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Romney Supporters Gradually Turning

I just recently spoke to a client of mine who knows I'm a big Paulista. He's been a Romney guy since 2007, constantly touting his business/executive experience and that he's the right guy to pull us out of the mess we're in. I don't know what prompted it, but he came into my office today and told me how his sales were down about $1MM year over year. He said we can no longer afford to play around the periphery with half measures, we need "radical change". Of course this was music to my ears, because the only one promoting radical change in this race is Ron Paul. I said "You already know where I stand on this, I think Ron Paul is the only candidate who can turn the tide against massive government overreach and crony capitalism. Romney has all of Wall Street in his back pocket. It will be very difficult for him to avoid taking marching orders from the very people who got him elected."

He agreed with me and said the only way he'd still consider voting for Romney is if he brought Ron Paul on as his running mate. However, in the absense of that possibility, he said he was now supporting Ron Paul.

Folks, this is an establishment Republican and he's now an RP supporter. We are winning, we just can't get discouraged and hang our heads when we don't get media coverage or when the establishment tries to derail us with fraud. We need to press forward with the movement because it's so much bigger than one man. The shills might be able to steal a few votes, but an idea whose time has come is too powerful to be stopped.

Keep the faith.

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I get so upset reading this

I get so upset reading this crap! Turn on the news! Pull your head out of the sand! We are getting killed and you are celebrating victory! How can we actually win with your deranged thinking!

Every post on here should be screaming for a strategy change!

NO turn OFF the news! You

NO turn OFF the news! You are brainwashed!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Uhhh ... Roid Rage much?

If you read the post you would understand that I don't measure success by winning the presidency, but rather in promoting the liberty movement. I'm not sure where you read that I was celebrating victory. Nevertheless, the strategy from the beginning has been a caucus/delegate strategy to a brokered convention. Anyone who thought Dr. Paul would win an outright majority in a system that is completely rigged against anyone not part of the establishment was delusional. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that their strategy is working. Regardless of the outcome of the election, can you imagine what the state of the liberty movement would be right now without Dr. Paul's candidacy? Would even 1% of the populace have cared about Austrian Economics, business cycles, Mises, the Gold Standard, or Ending the Fed ... five years ago? Absolutely not! I call that success.

Don't talk to that troll

Maybe if we ignore him he will go away.

Yeah, I think there's a lot

Yeah, I think there's a lot of votes Paul could steal from Romney. And he's still the guy to beat with by far the most money even though his support is soft and on the decline. They're easier to sway than Santorum voters, Paul's not going to convince them on social issues.

His support cares about the economy and think Romney is the guy to fix it. This keeps them from voting Santorum, who doesn't even seem to care about economic issues. So stress that Mitt's not going to fix anything and that government isn't a business. His business experience is valuable but not an end-all. Especially when you see his experience has to do mostly with guiding companies through bankruptcy. In business, that's healthy. For a country it's a disaster.

So if you want Romney to guide America through an orderly bankruptcy: by all means. If you want to SAVE America from bankruptcy however... there's only one real choice. And add how there's probably a role for Romney to play in a Paul administration as there's goin to be a lot of firing to do.

You got it.

Mitt is the only other candidate who attracts a mix of social moderates and fiscal conservatives, who prioritize the economy over foriegn policy and social conservative issues. So Mitt's base is actually much closer to us than the social conservative base of Rick--they are classical conservatives. Hint, to many people the term "establishment" just means "liberal". ;)
Romney supporters should naturally see Ron as a good first choice, or if not, as a good second choice, if given proper motivation.

Ron Paul is the only

Ron Paul is the only classical conservative in the race. Social conservatism is more in line with neo-conservatives. That's why they share so many policies. The neo-cons basically used the christian-right to gain power in the eighties.

Classical conservatism is fiscally conservative and small government.

Yes you're right. What I

Yes you're right. What I meant was in the sense of the definition of classical liberalism versus traditionalist conservatism. Like the Tories, the Federalists, etc. They consider themselves anti-establishment, in the sense that they are reactionary to what they perceive as a liberal take over of government. But of course neo-liberals aren't any more liberal, in the classical sense, than neo-cons. They are both authoritarian, reject individual liberty, and want the federal government to mandate cultural values.

Hopefully I turn a Rick

Hopefully I turn a Rick supporter to RON PAUL.

I was having lunch at a Chinese restaurant when I started a conversation with this young man. I mention about politics he then ask me which GOP I like...........I said RON PAUL.

Guess what he said............I KNEW you were going to say RON PAUL. You look like a RON PAUL supporter.

This made my day. When someone tell you that you look like a RON PAUL supporter.

The Spirit of Truth is opening the eyes of the American people.

