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Win Texas and California with this Simple Plan

Find 3-4 politically apathetic or disgusted friends or relatives who don't intend on voting. Ask them to do you a big favor by going to the polls with you and voting for Dr. Paul. Spare them the details. Just beg them to do this 'cause its important to you and to the country.

They will probably agree because they like you and now you'll owe them a favor. Don't waste time trying to convert anyone. This is much more effective.

Fill out a registration card from the state elections website, have them sign it, and mail it in for them before the deadline.

Call them on election eve (or sooner) and make an appointment to pick their butts up and drive them. Don't rely on them to go on their own. They won't. You gotta drive 'em.

We could triple Dr. Paul's numbers with a concerted effort like this and this is FREE and easy. Vote count fraud is hard to cover up when we have 40% of the vote.

To be effective, we have to get the word out and we'd need a funny or clever video to spread around. Any ideas?

It woukld be nice if there was place on the web where people could pledge to do this and how many folks they took in.

Someone else on the DP came up with this idea. I'm just repeating it.

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You can help and its FREE and EASY:

Please spread this message.

This will be another great idea that goes nowhere unless we spread it to every Ron Paul Meetup group and supporter in states that have yet to vote.

Please copy and paste the following to an email and send it out. (For those who may have missed it in the Daily Paul):


SIMPLE, FREE and EFFECTIVE Way for Ron Paul to WIN:

1) Make a list of at least 10 people that you know and like.

2) Call and ask very politely if they plan on voting in the primary and if they have a strong preference for a candidate. Don't push RP on them or they will be turned off.

3) Ask the apathetic ones if they would do you the personal favor of going with you to the polls to vote for RP. Plead if you have to. They'll probably say yes because they like you and now you'll owe them a favor.

4) Go to the state election website, fill out a registration card for them, have them sign it, and mail it in for them before the deadline.

5) On election-eve, call to remind them and to make an appointment. Don't rely on them to drive themselves. They won't. You gotta drive them.

6) Drive them to the polls and thank them.

Do this with 3, 4, or 10 people and the result will be 3, 4 or 10 times more effective than anything else that we can do. Sign wavings and brochure handouts can only do so much. This idea translates DIRECTLY to votes.

Focus your efforts on getting the apathetic and disgusted non voters. Harvest them.

You can talk until you're blue in the face with neocons and bible thumpers. Don't waste your time. Half of them talk a big game but don't even vote in primaries.

This idea needs a name and marketing plan to spread. How about:

"Get on the Love Train" (from the O'Jays song), or

"Car Pool to Polls for Paul", or

"Friends Don't Let Friends Forget to Vote for Paul", or

"Chauffer Slackers to Save the World", or

"Butts in Seats = A Ron Paul Win"

A Freedom-Loving Patriot

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

Please Spread this to the RP Meetup groups in these states:

The remaining states for which the registration deadline hasn't passed are:

Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia and Utah

I tried to do that but there is a daily limit on how many emails you can send to meetup groups.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

Voter Fraud

I am very concerned about voter fraud in both CA and TX. It seems obvious to me that the GOP does not want Paul to actually win the popular vote in any state. Please tell me that you are doing something in those states to prevent this. I believe the voting machines are rigged. Did you see what happened in Alabama? To my mind, that is proof of this. In Alabama Paul delegates received 30,000 more votes than he did. On the ballot it states "do not vote for a delegate without supporting it's candidate". There is no explanation for this beyond tampering with the machines.
I would like to propose that in those two very important, very Paul friendly states, we have an extra table set up at each polling place to get signatures of those that vote for Paul. I realize it may not be legally binding, but it is information, and it could be used as a deterrent. It doesn't seem that hard and I think the voters would go for it! Unless someone has a better idea!

Your points are spot on.

There was another poster here who offered $50 or $100 per precinct for poll watchers. Does anyone know how that turned out? I didn't see a follow-up.

If every large precinct had a person standing outside with a sign that said "Please tell me if you voted for Ron Paul" (or something like that) and they kept a tally, then it might help to measure the extent of the fraud. I doubt, though, that it would curtail it.

