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California has 172 Delegates and most of everyone is a Paul supporter

If he loses in Cali, then it was rigged AGAIN!

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"California has 172 Delegates

"California has 172 Delegates and most of everyone is a Paul supporter"

Please provide evidence, not just your word.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Most people in California like Paul

But we have to convince them they need to vote for him.

Absentee Ballots

I have been watching and reading all the strategies during this campaign and one of the most important & it seems to me easiest is to hand out absentee ballots to each person you talk to and get them to fill them out. I'm not sure the process for this but your campaign leaders will know or find out. The other is to go door to door by getting teams of people in your neighborhood and canvass the areas with these absentee ballots and other info like the super brochure. My husband & I worked for Ron Paul until we left in Sept. 2008 to live in Honduras but am a US Citizen. Ron Paul must win. I am almost 71 years old and have seen our country come to the brink of disaster. I am so proud of all of you who are doing so much for our freedom. I tell everyone I can and pray all the time for all of you and Ron Paul & family & contribute what we can. Stay encouraged, stay away from the Ae & any other subversive groups and keep focused plus all the other great things you're doing.

Let's post the how-to WIN comments and stay positive

If you can't say something positive or contructive, why post? I have had nothing but positive results in CA during my one-on-one interactions with people. I will post the details shortly. With aggressive canvassing there millions of votes here.

I am speaking to you as a person in the field, now driving back home. My experiences directly campaigning with people is the polar opposite of many of the posts.

We are suffering the biggest hits from fraud, and, yes, media bias. But some of this can be overcome through monumental efforts on the ground.

More, later, when I post video proof of the interactions.

Mr. Slevin, give some definitive basis for your comment on the SB. Do you have any extensive experience, as do I, in directly using it with people? I can tell you, I know for sure it brings forth voters.

The poster may well be correct. It was fraud that cost us The real wins and second place positions we deserved.

This post is great evidence of why Ron Paul supporters FAIL

It's completely off base and not so much fraudulent in its' groundless assumption as it is fantasy crap typed out rather than lived out by meeting and engaging with voters.

Not everyone in California even has heard of Ron Paul, let alone supports him.

I live and vote in California. I've run professional direct voter contact campaigns for years.

MOST California voters are no different from most Americans in that they either NEVER have heard of the Federal Reserve OR they cannot begin to tell you what it is.

MOST California voters who have formed an opinion on Ron Paul have done so from the limited and biased information presented over TV and talk radio.

Meaning, they believe him to be "crazy" or "too extreme" and "against Israel" and "trying to let Iran have the bomb".

Ron Paul could appeal to Californians, but it'll take a hell of alot of doing since quite frankly, the campaign hasn't done much of anything intelligent or extensive in this state so far (and I've suggested that the campaign actually do what they seem steadfast in ignoring) which is to tout Ron Paul's anti drug war position.

There is NO reason to state that Ron Paul leads in this state.

He's almost NOT even a blip on the radar, not yet anyway.

The campaign doesn't have even a tiny slice of the money necessary to actually reach any appreciable percentage of the voters and no Super PAC yet has committed to spending the literally tens of millions of dollars it will take to BEGIN to make a difference.

I don't expect that to change.

I DO EXPECT Ron Paul to get his hat handed to him in this state...anyone who engages with voters knows this to be the case...hell, you don't even need a poll.

But those of you who wish to live in fantasyland, well, you stay home now and read the DailyPaul...do anything but get out there and try to change some minds...because that is much, much more difficult.

And NO native Californian calls it "Cali".

JP Slevin

Thanks for the reality check - sorry the official campaign seems
so out of touch WRT California, especially when there are motivated
people out there who would like to be doing something effective.

But what is your take, either in terms of specific CD's or a general
demographic profile on the areas it would be most productive to
concentrate "boots on the ground" type of resources on?

Someone suggested, and it sounds sound to me, that you get
more bang for your effort (the kind of efforts we're in a position
to make) to target relatively liberal areas where Republican turnout
is low and the impact of any crossover voting would be relatively
high. And where the Drug War issue is huge.

I've got a total of one Democrat from Nancy Pelosi's district planning
to vote for Paul in the primary. A few thousand more like him and
we'd be looking good. Or at least not Illinois-bad.

Thank you!

JP Slevin, for the detailed response.

Could you also indicate, since you're in the Bay Area, an
example or two of N. Cal CD's that you feel might be most (or
least) worthy of putting effort into? Unless you think it's
more productive for people to figure that out on their
own and not broadcast it..

I tend to think of the few places where Paul has won, or
done well and look for analogues.

Detroit = Oakland?
Maui = Humboldt?
Virginia 5th CD = ???

how the numbers break down, in general

Because I don't know what kind of turn-out there'll be in the California primary, I'll base this on basic registration numbers which are roughly accurate nationwide.

IF you are standing on a street corner or any other place leafleting or whatever, 60% of the Americans of voting age aren't registered. So, out of 100 leaflets distributed, 60% off the top are wasted.

Then, since only Republicans are voted you multiply the remainder by .30 (a rough national average of percentage of either R or D registrants---of course there are major R and D areas, but that's a good rough number to work with statewide).

That means 12 or so out of 100 even are going to someone registered.

