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St. Charles County Caucus RIGGED As Admitted on Talk Radio By Dokes

St. Charles County Caucus RIGGED As Admitted on Talk Radio By Dokes



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I try to change people every day. Do You?

GOP needs to keep Dokes off the air/radio

He fumbles it more than Charlie Webster

What's The Story With Charlie "Brown" Webster?

Is that 'cold blooded' snake laying low?

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And that

is bad why? : )

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Racism and Advocating Violence

has no place in the message of personal liberty and sound money. I don't know if that was your intention but phrases like "monkey stomp" can (and are) be used against us.

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All Committee Chairmen we sent detailed instructions

All Committee Chairmen were sent detailed instructions on how to run a caucus.

There is no excuse for not knowing what do do having received the Missouri Caucus Chairman's Guide.

They ignored the rules in an attempt to fix the process.

Missouri Caucus Chairman's Guide

youtube!: Stokes interview 3/20

Stokes interviewed by Jamie Allman
Allman in the Morning - 97.1



Thanks Valley6

I would suggest anyone involved in legal action download

the mp3 before they take it down. I have it if needed. Why in the hell would they appoint a chairman who, as admitted, has never attended a caucus and isn't familiar with Roberts Rules? He's scramblin!

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They appointed him to be

the patsy. He was so totally clueless, that they thought they could get away with rigging the caucus and he wouldn't even think that was what was really going on.

Dokes is running for office and those guys are the heavy hitters he needs to befriend. With friends like that... LOL


My thoughts exactly. It almost made me feel a little sorry for him because if he is that inept, he is being taken advantage of big time. But I am not sorry for him. He made his bed and now he is in it.


This is the smoking gun! Must get this to the campaign!!!

Blessings )o(

Listening now.

Not hearing Dokes admit that the caucus was rigged, as much as I am hearing him admit that he is an idiot.

LOL! The host just called him "Jokes" by mistake! Talk about a Freudean slip!

Listening to the rest of it now. Yep, he's reaffirming that he is an idiot.


that cracked me up...was it on purpose, a joke, or freudian slip? Sounds like the show host is having to educate him.

Allman is educating Dokes BIG TIME.

Unless that host is an Academy Award winning actor, "Jokes" sounded totally like a slip of the tongue.

Allman nailed it. Dokes was manipulated and clueless. Yes, it was certainly rigged. Dokes was the patsy (because he's an idiot). He truly was clueless and they took advantage of him big time.

Thanks for posting this emalvini! That was great!

Is Dokes

running for office? He sounds like he doesn't have a clue about public proceedings. And excuse me Mr. Dokes, but I have been a life long Republican and I am voting for Ron Paul. Not everyone is a Libertarian or an Independent, so don't say the Libertarians are trying to take over the party. PATRIOTS are TAKING the GOP BACK!

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what does this have to do with California?


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Corrections made..Thanks Jon! Appreciate the help..