Most Ron Paul supporters should be OK with signing something or allowing a photo of them with "a thumbs up" next to an "I Voted for Ron Paul Today" sign.

I don't have a good answer. It seems to me that the more visible we make ourselves as poll watchers, the harder it will be for them to perpetuate their fraud. That would also be the case if we multiply our votes by driving the apathetic to the polls.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

Only one person took us up on that

and it was in a Gingrich-friendly area of Georgia. I then did a thorough exit poll in WI, where Paul won first and second in the two precincts covered.

We must man these polls. It forces a high degree of 'honesty.' Or someone will be caught in the fraud.

The exit poll form is at www.healthfreedom2012.com

The affidavit as a paper ballot is at www.ronpaulvotecount.org

Texas Delagates

I'm in Austin TX and plan on becoming a delegate with my son. I just learned that the rules are different in my county, Williamson than in the major Austin county, Travis. If you live in Travis county go here to get trained,
If you live in Williamson, this just came to being and I will be checking it out in a day or two.
I've been told the Williamson is much more "clubbier" than Travis so looking forward to learning the neo-con lingo while keeping a straight face!!!!

You could also give them the RonPaulSuperDVD...

Find out more at ronpaulsuperdvd.chipin.com

Mirand Sharma

In Texas

at least, running that RevPac ad about armed Chinese troops in Texas should definitely help matters there.


I attended a Ron Paul delegate training seminar last night in Dallas Co. I took a new converted coworker with me. There were people there from all surrounding counties so we were able to meet and exchange info with the people in our precincts. That is very important!

There are meetings 3/29 and 3/30 8pm.

If you are in the Dallas area, or just near by, please search FB for:

Ron Paul 2012 Dallas

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

If you want wins in

If you want wins in California and Texas, we need to all chip in whatever we can to the money bomb this friday. I consider this money bomb the biggest yet. Our local activism is great and works, but nothing beats Ron Paul having funds to campaign aggressively. California and Texas are winnable states, so lets do this!

We need to send a message that his campaign and supporters are far from gone. I've seen so many pundits claim Paul's support is fizzling away. We all know it has never been stronger, so lets prove it.

I heard this money bomb will go to efforts in TX and CA. I would love to see Ron Paul adds bomb the airways here in California, it would really make a difference.

I've said this in another page, I am pledging 100$ for the money bomb this weekend, who is with me?

Delegates!! Good info for

Delegates!! Good info for Texas here...



"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

What about the highschool vote?

For a week before the caucus I begged others to consider going to the caucus till I was blue in the face. I made calls all afternoon the day of the caucus to garner as much support from the people in social circle. Only a couple went in the end, those that I carpooled with, those that I had stressed "Let it not be said...". Most of the poeple I spoke to agreed wholeheartedly with Paul, and most said they would vote for him in a general election, but registering GOP was too revolting a proposition.

A week before the caucus in my state, I realized I only knew a couple of people still in high school. When visiting with their fokes I asked them to get out the vote. Both were 15 and not old enough to vote, so I asked them to explain to as many 17-18y.o.s that the future of this country that they are now inheriting is determined by their actions, and that taking the responsibility to vote seriously now would be of greatest benefit to them. Both were motivated and stumped for Paul at school for a week and said a handful went to the caucus after being talked with.

Break the Apathy. Please take the time to talk with all of the people you know personally now, especially the youths in school, about their involvement and how it will benefit them and our country. Liberty spreads through the youth of this nation like wildfire, do not miss this opportunity. Highschoolers have a higher rate of carpooling too :) Every Patriot for Paul should do this now regardless of whether or not your state has had its primary/caucus. I still door-to-door :)

Also, if you have thought of a way to reach out to untapped voters, please do not hesitate to share. Idea: Gift a Ron Paul shirt or sweater of their choice to the youths you know.

Im in California...

Totally agree with everything said. I've been active in Nevada, and made plenty of calls to Washington, North Dakota....

I want to do something huge here in my home state, and believe me there are others that feel the same way. I can promise you guys that we will push with everything we've got!

