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The passion of a young Ron Paul supporter

My name is Joe and I'm 23 years old. I've been a DP visitor for over a year now and just a few months ago I created an account on here so that I could contribute to the Liberty message. I live in SW Pennsylvania and I just wanted to let everyone know what I have been doing.

You see, I'm part of Ron Paul's passionate young support who the media proclaims never shows up to the voting booths to put theirs words into action. So let me say this. I have gotten my sister (age 22), my mother (43), and my grandmother (67) to all register republican and are all voting for Ron Paul. My mother and grandmother have never been republicans and have never voted for one in their lifetime. There's 4 votes considering I'm voting too. I have also gotten my two roommates who are ages 22 and 24 to register and vote. This will be their first time ever voting. Liberty is contagious and when you interrupt your roommates' favorite TV show to turn on a republican presidential debate and they seen how hyped I was, they became intrigued. They wanted to know why I cared so much about a 'stupid' debate. The opportunity presented itself and I was able to start a conversation about important issues that really mattered before they could go off to their rooms to turn 'How I met your mother' back on.

I will not allow the media to label me. They want to say the youth is voiceful but lack the commitment to follow through. I am only one but I am bringing five others with me. My friends....the message of liberty is spreading. I believe it with all my heart. I will not give up. Let's get our government back! I'm soooo pumped right now. LOL. Ok, I'm done.

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Your generation is the future and what you and others your age are doing is what we need to win this thing this year. I also believe you are the first ones to show up and vote despite what the MSM tries to report. Thank You


Old timer to young timer!

I am glad that you are so enthusiastic about Ron Paul and the movement he has ignited which you realize will live on long after this election.

We are living through an historical period in which the premises which have prevailed in the world and in America are reaching their predictable consequences in reality. To explain what I mean by that would take some time. Just what premises am I referring to? I think it best that I recommend some books to read on the subject. The problems are not just a result of the wrong economic theories although that is part of the problem, e.g. Keynesian versus Austrian School of Economics. After all premises go really deep, down to basic fundamental ideas which only the science of philosophy can fathom.

There once was a young girl who was inspired by certain characters in literature who behaved in a heroic manner and enabled her to realize the possibility of each of us to become heroic in our own lives. She understood that heroes are men or women who are loyal to their values. The question was which values does it make sense to be loyal to? She became a student of human nature to discover the essentials of human nature and psychology. She found that human's are endowed with the power to form concepts and to think on the conceptual level but that this power and the exercise of it requires an act of volition.

I urge you to discover where this young girls thinking led her. Her most famous book is Atlas Shrugged which dramatizes the clash of her philosophy with the prevailing one. All of her works have an individualistic theme in accord with that expressed in the Declaration of Independence that each of us has a right to his or her own life, to freedom of action and the right to the pursuit of happiness.

Her name is Ayn Rand and the most explicit discussion of her philosophy can be read in her journal The Objectivist Newsletter.

I also recommend you read the works of Nathaniel Branden, Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, ANdrew Napolitano, G.Edward Grifffin: The Creature From Jekyll island;Tom Woods: Nullification;

Welcome to the liberty movement.

Be sure to attend the meetings at which the GOP actually chooses the delegates who will go to Tampa. We all must show up in force to overwhelm the establishment in those elections in order for us to have enough delegates who will vote for Ron Paul after the first ballot.

Find our where and when those meetings will take place at which only those registered Republican can participate and vote.

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

Thank you!! But unfortunately

Thank you!! But unfortunately Romney has already won! The pressure is being applied to the other candidates from a gang of high ranking GOP members, for them to quit. I am sure some consolation prizes are being discussed. Certain favoritism in the future.... so now WE have some choices ourselves. Do we sit back and take it, or do we voice our suppressed opinions!!

If you want to be my friend, TROLL



I just feel so much despair

I just feel so much despair and anger! Watching it all slip away... I want action! But everyone is so complacent! We are losing big time! Stop lying! Take action!

Yeah, quit this negative talk.

It gets old real fast.


Ok. Let's keep our heads in

Ok. Let's keep our heads in the sand so we can stay happy. I am sure the end results will be great.

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We are so priviledged to live at a time when

our concerted actions can make a huge difference to the future of humanity. We each know moments -- sometimes days -- of despair. That is one helpful part of this community. We know what it's like, we help each other get past the despair and get active and positive again.
Always remember how long RP has been at this and how positive and energized he remains. His eye is always on the goal: to educate as many people as possible. He is doing wonders. He has carved a path through the wilderness and we can help widen the path he and other great libertarians have forged, or carve our own fresh paths to liberty. All together we are making a difference. Changing a centuries old culture of authoritarianism takes time. Take breaks to savour our progress and then get back to work!


Feelin yinz in West Pennsyltucky. lol

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My young friend. I trust the young more than I would ever trust the MSM.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.