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155 World currencies to reset?

Just got word that after the banks in Hawaii close today, 3/20/2012, that 155 world currencies are going to reset. I really have no idea what this means and it could just be a rumor?? Not wanting to disclose my source either but has anyone else heard this?

Can someone explain what this would mean?(if its NOT a rumor and actually does happen then I didn't want to see it in the news then post something tomorrow saying I knew or heard this was coming... Nobody would believe me then, so I just wanted to post this today.)

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I have no idea what that

I have no idea what that could mean. Please supply the complete quotation. The only international peg that I know of is the SDR (special drawing right), but it contains only four currencies, and is not due to recalibrate until 2015. I suspect BS.

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Jim O'Neill - Chairman, Goldman Asset mgmt

Here is the link to the interview - appreciate anyone's comments.


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O'Neill is a Market Bull

Listen to him for ten minutes and you will want to buy stocks. The young guys at the Squawk Box were obviously in awe of him and are no doubt even now reassembling their portfolios.

Whether he is taking his own advice or simply talking up the market to implement an exit strategy is impossible to know. Here is a commentary from a Market Bear to balance the equation:


You pays your money and you takes your pick.

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There's also this


Iran's oil bourse started trading on 3/20/2012.

A lot of things are happening on this day.

Also, for those that are into conspiracy theories, 3/20/2012 is the spring equinox lol...

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so...where are we at ? anyone?

Like we have that big, long national debt counter- we should also have this big fan. And some way to determine what sh*t and in what amount some sh*t has already hit this fan. Maybe each blade of the National Sh*t Fan could be relegated to represent some area of importance; the economy, personal liberty what have you. "See the fan this morning Janet? Seems some more sh*t hit the national fan after the markets closed last night...any more sh*t registers on the civil liberties blade and we're supposed to leave our bug-out bag next to the door before we go to bed."


Sounds like a great idea actually! Who wants to start a petition to get a national sh*t fan counter in place??


Beware, my friend, Shit Winds are a'comin'...


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It happens every few months

It happens every few months or so..nothing out of the ordinary....a few times a year the re-evaluate the value of currencies as opposed to the USD...sometimes they go up a bit...sometimes down...almost never more than a few cents

oh boy....

You just talked me into buying my first bag of silver coins! I've been threatening to buy silver for months now but haven't yet. I suppose I needed a little scare to make me finally fork over the money! lol

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We are about to have a global

We are about to have a global currency!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Our oil-backed FRN is the global currency; but Iran's being mean

The oil-backed FRN is the global currency; but Iran's being mean by trading oil in other currencies, thus helping spark a currency war that will leave more casualties than World War I and II through starvation and privation.

Why? Oh, I don't know... something about a hyperinflationary blowout as the Fed's monetarist emissions have nowhere to flow except onto Main street, forcing prices through the roof, so that even a month's worth of Food Stamps won't buy a single strawberry.

I guess future Sec. of State John Bolton is correct: We'll have to implement the world's first Drone-backed currency, and bomb the hell out of anyone who refuses to trade with it.

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The most bonds are going to

Most bonds are going to expire. Its time to pay up.

I don't know if this is true but has anyone heard of NESARA-National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act


That's correct. $7 trillion in maturing bonds due this year

That's correct. $7 trillion in maturing bonds due this year with $2 trillion THIS month, the heaviest maturing bond sale in history. Its been pretty smooth, owing to a flash of unspoken QE3-style liquidity provided by Bernanke-backed securities. Oh yes! As long as the Princeton professor tells us "gold will not solve our problems" (even as his own solutions utterly fail) and a "gold standard would increase the money supply and lower interest rates in good times, the opposite of a central bank" (even as central bank activities caused all our problems), EVERYTHING's gonna be all right!!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

is this something that's done

is this something that's done weekly, i think? not totally sure, but i think it is a weekly reset?



Here is a site I look at

once in a while and if you notice the word "set" is in the last column. I wonder if that has anything to do with what you were told. Bump for someone who may help us understand this and what it means.


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QUESTION: wouldn't metals be flying through the roof right now?

how come they are not really moving.

Hawaii is 6 hours behind

Eastern time. Not sure when their banks close but that's when I was told this will go into play.

This could be it folks.

The something big we've all been reading about. Sounds like what Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock have been putting out there. The rest of the world no longer wants to deal with US dollars anymore, they have formed an alliance. First the banksters get taken out, then the media conglomerates, then the politicians. The universe is cleaning house. Read up here http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/995-lawsuit-e... Don't panic, it's all good!

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This is quite the read. I just finished reading both parts, and I have to say that part 2 takes a hard left turn into "War of the Worlds" so to speak.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

Completely agree

He builds such a damn compelling case though building up to that part, that I'm inclined to believe him. Ha. Granted I would only share that piece of info as a nameless commenter on an internet message board or to my closest friends, with a healthy dose of "I'm not saying I believe it, but..."

I just blew off work this

I just blew off work this morning reading part1. All I can say is Holy $#@$. As far as i'm concerned it can't happen soon enough. I especially like the part of all our criminal senators, mediaheads, Rothschilds, Fed Board, Bushes, Obama all get hauled to jail. I hope the clear heads at the pentagon & military act soon.

I know of one man with the integrity to lead us out of this mess. That's right Ron Paul.

Conspiracy theory or not...

I have no idea, but I just spent a couple hours reading part one. If it's true, this is the most mind-blowing story in the history of the world.

Even if its fiction, it's one of the most fascinating works of fiction I can ever remember reading. I plan to read part two tomorrow. Thank you!

does this tie into the Exec Order Obama just signed?

Link to a radio roundtable discussing how it would be applied, examples like imports ceasing, etc. haven't listened to it all but so far they are doing a good job breaking it down.


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interesting. It is important to stay calm if it happens.

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who can confirm this or provide more info?

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Seems like this would be...

...all over the alternative media. Is Bob Chapman, etc. saying anything about it?

If this is happening or if its going to happen

will the dollar be worthless? what would be a wise course of action to protect yourself financially? Gold and silver right? I dont really have too many frns to secure much of that. So, if it is tonight is there anything that can be done to ensure my money doesnt evaporate besides a walmart shopping spree tonight, or in the eventual reset? What would a reset really mean? would regular people like me even be affected by this?

New Financial system?

are you talking about the 155 nation alliance plan? is it going live tonight? if so things are going to be VERY interesting as this plays out

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