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The Evils of Monsanto

Monsanto, the world leader in genetically modified (GM) crops and seeds, has been named the worst company of 2011 by Natural Society — for “threatening both human health and the environment.”

I couldn’t agree more. I have long designated Monsanto the most dangerous corporation on the planet, and clearly this is a growing sentiment.

According to Forbes:

“Monsanto is so despised by environmentalists that Google’s first suggested search term for the St. Louis company is ‘Monsanto evil.’

Readers… voted Monsanto the world’s most evil corporation in a January poll, giving the corporation a whopping 51 percent of the vote.”

What’s Wrong With Monsanto?

You may be wondering what Monsanto — the world’s largest seed company whose net income for the first quarter of fiscal year 2012 totaled $126 million (up from $9 million in 2011) — has done to have earned such ire.

The list is long, easily enough for a novel, but to sum it up, biotech giant Monsanto has created some of the most dangerous products on the planet, including Agent Orange, dioxin, recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)… and genetically modified seeds.


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Tell the FDA? Same as telling Monsanto

Obama hand picked Mike Taylor (former Monsanto VP) to be our Food Czar at the FDA. The FDA USDA EPA and many other agencys have been infiltrated by Monsanto execs. Why? Mike Taylor has labled GMO as G.R.A.S. or generally recognized as safe, so no further study is needed. GMO are in 95% of the food at the supermarket.
Look up the video "Bush in the deregulation business at Monsanto" also "The future Of Food"
Hillary Clinton and sup court Justice Clarence Thomas are former attorneys for Monsanto.

Tell the FDA to require GMO labeling

Today the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund requests comments be sent to the FDA to require labeling of foods with genetically modified ingredients. The deadline for comments is Tuesday, March 27th.

It appears that this isn't posted on their site yet, so I'm providing the entire text of what they sent via e-mail. (www.farmtoconsumer.org)
Tell FDA to Label GMOs
"Transgenic seeds should not be on the market. They are a threat to the future of farming and consumer freedom of choice. Monsanto should not be suing farmers whose land the company's products contaminate; Monsanto should be paying them damages."
-Pete Kennedy, Esq., President of FTCLDF

Current FDA policies let companies hide GMOs in our food by not labeling them. The FDA has allowed this even though it has no proof that GMOs are safe for human consumption. To the contrary, internal FDA documents reflect scientists' concerns that GMOs could pose significant health risks.

Fifteen European Union nations, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries around the world require genetically modified foods to be labeled. Consumers in those countries can--and do--choose not to buy or eat GMO food.

The Center for Food Safety has filed a formal legal petition with FDA demanding that the agency require the labeling of genetically modified foods. The FTCLDF and hundreds of other nonprofits are supporting the petition. Please help support this effort by sending your comments to the FDA!

Please share this information with your friends!
Take Action
The deadline for comments is Tuesday, March 27th.

ONLINE link to submit comments at

Keep in mind that the government's online system often malfunctions, so it's best to write your comments on your computer and save them before trying to submit online.

FAX your comments to 301-827-6870.
Include the docket number at the top of your comments: FDA-2011-P-0723

MAIL your comments to:
Division of Dockets Management, Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061, HFA-305, Rockville, MD 20852.

Include the docket number FDA-2011-P-0723 at the top of your comments.

PETITION Commissioner Hamburg to Just Label It!
If you have just a few seconds, you can still help by signing the petition at Just Label It.

Remember, your personal comments will have a greater impact, so please submit your own individual comments, too.

Feel free to use the sample letter below to help you get started.

Re: FDA-2011-P-0723

I urge FDA to require labeling of foods with genetically modified ingredients.

A number of studies over the past decade have revealed that genetically modified foods can pose serious risks to humans, livestock, wildlife, and the environment. Human health effects include damage to organ systems, allergic reactions, and immune suppression. The use of GMOs in agriculture has led to uncontrolled contamination on non-GMO crops and plants; a dramatic increase in pesticides released into our environment; and the creation of an epidemic of herbicide-resistant "superweeds." These health and environmental impacts matter to the public and support the requirement that these foods be labeled.

