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The passion of a young Ron Paul supporter

My name is Joe and I'm 23 years old. I've been a DP visitor for over a year now and just a few months ago I created an account on here so that I could contribute to the Liberty message. I live in SW Pennsylvania and I just wanted to let everyone know what I have been doing.

You see, I'm part of Ron Paul's passionate young support who the media proclaims never shows up to the voting booths to put theirs words into action. So let me say this. I have gotten my sister (age 22), my mother (43), and my grandmother (67) to all register republican and are all voting for Ron Paul. My mother and grandmother have never been republicans and have never voted for one in their lifetime. There's 4 votes considering I'm voting too. I have also gotten my two roommates who are ages 22 and 24 to register and vote. This will be their first time ever voting. Liberty is contagious and when you interrupt your roommates' favorite TV show to turn on a republican presidential debate and they seen how hyped I was, they became intrigued. They wanted to know why I cared so much about a 'stupid' debate. The opportunity presented itself and I was able to start a conversation about important issues that really mattered before they could go off to their rooms to turn 'How I met your mother' back on.

I will not allow the media to label me. They want to say the youth is voiceful but lack the commitment to follow through. I am only one but I am bringing five others with me. My friends....the message of liberty is spreading. I believe it with all my heart. I will not give up. Let's get our government back! I'm soooo pumped right now. LOL. Ok, I'm done.

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Good job, but the best part

Good job, but the best part is you are not alone. This movement is growing at a good rate given the lack of mainstream attention. Keep spreading the message to each and every person who is open and willing to hear the message!

I'm with Grandma! 63 and voting for RP!

I registered Republican in NY just to vote in the primary. All DPers are so inspirational, no matter what their age. Thanks for sharing your story.

21 years old, Ron Paul

21 years old, Ron Paul delegate out of Springfield (Greene County) Missouri. We took the majority of delegates out of a republican stronghold. Came in with a 1/3 and got the almost 60% of the delegates and the first alternates. Freedom lives


I'm from McDonald but lived in Bentleyville for 5 years. I'm in Arkansas now. Nice to meet ya! Linda

Nice to meet you too! Lived

Nice to meet you too! Lived there for 18 years. My parents still live there and I visit often. Trust me, not much has changed! Small world huh?

yeah PA

I am in PA too. we are fighters, I don't care what the darn polls say and how much potential fraud there is or will be or could or isn't. I'm fighting for hearts and minds. Every person that will talk to me about it I try to squeeze in Ron Paul stuff.

So far:

Mom, Dad, step mom, step dad, sister, brother, wife, self, potentially grandma 1 and outside shot at grandma 2 are all voting for Ron Paul. NONE of these people voted for him in 08. Also may have worn down a co-worker enough to vote for him, just to shut me up!

do not falter, do not fade, do not forget what we are working for.

Keep doing your thing OP. The rest of the PA mighty keep the train rolling. Any tactic that you can think of to persuade do it. Pleading, logic, emotion, questioning, suggesting books, videos, whatever. Keep going.

We may not win PA but we're gonna damn well act like we can.

Great that you are inspiring others....

....just be sure they are inspired enough to actually vote. It seems lots of young people who are psyched up about Ron Paul and even go to hear him speak, haven't bothered to vote for him, or so they say.

Also, not to be picky and maybe it was some sort of typo but I think you meant to write "they have seen how hyped I was" or "they had seen how hyped I was". Or you could have said "they saw how hyped I was" but not "they seen how hyped I was".

fellow pennsylvanian

I am a slightly older (42), southeastern Pennsylvanian.

What I appreciate most about this movement is the youth aspect. As an educator, seeing the youth wake up is great; there is hope.

Great job!

Keep sewing seeds.

The Virtual Conspiracy

This is Legen...

wait for it... DARY! :P

Last fall, I passed some sort of civics-oriented class

with the door opened and overheard the professor asking the students if they had watched the debate the previous night. What followed was a course of "It's boring". While it's true, many of the debates WERE extremely boring, the issues debated begin to be a lot less boring when people graduate from college and find out they actually owe a lot more to the government because of the lost purchasing power of the dollar. As a sophomore, I haven't come across one single college student that seems the least bit interested in politics, not one. It's unbelievable really.

Ron Paul has pushed the cause

Ron Paul has pushed the cause of liberty past the tipping point.

We may or may not win this election cycle but you cannot put the genie back in the bottle.

More here: http://www.freemarketfan.com/2011/08/ron-paul-has-pushed-ide...

I did somewhat similar

recruiting uninterested family members and friends. The easiest part was with Obama supporters. I promised them they are free to vote for Obama in general election if economy will be better. But they "must" vote in the primaries for RP as a hedge against another Bush.

Funny, many democrats still did not see that Obama is the Bush 3rd.

TO ALL YOUNG & PASSIONATE SUPPORTERS: You often assume Liberty message as "truth" and try to shovel it into the throats of others. In reality, economic prosperity under free market happens because 1) people work much harder; 2) inventions are created faster. Because of the 1), the fact that the transition period may take years and many hardworking businesses do lose in fair competition - working people rightly understand that RP ideas may not benefit them in a short run. And they have children to feed and got used to trade union job security, affirmative action, gov jobs, etc. And many Americans still prefer "equality & justice" over dog-eats-dog free-competition. So do not be angry at American people, you can always blame "Zionists" to ease your mental anxiety. Or as Alex Jones put it more subtle: "5-6 banks."