My wife was a hardcore Obama

My wife was a hardcore Obama supporter. She now says she will vote for Ron Paul. Best part was all it took was one video to spark the interest. I didn't even have to sway her. She says she will still vote for Obama if Paul doesn't get the nomination. Also three of my co-workers have expressed the same feeling. That 2002 Ron Paul Predictions video has had a powerful effect on everyone I have shown it to.

haha "supporters" I can't

haha "supporters"

I can't even think of a word to replace it with. Drones?
they're hard to find and they're dangerous.

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Love your story. I have a

Love your story. I have a story too. I was in a job interview and said the words "limited government." The interviewer said "you sound like RP!" I just stared in amazement and he said, "Ron Paul is for limited government and the Constitution....You'll fit in well here."

I still can't believe it!!!!

Wow! That's just Awesome.

Hope there are more employers like that.


We need a second job!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Any vote counts

But I find it sad that it takes very bad economy for people to wake up. If economy were doing well, few would care about torture, secret prisons, wars, big government, etc. Our fathers and grand fathers did not.

Wait, there is worse! If main motivation is having a good paying job or successful business, then in free-market competition, the losers (the majority) will clamor for "equality & justice" (switch to socialists.)

Re: Any vote counts

"If economy were doing well, few would care about torture, secret prisons, wars, big government, etc. Our fathers and grand fathers did not."

Our grandfathers lived during the Great Depression, which was a pretty bad economy as well.

Americans are Bleach Minded

Americans are Bleach Minded People.

Democrats Coming Around Too

I am amazed at how many Democrat friends I have who have called or emailed me recently to say that if Ron Paul gets the GOP nod that they plan to vote for him.

Ron's #'s

are on the upswing. The more people listen to him, the more sense he makes, regardless of whether you are Dem, Repub, or indy. It just takes time for those that haven't woken up and simply vote for the candidate they think can win vs. who really has the goods.

Ron's sticking it out, no reason not too, IMHO. And if he gets a hosing by the GOP - which is always in the back of my mind - RP3P is OK for me!

The LP ought to shift it's convention 'til after the GOP's...that would make life Really Interesting.

if we just get them to vote NOW for Paul...

so much potential out there.. :(

I know. my staunch Democrat

I know. my staunch Democrat parents who voted for Obama are totally on board with RP now. It's an absolute miracle. My dad is the same age as RP and I think he likes his seasoned ways.

I'm definitely keeping the faith.

The GOP doesn't seem to get it! I won't vote for more: War, deficits, debt, bailouts or secret police. Period!

Invite him here at DP! Power is in numbers. We're fighting the..

GOOD FIGHT! We are tuning the TIDE!!!

Thanks for sharing this feel good story...

Smart People Know we need serious....

change.Too many others think we can just keep going the way we are going......They will learn.....

Ron Paul'08

sharkhearted's picture

Excellent job!

That was the best and most concise accountings of a RP conversion, and a strong word of encouragement at the end, that I have seen on here.

Thank you and yes, we must "keep the faith."

Ron Paul 2012!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

great great great!

Thats why we need to get the comparison flyers out.
On them people can clearly see that romney isnt the guy who he says he is.
+ Romney supporters may probably go for Paul just to avoid Santorum.

We should do some msm tactics and spread the rumor that willard and Sanitorum are planing to form a coalition...

anyway we can use these to convert people..
There is a version that is geared towards people that are interested in fiscal policy:
These flyers are all free to print:

I've heard a lot about these flyers...

Is anyone taking this idea seriously:


This would be a good opportunity to distribute flyers if we could get an army of nocturnal sign putter-uppers. Just imagine how powerful this could be if we had the commitment and the signs (home-made or campaign). Its the perfect spectacle to attract flyer ready fingers.

Of course it would be a huge flop if its not taken seriously.

the discussion died a bit down

but I think its a great idea to have special days where we push Ron Pauls message.
Worldwide is good but maybe hard to pull off.

Tax day for Ron Paul is great informing about his tax plans. And we have flyers for taxes. if every supporter distributes these and similiar flyers that day we sure will have an impact.

we need to come up with other ideas up to the covnention where we inform people on special days about ron paul in relation to the day..

any idea appreciated.

Convert even more

Have with you a candidate comparison sheet. You said your friend liked Romney originally because of his business experience, well if you look at the comparison sheet under jobs you'll see the truth about his "business experience" and why people should think twice about it. They're great for handing out on or before election day to sway voters at the moment they cast their vote. You can't get more efficient than that. Check the new and all versions and see which one is best for you.

FREE DOWNLOAD of ALL current versions & PRINT them out (TIFF images and PDFs) http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3


ORDER them here and proceeds go to the campaign

NEW CONSERVATIVE HISTORY VERSION (also best for Romney supporters who like him for his business experience): http://www.zazzle.com/ron_paul_rick_santorum_mitt_romney_new...

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