In the U.S., we pride ourselves on having choices and making informed decisions. But under current FDA regulations, we don't have that choice when it comes to GMO ingredients in the foods we purchase and feed our families.

A market system can only work if the consumer has the ability to make choices. By allowing companies to hide the presence of GMOs in our food, the FDA has crippled the market system and allowed Americans to become part of a massive uncontrolled experiment against their wishes.

I urge you to grant the petition for mandatory labeling of foods with GMO ingredients.

City, State and Zip

Granger = Monsanto shill

After this post, I will not continue to debate this fascist stooge of Monsatan. I am not a "useful idiot" because I want labeling. Labeling can be government driven but consumers demanding to know what they are eating is an example of one of the reasons we're on the Daily Paul. Those that don't slavishly grovel at the feet


of evil corporations believe in market forces and labeling IS market driven moreso. I think Bugs says it best granger:




You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

I must need to go back to bed

The title first looked like "The ELVIS of Monsanto"...


Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

GMOs = obesity = Elvis????

who knew?



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Monsanto kicked out of Europe

Seems the Europeans are smarter than the Americans, they are sick of the genetic pollution caused by them and Bayer Crop Science.


Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

A conspiracy against Monsanto?

Here is some facts:

When GMO corn came on the market they (Monsanto) did a study with the corn on Lab rats. Some scientists for the government wanted the study to go on over a longer period of time.

Within weeks those scientists lost their jobs, no further study was ever done. There where scientists in France wanted to do independent lab work on the GMO corn. But because of Monsanto claiming patent rights they stopped any independent study.

These French scientist decided to sue Monsanto under the freedom of information act. After years of court litigation Monsanto finally lost. The truth about Monsanto's experiments were made public by these scientists. The truth is Monsanto gave the EPA such a large study, thousands of pages of raw data to hide the truth. All Lab rats that were fed the GMO corn had some type of organ failure.

The EPA was embarrassed and forced to cover their own buts by fining Monsanto for lying. But Monsanto succeeded in getting the GMO's on the market and that's what they wanted.

Is there a conspiracy do your own research, this is all on line. A Judge was so mad at Monsanto they put all court documents on line.
Start with what happened to Aniston Alabama. Monsanto poisoned the town and refused to clean up their own mess, Monsanto,s own internal memo said they can not afford to lose 1 dollar of business over Aniston.

Here is a documentary I found to be very truthful, I verified some of the claims. They tell the story of Aniston Alabama.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I've often wondered if

I've often wondered if conspiracy theories also spread by a process of memetic natural selection in the same manner religions do.

The consipiracy is that GMO's are safe

A conspiracy typically has a lack of evidence. Seems this is exactly where the pro GMO conspiracy stands. There is no testing done to certify safety since they were granted GRAS by the FDA. However, there are plenty of documented safety concerns from independent tests that continue to pile up.

As opposed to what? Food

As opposed to what? Food shortages and mass starvation because the masses cannot control their genitals?

Believe me, we're working on solutions to the overpopulation problem, like undermining religion, educating women and yes even men (surprisingly they can be educated too), and providing birth control and family planning services, but that's a long term solution; in the interim, we need to beef up the food supply.

I don't believe they do

Conspiracy theory is the lack of truth, so people fill in the blanks with their own truths, even group think.

Religion is based in truth, yet, so old, the meanings and translations are twisted. For example, a deck of cards, has four suits, which can be aligned to the gospels, Luke/Bull/ Taurus/Earth, Matthew/man/aqaurius/air, Mark/lion/leo/fire, John/eagle/scorpion/snake/trinity/scorpio/water...there's the basis of the Tarot... Have you read the Catholic Catechism?

A conspiracy against Monsanto?

I would like you to ask the farmers wife this question from India, that has lost her husband from Monsanto's pesticides.

Monsanto has been taking the land away from peasant farmers because their crop failed twice in 2 years. So the farmer losing all hope drinks Monsanto's pesticide in a final protest against the evil.

There are thousands of farmers committing suicide.


Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Yes, I believe there is a conspiracy against Monsanto

Blaming Monsanto for someone who drinks their pesticde to commit suicide as a protest is where you are trying to make two wrongs someone's right.

