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Idea for small business owners to support Ron Paul and spread the message

My name is Jordan M. Voor, and i run my own small Law Firm in Houston, Texas. Today, my marketing consultant and I had a BRILLIANT idea to both generate business for my firm and spread the message of Dr. Paul at the same time. Here is what I did:

I sent out direct mail to people listed for possession of Marijuana offenses in Harris county, and included with every letter was a copy of the super brochure. The reasoning behind this strategy is two fold: first, people who have been arrested for using and possessing marijuana are likely to be supporters of Ron Paul and given the spirit of Ron Paul supporters, are also more likely to utilize the services of businesses that support Dr. Paul. Second, if they are not already supporters of Ron Paul, they are FAR MORE LIKELY to support him after they have become casualties of the war on drugs.

Here is a copy of the form letter I sent out, I hope that more people follow suit and put their money where their mouths are. If anyone needs help with crafting their own pro-Ron Paul ads or letters, feel free to contact me.

"Dear _____________

We are the Voor Law Firm, a general practice law firm in the Houston area. According to our records you have recently been arrested for a possession of marijuana offense. At this time you probably have a lot of questions and are nervous about your ongoing legal concerns. We would like to offer my assistance in whatever way we can.

Through any measurable criteria, our nation's drug war has been a complete and utter failure. It is tragic that you have been caught up in our country's futile attempt to regulate the non-violent behavior of its citizens. Penalties for possession of marijuana can range from fines, to community service, to jail time, not to mention becoming part of your permanent record. At The Voor Law Firm, we feel as though this is an unfair intrusion by our government into the private lives of its citizens. While we can not guarantee any results or change our nation's foolish policies, we can help you minimize the effects of this criminal charge on your life, and attempt to get you the best possible outcome. Our fees are reasonable and tailored to each individual case, and interest free payment plans are available.

However, while we may be able to resolve your situation, we have to look forward for those who come after you. We must change the direction our nations drug policy to ensure maximum freedom and limited government intrusion into the lives of the citizenry. To that end I have enclosed in this letter a brochure discussing the policy views of Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate who will work to end our nation's foolish war on drugs. We implore you to become active in his campaign so that we can end this disastrous war on drugs that has cost our nation so dearly.

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