Donating to the campaign and sign waving is fine, but Grassroots action is 1000% more effective - I am willing to drive people


Lets coordinate, here's who I'm working with:

www.rp2012.org - Dream, discuss, and get boots on the ground.

Where in Cali are you

Where in Cali are you from?

The bay area Ron Paul crew is very organized right now. We're doing stuff every day from now til june 5th.

Sacramento Area

I used to live in the East Bay and stay in contact with Jun Dam, who is active in the Bay Area.

I've touched bases with the Locals here in Sac at a Super Tuesday event, but I need to get on the ball and find out more of what they are planning, or plan events myself.

There is a sign waving this Saturday, and I will try to talk to people at that event to drum up future support.

Please consider me a resource, I often drive to the Bay for events (I was present at the Burlingame Republican Convention event) and will come out to canvas or whatever you need help with.


rp2012.org - and Post your events there, we can exchange numbers/emails there if you wish to contact me directly.

Will do.... check out our

Will do....

check out our meet up group:


I encourage anyone who will do activism in the bay to join your local meet up group (heck going your meet up group wherever your from).

We're going to hopefully have a big sign wave april 15th the day of the Ron Paul worldwide sign day.

This is how the establishment

This is how the establishment campaigns win. Do it.

Get Out The Vote.

I hope the meetups in TX and CA

are working on stuff like that.



thank you for co-opting my idea

I mean that seriously.

This is a wonderful and effective strategy and I am pleased to see that it is on the front page. I would be willing to help in anyway possible to spread this idea through out the RP community.


Ed, your idea is Brilliant in its simplicity, cost and

...effectiveness. The last line in my post gives proper credit.

However, it needs legs (and butts or it will just be another good idea gone to waste.

I think we should launch a test balloon of this for the next primary and build up momentum for TX and CA.

The deadline to register for the Wisconsin primary is today.


New York's deadline is March 30/31.


The meetup groups in the upcoming states need to read this and get it implemented.

Come on CT, DE, NY, PA, and IN! Let's drive three non-voters' butts to the polls for Paul. Get on that Love Train.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.


I completely saw that you gave credit to the original poster!!! It is great you decided take up the issue yourself, I posted that twice and was resigned to letting it die rather than resort to spamming the dp.

I created this fb page the day I posted on here, then life and 6 million other things got in the way.


Yes do this! It's easier than you think!

When the topic of politics rolls around, just say

"I really like Ron Paul. I want to be a delegate for him, would you come vote for me on election day?"

"oh, yeah, sure. whats a delegate?"

This technique is simple and effective and really works!
I already have several people willing to support me and are asking how they register and what they need to do. They know nothing about politics or the candidates, they dont want to know, perhaps they'll never get it, but they are more than willing to help out a friend when asked. So ask them!

Conversion is still needed eventually for the real change to take place in this country but that will come and this might get them interested. Right now lets just get the votes and delegates!

Meet and call the donors

State/County leaders should have access to Ron Paul donor list. Meet every single one of the donors IN PERSON. Get them involved as delegate NOW!

That's a great way to

draw them into the process. I can see many strong, educated, interconnected groups of supportes springing up from this method.



I am surprised that

having so many young voters in our camp, they failed to recruit their family in big numbers. Just nagging and promise of good grades or something else should be enough one may think....

I come from a family of

I come from a family of sheeple, they get their talking points from the media; it is difficult to break through to those who believe everything that comes out of the box. I did manage to convert two family members; the two that are opened minded and have never been sheeple in the first place. BTW, I am not young.

don't convert, ask them to do

don't convert, ask them to do you a favor, ask them to do it for you. If they are sheeple then the lack conviction if their beliefs and should be an easy vote.

The whole point is not to convert, rather borrow their vote :)

Exactly! Paul supporters have


Paul supporters have been so caught up in getting people to agree with Paul that they've forgotten that most people who vote don't give a rip about the people they're voting for.

Go get the apathetic voters to the polls.
Go get the voters who don't bother voting because they don't like the "front runners" who are picked by the media.