Apparently the man made a bad agreement and his government let him down. What good did the suicide do? Encourage others to commit suicide when they make bad contracts?

Seems to me Monsanto had a problem with a farmer who was mentally unstable. Suicide is not the solution and I find it immoral to wage a mans's suicide as a reason.

I'm SURE that cultural differences in the way business is conducted is a problem EVERYWHERE.

Being a Granger, I KNOW many farmers, BIG FARM farmers who own and manage hundreds of acres, hire hundreds of migrant wokers, own planes and tractors to manage their farms. I met and had long discussions with many in my promoting cannabis hemp seed. I was told, "I have no problem growing anything, but where is it to be delivered?"

Much of the massive farms deal strickly with huge corporations, unilever/best foods, Kraft, Nabisco, Purina and so on. The trains and truck routes are set for THEM, not we the commuter. When sitting in conferences for three day stretches looking for REAL SOLUTIONS to supply and ddmand for food, fuel, fiber, feed, Monsanto rules because Monsanto hires the best and brightest among us and pays them far moe than a fast buck wage. There's ALL at stake, like feeding Armies, Navies, poor people who don't work, schools, prisons, and corporate chains.

Monsanto goes down, and it all goes down. Monsanto goes down and the USA goes down Ron Paul or not. Monsanto is one reason the USA is the most powerful nation on Earth. It is an American company. Round up continues to earn billions every year.

I believe in God. I believe we were created and are not natural, but our DNA was employed of the Earth, but we are not, and maybe why some call us the cancer. So I think as a human race, which seems to be seeking new planets for future colonies and this planet is NOT going to last forever and ever. While we are here, I think the most imporant thing is loving our brothers and sisters, feeding them. Monsanto feeds the world and for that, my hat is off.

We are all simple, and even those who strive to live beyond their means and super naturally, have a place here until they die, and we all will die. The T-Rex, The Monarch Butterfly (which I grew up watching the migration in my back yard when we lived in Monterrey when my Dad was going to OCT Pebble Beach... he would catch them and pin one of their wings to my walls, where they fluttered to death,,, it was horrifying. He thought I would be facinated. He was wrong... but his Native American blood didn't see Bambi. He saw a predetor or better yet, dinner.

Yes, I think there is a conspiracy against Monsanto because they know Monsanto goes down and so goes the USA and billions of peple who they don't want on the face of the Earth starve to death.

I support Ron Paul

because he hates fascist companies like Monsanto that use the government to spread their evil ways. I truly believe if Ron Paul becomes President it might be the end of Monsanto. Ron Paul wants the small farmer to succeed he even talks about people having free choice of being able to buy raw milk if they want. This is not big farming policies you are advocating.

It is a proven fact the Organic farmer can out produce the chemical farmer. DR. Elaine Ingham has been doing it for over 10 years. We don't need Monsanto poisons or any commercial fertilizers to grow a bigger crop. Monsanto has mislead the farmer for their own profits. I think it is time to drop the BS about Monsanto is needed to feed the world, because it can be done better without them.

As for the peasant farmer vs Monsanto. The peasant farmer probably didn't even see any contract, Monsanto used Bali actors to lye to the peasant farmers. Monsanto conveniently left out the fact their seed only performs well on irrigated lands. This should have been on the seed bags for all to read in their own language, not English. Monsanto used the poor farmers ignorance against him, and that is criminal. You talk about religion how about a little compassion for your fellow man.

But now 1 big farmer takes up all the small peasant farmers land installs a deep well irrigates the land, this large farmer will do very well for himself. One farmer replaced a 100 suicide farmers, that's great progress I guess.

Once this large farmer starts to lower the water table because of the area's poor rainfall, what happens to the surrounding villages when their hand dug wells dry up?

When you start to change the landscape there are always unintended consequences.

If Monsanto does not go down there will be mass starvation because it is only a matter of time before the land get so polluted it will grow nothing.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Monsanto seeds are grown organically

Organic has NOTHING to do with seed GM or heirloom. HEIRLOOM seeds and wild seed are the only seed I know that are not GM. As for out producing GM, I don't see it. I see plenty of GM grown organically and why organic prices are becoming competitive and even cheaper than industrial crops.

