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NEW Texas Super Pac! - 'Liberty For All' - PacLiberty.com

Great News

A new superpac formed out of Texas!

With a strong finish in California and Texas we are good to go to Tampa Convention

Statement from the 'Liberty For All Super PAC':

"Right now, the number one priority of this organization is to win the state of Texas for Ron Paul. If the grassroots is really serious about winning a brokered convention, then amassing delegates and finishing strong in the Texas primary is a PRIORITY.

We are currently setting up offices in Houston, Tyler, Nacogdoches and Austin (Headquarters). These locations should be fully functional mailing and call centers by the end of this week.

We plan on blanketing the state of Texas with phone calls, mailers, and candidate comparison sheets. We have data for approximately 12 million people, which is why it is absolutely imperative that we get volunteers to our offices to make phone calls.

We also plan to set up billboards on heavily traveled highways around Houston, Austin, and Dallas. We are in the process of designing billboards regarding electability, military donations, only Texan and veteran, etc.

One of the most important aspects of our operation is that we will be holding delegate-training sessions at our offices. It is vital that we fill the delegate slots with Ron Paul supporters. Please sign up for our blog, as more info about this will come out in the following weeks.

We have been fortunate enough to have a large donor funding the setup costs for this operation. So far, he has contributed over $160,000. Still, in order to win the State of Texas, we will need a massive influx of volunteers and donations.

This is why I am asking for the help of the Ron Paul Forums. I know the economy is tough right now, but for the future of our country, please donate as much as you can on our website. If you cant donate, please volunteer to make phone calls and stuff envelopes for us.

Our Website is far from finished right now, but it is up and running and accepting donations. We will have a Ron Paul style Money Bomb ticker up by Sunday.
Grassroots Patriots, please visit our site and donate as much as you can.


Please spread the word far and wide so we can change the course of history and win Texas! "

Reads good!
And they use the comparison sheets from our very own DP grassroots Sovereignjanice http://www.dailypaul.com/user/45523

Time for everyone to get a boost and spread the message everywhere!


The peacefull R3volution is alive and winning!

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Bump for texas

any news from the superpac?

Guadalupe Co. Here

Just volunteered for the 'Liberty for All' Super PAC. I called our local Republican Party chair twice this week and sent her an email. No response. I want to know when the precint convention is going to be so that I can be on the Slate as a Delegate. Anyone out there with more info?

Don't know about Guadalupe, but be aware that some counties...

...are NOT HAVING Precinct Conventions, and are instead going STRAIGHT TO COUNTY OR SENATORIAL DISTRICT.

If your county is in multiple Senate Districts, you go to a SD convention, if it's wholly in one SD, you go to a county convention. IF your county has precinct conventions, you have to be a delegate from a precinct, BUT if they DO NOT have them, ANY REGISTERED VOTER can go to SD / County Convention.

I attended a Ron Paul

I attended a Ron Paul delegate training seminar last night in Dallas Co. I took a new converted coworker with me. There were people there from all surrounding counties so we were able to meet and exchange info with the people in our precincts. That is very important!

There are meetings 3/29 and 3/30 8pm.

If you are in the Dallas area please search FB for:

Ron Paul 2012 Dallas

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Tarrant County

We are putting substantial resources into this county and should be making phone calls to them by tomorrow. Just getting all of the data together right now.

Get on the Ground QUICK in Tarrant County

Precinct Conventions on April 3rd!!! Since this is the only county to preserve precinct conventions, we need organization NOW in Tarrant County. Tarrant is the crown jewel county of conservatives in Texas. If you have any pull with the new PAC, urge immediate initiatives there!

Tarrant County (Fort Worth) TX Precinct 4261

I have posted many Tarrant County and state updates here...


Tarrant County (Fort Worth) TX Precinct 4261

People that are going door to

People that are going door to door, please go to the senior communities, maybe go to some bingo events...think anything 65+. Talk to them! Hand out literature on all candidates...they are Fox news sheeple that need a reality check!


Don't mess with Texas!

Look forward to working with you guys!

We should get a coalition of SuperPACs together huh?

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

Bump for Texas!

Bump for Texas!

sunday bump

for texas ftw

Do people understand?

That you can have way to many delegates that the people are voting on in some circumstances because it divides the vote up and then actually your candidate doesnt end up winning the vote. Look at puerto rico for example..

Lets hear it for the REPUBLIC OF TEXAS!! Hell yeah!

:) Love that news! Ya'll lay the groundwork for liberty, I'll be rejoining Texas in a few years. Don't go sealing the border and issuing passports till I get back in! ;)

(but really. only half joking)

bump for Texas!


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

bump for texans who want to engage in the

R3VOLUTION! Get in contact with the campaign or Liberty for all superpac.

ytc's picture

Somehow your http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIuhAxltYHQ link

isn't working for our dial-up system.

Best of luck for your PacLiberty project. We are spread thin now, trying to help send our younger RP delegates to the State and the National. Hopefully all of our subterranean unique & individual efforts will bring about the much needed black swan effect.

changed it to the rp2008 channel video



Can we get this on the front page?

We need to let as many people know about this as possible

In Texas May 29th don't mean crap

In Tarrant County delegates are going to be chosen April 3rd. YOu need to speed up the process if you want to help out. May 29th is nothing but a straw poll.

Tell the person that donated the money

thank you from all of us. That is simply awesome. I am so appreciative of every last penny people have donated who did not have that last penny. I am appreciative of all the countless hours of time donated to the cause. I know you all don't just do it for yourselves, you do it for all of us, and that is the 3VOL in r3VOLution. That is the center of all of this. The r3VOLution is the absense of selfishnish and you all reflect that. May God bless every penny given because it was given in unselfishness. God bless you all, and thank you for all you do.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


I also saw people talking about California. Just to let you know, we plan on working hard to win the state of California once the Texas primary is finished!

We are also endorsing Sheriff Mack in Texas and hope to guide him to victory.

Liberty For All Super PAC

Hey Everyone,

Im so happy to see the positive reaction on this board. Just to clear it up, the name is the "Liberty For All Super PAC" and our website is PacLiberty.com

Please feel free to share any input and suggestions. I would love to hear from you guys!



changed it

Liberty For All Super PAC even greater name :D

I think you have great ideas. Hope you kickstart it cause the caucuses start so early now...
Public perception + getting our committed supporters into the delegate positions seems like a wise way.

Cant wait for the Billboard pics once they are running ;)

Just One Problem

Phone calls, mailers, and candidate comparison sheets don't work. In my experience (campaigning in WA state) the only people who actually show up to vote, are those you've talked to in-person. Knocking on doors is the only reliable way to obtain voter turn-out. Has anyone else had the same experience in other states?

there is a difference in a committed supporter and a

"I like him" supporter. We need both. You cant reach every possible voter in person.
Its the combination of all info weapons we have that can make a difference..

But yeah working lists of known Paul supporters is the most effective to actually get delegates and people who vote delegates..

Texans love their guns !!

Make sure that a Ron Paul table is set up at all gun shows.We're doing that in NC,and it plays great.Show up at all gun lover activities and stores,such as shooting ranges,gun clubs,confederate organizations,etc..Go to their websites,and attend their meetings.

Texas Gun show

Huge one this week. I will take my Ron Paul goodies and hand stuff out.

Texas Gun show

Huge one this week. I will take my Ron Paul goodies and hand stuff out.

Gun shops might let you...

put out brochures,and 2nd amendment bumper stickers would be great to pass out to people.The shop owners and shooting ranges might even be interested in selling them.

We just might have to give you a promotion soldier !!

I like your attitude,keep it up !!