That's what I'm doing as well. My family are all Democrats. I was too, until this year. They can vote for a Republican in our primary, and since they love telling me "Ron Paul can't win", I'm asking them to vote to take votes away from someone that "can". We'll see how it pans out.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

Excellent work

Just make sure they go to the polls and ensure they vote for Ron Paul delegates.

If every Ron Paul fan went out and got 5 more votes like you have managed to do, Ron Paul would storm it.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Im here in Natrona Heights,

Im here in Natrona Heights, and 23 also! Awesomeness! Could someone email me which delegates to vote for?

Good Work!

This is happening all over the country. I am 25 years old and have converted dozens. Once you understand how popular freedom is to so many you start talking to everyone about it. You can ask anyone of my many co-workers and each one of them knows exactly who I am supporting and I am convinced all of them would vote for Paul in the general(many are independents and some democrats). I personally have a white board in my office with a list of people I have been able to get to vote for Paul and those I am still working on. 14 and counting! From four different states too! I pray we can all continue to grow this movement even after 2012. My goal is to hand a crushing blow to tyranny once and for all in 2016. For liberty!

For Liberty!

Hi Joe,Great job so far,

Hi Joe,

Great job so far, BUT!!!!!!!!

In Pennsylvania, if you and your family go to the polls and just vote for Ron Paul, then you have accomplished nothing.

Believe it or not, it is more important to vote for Ron Paul delegates than it is to vote for the man himself! (But of course in the voting booth you'd vote for RP AND the delegates.)

Unlike many other states, in Penna we voters directly elect the delegates that represent our congressional districts (CD)at the Republican National Convention, and these same delegates you'll vote for are the ones who will select the Republican nominee for President.

Depending upon which CD you're in, you'll have the opportunity to vote for between 6 and 8 delegates (3 or 4 delegates and 3 or 4 alternates).

First, find out which congressional district you're in:

Then contact the CD coordinator:
Congressional District 1: Dale Kerns – kerns.dr40@gmail.com
Congressional District 2: Bill Faust – williamfaust234@comcast.net
Congressional District 3: Brandon Magoon – brandon.magoon@gmail.com
Congressional District 4: David Garry – dgarry7@hotmail.com
Congressional District 5: Mark Brady – mavmrb3@gmail.com
Congressional District 6: Gary Lloyd – garyelloyd@gmail.com
Congressional District 7: Pat Sellers – psellers624@gmail.com
Congressional District 8: Rob Pepe – rob@pfpusa.com
Congressional District 9: Audra Cruder – audrarp2012@gmail.com
Congressional District 10: Billy Allred – billy.allred@spx.com
Congressional District 11: Scott Davis – scott@parevolution.com
Congressional District 12: Lawrence Borland – blckrose@pitt.edu
Congressional District 13: Ken Fichtner – kafst26@gmail.com
Congressional District 13: Steven Gilber – sgilber@aol.com
Congressional District 14: Andy Maul – andymaul@yahoo.com
Congressional District 15: Rich Piotrowski – rich@richpiotrowski.org
Congressional District 15: Giovanni Landi – tfbgino@yahoo.com
Congressional District 16: Ben Sheaffer – bugsmashers@hotmail.com
Congressional District 17: Eric Villano – ericvillano@aol.com
Congressional District 18: Elizabeth Heaton – curly_brown2001@yahoo.com

They'll help you get as involved as you want to be in the process of getting RP and his delegates elected!

Still though...

tell all your friends and family to vote. This story was inspirational.

In Illinois, the delegates name had the candidates name next to them. You have to be retarded to vote Santorum on the national poll and then Ron Paul as delegate (in some counties this happend because there was no Santorum delegate).

Im a firm beleiver in votes and talking to all your friends and family is the only way to win.

Agreed! Voting for delegates...

...or becoming a delegate is the name of the game.

Way to go son! (You are the

Way to go son! (You are the age of my boys) My oldest is 24, he turned me on to Ron Paul as he is a USMC vet. Good job Joe! My son's excitement was equally as contagious. Way to represent!!!


Thanks for letting us know what you are up to!

Sweet Liberty

That's the spirit

Thank you.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Outstanding Post!

That about sums it up! I needed to read this tonight.

Stay committed we must win!

Stay committed we must win!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Hey Kid

I'm in N. Strabane

I live in SW PA, too

When I'm not at school, I live in Peters Twp. I've gotten my parents on our side, too. My mom can't wait to vote for Ron Paul in April!

I know the Peters area well.

I know the Peters area well. I used to live in Bentleyville, PA just outside of Washington. Now I live in Pittsburgh.

Pick them up

The day of our vote, my dad, who is a Paul supporter, was tired and wasn't going to go and vote but I wouldn't take no for an answer and went and picked him up and took him to the district vote.

3 others who assured me would go and vote, did not! They got too busy, I should have went and picked them up too!!! I'm still mad about that.

So if you can, drive them to the vote.

Good job!!

Good job Joe in persuading

Good job Joe in persuading your family and friends to listen to Dr. Paul! The hardest part sometimes is getting people to go beyond what the mainstream TV media tells them and find out for themselves what Ron Paul stands for; once they do that they usually become supporters!

I think it is awesome that Ron Paul has the support of the 20-somethings; it bodes well for the future of the liberty movement. But I think his support among older people is underestimated or at least under-reported by the media, probably on purpose. I'm 48 and my dad is 77 and we are both strong supporters. We both went to hear Dr. Paul speak in Spokane WA in February, and ALL ages were well represented, from high school students, lots of college age people, all the way up to 70's and even 80's. Freedom is contageous for all age groups!