I don't believe Ron Paul "hates Monsanto". I would think Ron Paul would HATE government protecting Monsanto from any and all injury Monsanto, or Bechtel (Water) or Haliburton (Water, oil, mining) or Kelloggs, Pillsbury, Quaker, Sunkist, Nestles, Gallo any large global corporation that employs troops that wipe out the little people to feed armies. But there's allot of good things Monsanto and ALL these corporations do, and they would not exist if not for the BILLIONS of consumers that back them no matter how many farmers committ suicide, or troops slaughter.

We are going to have to agree to disagree about Monsanto being the cause of mass famine.

The fact remain, Monsanto has changed the way the world eats and what the world eats. There are probably 7 billion people on Earth because of Monsanto.

Peace be with you.

GMO's can not be organic

They have started with pesticide coating that protects the seed from insects.

what I call organic is NO PESTICIDES NO CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS OR ORGANIC FERTILIZERS THAT COMES OUT OF A BIN AT THE LOCAL CO-OP. These all pollute the land and rivers. Do you know approximately 25% of the nitrogen applied become calcified and can not be used by any plant. This is pollution because it ends in the rivers eventually. GMO crops can not grow without polluting the land.

What I am talking about will restore the land back to 19th century quality where their were a lot of bacteria in the soil that broke down organic matter. All the crop residue left after harvest should break down within weeks not months or years like now. This bacteria will even break down rocks and anything that has calcified. when water runs off into the rivers it will be free of all pollution. When you clean up the land the rivers will clean up and all the wildlife will flourish.

your knowledge about life, is what you have experienced in life so far, as we all. So that makes you ignorant on the subject, I have grown crops with now pesticides or chemical fertilizer as an experiment last summer. My main crop was watermelon, all I used was a weekly drench of worm casting tea. It worked quite well, got some ripe melons that were pretty good. This year I will try soy-beans to prove to the local farmers I can out produce them on the cheap.

Since Monsanto has wiped out my bee population I will also grow lots of Organic vegetable for sale locally. I usually sell out every day no matter what I put out. It is time to start educating people they don't need poison to grow a garden or corn. My signs with say 100% organic no GMO's.

I hope you will enjoy eating your gmo's, maybe you will no longer have to take antibiotics because they are built in as genetic markers. But I think that is where you can get resistance to antibiotics and It no longer works on a simple ear infection. That's right the chicken farmers of Arkansas and Tennessee are having auto immune problems because they feed GMO's to there chickens. It seems they are in too close proximity to the feeds and manure.

Nothing good comes from GMO's

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Coexistance and biodiversity are organic GM crops

It is happening and why the USDA is stalling on GM labeling.

Maybe you are right about the antibiotics, I'm trying to remember when I last had one...

On the cheap... AKA quick buck. Everyone wants a good value within their price range and that is what drive Monsanto and any farmer in business.

It's one thing to sell out when you have 10 acres, quite another when you have 1000 or more. Even small farmers needed to have a delievery system, trucking or rail.

If you have a local Gramge you might get involved, as we are a politcal farming fraternity with an 11 story building in DC. Beekeeping is a regular class as is permaculture, canning, seed swaps, and of course many Granges still operate County fairs.

Conspiracy theory is actually

Conspiracy theory is actually a misnomer for conspiracy hypothesis, where one comes up with an explanation of dubious value to define illegal or immoral actions of a group of persons. Were they actual theories, they would be the actual best explanations for the facts in light of empirical evidence.

My only question here is whether they spread and evolve in a similar manner to religions, in that they are social memes and subject to replication behavior. Like religions, they are also largely demonstrably untrue, and yet people continue to believe them against all reason, but they do have an evolutionary basis as a form of groupthink that aids social cohesion among a social niche; this is more of a misfiring of other desirable behaviors that aid survival.

I apologize but I haven't read the catholic catechism. I rarely read fiction; that isn't to say I wouldn't enjoy it had it any entertainment value.

I'd say you need to read it

I loved reading, "Atlas Shrugged", by Ayn Rand, and had read everything she had written by the time I was 17.

