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Romney Supporters Gradually Turning

I just recently spoke to a client of mine who knows I'm a big Paulista. He's been a Romney guy since 2007, constantly touting his business/executive experience and that he's the right guy to pull us out of the mess we're in. I don't know what prompted it, but he came into my office today and told me how his sales were down about $1MM year over year. He said we can no longer afford to play around the periphery with half measures, we need "radical change". Of course this was music to my ears, because the only one promoting radical change in this race is Ron Paul. I said "You already know where I stand on this, I think Ron Paul is the only candidate who can turn the tide against massive government overreach and crony capitalism. Romney has all of Wall Street in his back pocket. It will be very difficult for him to avoid taking marching orders from the very people who got him elected."

He agreed with me and said the only way he'd still consider voting for Romney is if he brought Ron Paul on as his running mate. However, in the absense of that possibility, he said he was now supporting Ron Paul.

Folks, this is an establishment Republican and he's now an RP supporter. We are winning, we just can't get discouraged and hang our heads when we don't get media coverage or when the establishment tries to derail us with fraud. We need to press forward with the movement because it's so much bigger than one man. The shills might be able to steal a few votes, but an idea whose time has come is too powerful to be stopped.

Keep the faith.

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Sitting on a nail

If you are sitting on a nail, there comes a time when you must stop squirming or complaining and get off your duff and do something different


Great comment 'difficult for him to avoid taking marching orders' maybe something Ron Paul should ask/question opponents with.

Patience and Fortitude...More will come around

to Ron Paul - hang in there, everyone. Time will prove us right. Yes, we are winning!

we are doing well despite the insanity and fraud.

Keep up the pressure and the good work. There is plenty fight left.

Yes..exactly, I have the same

Yes..exactly, I have the same experience with Romney supporters I talk to, they are by far the more open minded ones on certain issues. They often aren't thinking about the whole establishment/anti-establishment dynamic. They are voting for him because they believe he will fix the economy, and because they think he is electable/strongest against Obama. I have been trying to hint at this. Going after the Newt/Rick supporters is barking up the wrong tree, even though they might consider themselves anti-establishment. They do not think that means what we think it means. Convince a Romney supporter that Paul really has the strongest economic chops, and polls well against Obama, and they can be swayed.

You can point out that

You can point out that Santorum endorsed Romney few years ago, so there is no way he is anti-establishment.

Communal reinforcement ... the pendulum is swinging!

wikipedia : Communal reinforcement is a social phenomenon in which a concept or idea is repeatedly asserted in a community, regardless of whether sufficient empirical evidence has been presented to support it.

It's the term that describes the "Ron Paul is unelectable" perception. It cuts both ways ... and the pendulum is swinging.

The initial prize from having an alliance with Romney supporters in the Missouri caucuses was winning a majority of delegates. One of the bonuses (or as Romney supporters might say ... fallout) from that alliance is that some of those delegats won by Romney are going to jump ship.* They have witnessed first hand the Revolution and they are neither going to be trampled nor left behind.

*If unbound.

Communal reinforcement

Doesn't work on terms of people, it works on terms of ideas. Once people see evidence that counteracts their core beliefs (e.g. Romney is the business choice, Romney is fair, Romney is respectful, Paul is unelectable, Paul is unstable), community members work to make sense of their surroundings.

When that happens, other beliefs (e.g. Paul is more pro-business than Romney, Paul couldn't beat an establishment candidate so far but might eventually, Paul is able to beat Obama) can be formed.

Remember, overwhelming evidence always beats overwhelming reinforcement - that's why Germans came to reject Hitler before WWII ended.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

fight fire with fire

Communal reinforcement is a double edged sword.

The key is for us not to repeat their communal reinforcement, but to make them repeat ours!

We're just as capable of creating self fulfilling prophecies as the media and establishment is, in fact, more so. People trust people more than they trust large faceless organizations and propaganda peddlers.

I'm turning people everyday. Usually with just a soft sell.

Most people have yet to even dip their toes in the political waters, fearing the sharks and alligators that await them if they do. They're looking for a friend or someone they can trust to tell them who's good, to take take them across those dangerous political waters. It is imperative that we do not come across as the sharks.

Some people will trust you right off the bat, others like in the case of this post take a while to come around. The thing is they always come around if you keep at it. It doesnt always take beating someone over the head with all the reasons why they should support Ron Paul and why everyone else is terrible. In fact that usually drives people away. You become the shark and the alligator in the water they are trying to avoid.

Sometimes all it takes is just letting them know that you have crossed the waters yourself, you have studied the candidates and that you trust and support Ron Paul. He's the best man for the job. They will either trust your judgement and follow suit or they will be intrigued and look into it for themselves because they trust you. Trust is the key, even if they disagree at first they will respect you because they know you dont wish them any harm. Eventually when they begin to see what you were talking about they'll come around.


Thats why we are WINNING!

The Delegates are What count, and We are WINNING THAT CONTEST!!

Keep Up the Great Work.

For Liberty!!

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Nice Story

Bump for optimism