, keep pushing on for delegates and exposing these horrible scum that have corrupted our peaceful earth and are trying to destroy it and enslave all of us for their own personal gain.

Watch to see what happens with Mr. Dokes there will be a deal made and Ron Paul delegates will be disenfranchised and the media won't touch it with a ten foot pole. I fear this Revolution will have to get bloody before we see any real change, I wish it weren't so.

Power to the people, Ron Paul or none at all!

Too far

This is a place for political discourse not a lynch mob. You do a disservice to the campaign by advocating violence.

“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” Ronald Reagan

Really, now!

You know darned well that this is all just a COINCIDENCE!

I think you have nailed the nature of this, very well written.

This is an absolute gem:

"You can rig the machines & manipulate secret counts, but when you arrest people in front of other people for following the systems rules, you show your true colors, vile and disgusting."

If people do not see what is going on here, they never will.

"He [Dokes] is a fraud just like all the other snakes. Don't be fooled, claiming ignorance is part of their disguise."

It is absolutely beyond belief that Dokes claims he did not know Robert's Rules! Why then was he in charge? Why did he not defer to others who do understand RRO? Why instead did he have the police ALREADY THERE AND WAITING?

And you are absolutely right, "...keep pushing on for delegates and exposing these horrible scum ...". This is an active form of civil disobedience, and they have chosen the wrong guy to arrest at this caucus.

GREAT POST!!! Thanks for your 2 Gold Eagles!

This video speaks for itself.

This video speaks for itself. 3 Takes

1. The GOP establishment of that County made a deliberate effort to railroad Ron Paul's supporters by force and through controlling the process outside of the rules.

2. If the GOP establishment wanted to keep libertarian minded people from having a large influence, they should have canvassed and spread the word about how great their candidates are so enough of their own would take interest in the process and act democratically by the rules to influence the outcome.

3. Libertarian people taking over the caucus is phrased incorrectly. They are American activist getting involved out of necessity because the country has been hijacked by two corrupt parties.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

For these GOP goons with "plausible deniability"...

Here's how the situation works in the Navy:

Ship runs aground with junior officer on watch, conning the ship.
Commanding Officer: "I didn't know the ship was going to run aground."
Fleet Commander: "That's great. You're fired."


Eugen Dokes is trash I

Eugen Dokes is trash I facebooked his entire family that was on his fbook letting them know how I felt and linking to daily paul:)

Diquorum in Public Discourse

Just remember, the blow back knife cuts both ways. These people are not our enemies, they are our adversaries. When you harass and threaten Dokes and his family, like you have, you become the story, not him. Two wrongs don't make a right.

“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” Ronald Reagan

Blurgh. Why are you

Blurgh. Why are you harassing somebody's family and linking the daily paul to it?


Some of you baffle me to no end

I just listened to this clip after reading the comments. Those of you calling jokes a patsy or played or whatever and giving this "man" credit for being honest and giving him any sort of pass - REALLY? If he is so damn remorseful why when asked several times WHO told him - he just says "the committee". And then he plays the whole - well "we were trying to keep it fair - they told me this or that.
Are some of you such peace loving - anything to avoid a fight people that you cannot see through this blatant obvious BS? REALLY? This man knew exactly what he was doing, he knew why he was doing it and he is part of it. Plain and simple. My god - he goes on some radio show - and mind you DOES NOT SAY SORRY - and basically tries to sell all the BS and some of you gobble it up like gravy on a biscuit.
If you are here on the DP we expect more from you.

If you are refering to me,

I did call him a patsy and I stand by that comment. The only thing I credited him with is for being an idiot. I never used the word "honest", since he was way out of his league and tried to play politics with the big boys by using their playbook. The only remorse he showed was that his "friends" played him for the fool he is. By being on that show, he was simply trying to keep his dirtied and torn hat in the ring.

I assure you, I do not gobble up anybody's political bs. I know sos when I smell it. Peace loving, yes, I am guilty of that. I do not attack without provocation or throw insults lightly. I prefer to give people respect, unless their true colors come to the surface that indicate otherwise. In the case of Dokes, what I heard come clearly to the surface was that he is an idiot.

I am also guilty (although I call it cursed) of being able to see many sides of the same issue. My many years on this earth and my intelligence (MENSA level, by the way) tell me that not absolutely everything is black or white. There are a whole lot of shades of grey in between to be considered before jumping to conclusions. It is because of those shades of grey that I concluded that justice would be better served with Dokes as a witness for the prosecution of his "friends" rather than taking the fall by himself. Eliminating the idiot would accomplish nothing to help get rid of the kind of corruption that took place that day.

Finally, the only thing you should expect from me or anybody else here, aside from doing all we are able to help the RP campaign and restore our liberty, is an honest opinion and/or honest reaction to things posted here and above all, respect for the members of the DP community. We may not always agree but, I'm quite sure that isn't a requirement.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Did you listen to Jamie this morning?

In the 6am hour after sussing out the situation he believes that there needs to be a Federal investigation starting now.
Lock down the offices, emails, computers etc.
This involved a number of people who premeditated the outcome. In other words, a conspiracy to upset or hijack a caucus.
The podcast should be available shortly.

Yesterday's ENTIRE interview is available March 20 2012 Allman in the AM Hour 3 and continues into the 4th hour.
You will get a bigger picture.

After this, after Iowa, after

After this, after Iowa, after Maine, after Nevada and Georgia, how can any Republican ever support and trust the party again?

If ron Paul loses the nomination, perhaps Ron Paul will be the father of a great 3rd party.


He should get Stupid Sheep tattooed on his forehead

The names that he would not name

This is the Caucus Committee as formed by Eugene Dokes in August 2011.

Caucus Committee: To oversee and design caucus functions and to make sure that we are acting accordingly to the Missouri Party Platform.

Bryan Spencer- Chair
Cheryl Bates
Jon Bennet
Dee Wetzel
Chrissy Sommer