I read Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's, "Illuminati", when I was in my 20s, and loved it.

I read "Gulag Archipelago", by Solzhenitsyn, in my thirties and, found it was a huge mind blower.

But the biggest mind blower, the biggest game changer, the book that changed my world dramtically was the, "Catechism of the Catholic Church" NON-FICTION. With over 2000 years of history, I discovered the world I thought I was living in and knew, being a worldly, traveled, loving history and non-fiction, or fiction mixed with allot of facts kind of person. I thought I knew something about the world. What a wake up.

I only wish I had read this book before reading the others. I imagine I would have seen them completely different. I think you will find some answers to your quest there. Actually, I know you will.

As for Ayn Rand, the only

As for Ayn Rand, the only thing I can say is she eschews altruism without having a full understanding of its evolutionary purpose. (I use "purpose" lightly)

As for the "church", all of it is fictional nonsense and not worthy of the study of real scholars. Equating theology with a respectable discipline would be like equating trekkies or hobbit fans with a respectable discipline.

evolutionary purpose?

evolution happens despite purpose.

I would have agreed with you as for the Church until I read the Catechism and embarked an a global language I never knew existed, though it has exosted for eons.

If what you were saying that it is not worthy of study was true, we would not have Universities (Cathiolic means Universal) such as Tulane, Notre Dame, Loyola... and while many non-Catholics attends these Universities, it is a fact that those who have studied the Catechism, sit in the same class, and get far more out of it... they have a grail/brail, the others do not, either by ignorance, because they do not know it exists, or by choice, becasue they think they know better. They don't. It would be laughable to a "man of the world", but suicide (foolish at least) to those who know it is the key to the Matrix.

Study some of them...you will find out.


I studied memes and

I studied memes and replication theory extensively in grad school; I'm trying to build on existing knowledge to see if conspiracy theories grow and evolve the same way as religions do seeing as they have similar roots.

Instead you should study...

...a list of actual conspiracy theories in and of themselves. You can study both sides of the coin on each one. Pull out the actual facts and compare them with actual events. You may come to the conclusion that some are reality & some are not. One cannot laugh off a conspiracy theory without first studying the evidence, nor should anyone believe one without doing the same. But to put every one of them in the same box and call them all foolish is not correct. Avoid ALL extremes! The intelligence of the intelligent can be frustrated by the mere thought that a few of these may be true. Too think that one can expand knowledge by putting a few to the test...may be too "dangerous".

I would but I haven't the

I would but I haven't the time to devote to such research.

Archie Bunker said it best

Stifle yourself!......then



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Then you really shouldn't think...

...that people are crazy or nutty for coming forward with such things unless you have studied them out yourself. If you don't have the time, then respect the people who may have taken the time and consider that they may very well be correct on a few of them. If you have been on this site for over a year, you do have much time to ridicule others. Instead, maybe you could take some time to try and understand people. People should respect one another. As you have observed, there are people from different backrounds & many beliefs, and sometimes people argue these points(as does a family), but all come together not for a person, but for a belief of real freedom. The title is for Paul, because he represents what we believe. I respect the fact that you choose to represent someone other than Paul, I am really curious what leads you to this site! Not putting you down, just boggles me!

I didn't say you were crazy

I didn't say you were crazy or nutty, merely subject to a mind-virus. I have looked at a lot of these conspiracy theories and found them to be without merit.

The reason I'm on this site is because I've been studying Paul's political positions since 1993. I agree with most of what he says in principle, even if much of it is not practical in the current age.

I know you didn't call me crazy!

I never claimed to be a conspiracy theorist, just said not to condemn those who have studied the facts without first doing it yourself and proving them false. As for the mind virus thing...those who believe everything the media puts out there, what politicians say, and that there is a creepy terrorist hiding everywhere...are truly the ones with the mind virus! And as for you being on this site, does prove that you have an open mind. And Paul's positions truly are practical. He has been relentless on warning Americans for many years about the current policies. The correction will come regardless. And no matter who is put in the oval office, if things don't change drastically, a collapse is destined. If you were to run your household as the government runs the country...you would eventually lose everything!