Now, say it's a 60% turn-out (way, way, way high...it's been closer to 20% around the nation this time, I think): with a 60% turn-out that means around 7 people of your 100 receiving literature on the street corner even will be participating in your target primary.

So, is it worth it to do that? Probably not, unless you are primarily interested in building an organization for the future...and even then, I'd rather go for the votes since so many voters only will vote for someone who is polling high, the higher the better.

Really, let's call it the more realistic 30% turn-out and that means around 3 or 4 people out of the 100 who got your leaflet are voting AND you will have no way of doing any follow-up, as you do have with a straight canvass.

In California, or anywhere for that matter, only canvass with an up to date voter list. Get that from the county registrar. It's not bad pricing in California and it's very quick. Get ALL the data, you can sort and eliminate whatever you don't want. You will be able to know HOW they voted, like in person or thru the mail. You'll be able to know who is a permanent vote by mail voter (I'm a permanent vote by mail). It's a HUGE number of ballots and they start going out way early (for dates, just check the county registrar, if it's not right on the site just call 'em. It's a date set in law, every election, they have a little wiggle room but not much).

The voter list is your main tool...don't canvass without it. I'd say don't try to influence any election without it, because you'll be beat by anyone with a list.

You usually need to specifically ask for "voter history". It doesn't cost any more. Get it; that tells you who voted in each of the last several elections. Anyone who always votes is a Super Voter.

Canvass with that, and you can skip alot of doors unless you really want to try and register the confirmed non-voters. You also can skip all the D only homes, the Independent homes, unless you think it's worth a shot, etc.

Volunteer or paid?

I'm going to assume it's volunteer.

I prefer straight canvass, and it's far, far more productive; but since people like things like sign waves and other largely non-productive stuff, again, you use what you can get.

Working together and spending time blindly hitting voters is nothing like a canvass, and almost all activity is literally wasted...no utility in most of it.

Still, you go with what you have.

Are you inside SF?

In that case, since people like to work at least nearby their buddies, you could do the BART platforms. They might try and deny access but you can win that argument---let me know if they do and I'll help, been thru it with them before. Plus, the legal counsel knows better.

Now that is something for the SuperBrochure, you get a working crowd, and that means higher registration.

In the Bay Area, working aside from a straight door to door canvass, you also have most of the major retail spots. You can pick your neighborhood.

Youth are our strength, and it's literally everyone below age 45 (best response below 30).

Stay away from campuses, unless you are registering and doing follow-up...most aren't registered and almost none vote.

Again, I'd recommend EITHER a straight canvass OR parties, precinct parties. For that you need a home or apartment with gracious hosts and hostesses.

You invite everyone from the precinct...literally everyone of voting age. Doesn't matter which party at first, and you can invite them via telephone (autodial) AND thru a lit drop...if you did a straight canvass PLUS the parties, that would be best.

Reason for the parties mainly is twofold: it gives a sense of community...people are more likely to deliver, meaning vote, if they know others expect them to and are doing it also.

Main reason is: you can get them to fill-out an absentee ballot request. Some fields must be filled-out in the voter's own hand. That delivers a ballot to them via mail PLUS you have a record of that. Since you know they are getting the ballot in the mail you know when to start your follow-up with them.

As far as area, it's a liberal area, no doubt about it, but no way does that mean it can't work for Paul on the Drug Issue and the war issue, the whole empire thing.

The Drug issue is untapped. Paul is miles ahead of everyone. A majority of California voters (those who actually do vote) support his take on it or at least are far closer to him than to Obama or to any other GOP candidate. They just don't know it.

It's really labor intensive to do an absentee voter drive...you really can't do it from the BART platform or where you might usually go if you just want to leaflet. You really need to canvass door to door. Phone won't work, again, you need to get them to fill-out some of it. One great advantage is YOU get to turn-in the request after it is filled-out so you have actual hard numbers plus you know exactly who will get one.

IF you go just with the parties, the home rally kind of thing, it might be most productive. Really, the door to door canvass is pro, paid kinda thing to really get some numbers. And you need big bucks to do that successfully and on the scale required.

Homes really cost just the generosity of the homeowner, the apartment occupant.

You can get reg cards from the county registrar. You can download the absentee forms plus all the particulars, like dates they need to be finished, etc, right off your county registrar website. There's also a "book" on the county registrar sites and on the Secty of State site explaining the requirements, it's short and mostly self-explanatory (actually, I looked at it just the other day and there was something weird in there, musta been recently added---I won't get into that until I understand it...but basically, it's simple enough stuff).

You don't hand deliver the actual ballots BUT you get to hand deliver the absentee request forms. That's huge. You KNOW who you signed-up will get a ballot and you know when...plus you know, for example, is this guy an MJ voter? If you know it's a marijuana (MJ) voter that's good to work any follow-up, any issue you can tie them to is good.

Count on most of your recruits being those people who simply didn't understand Paul's position on drugs. Hit the racist thing about the Drug War hard. That works with every age, every person that is who is at all likely to vote our way.

Hit the dispensary issue, that's very big right now statewide. You could be very successful in Orange County with that one, no less there than in SF or anywhere in the state.

Most important of all, if you have the option, go with the lowest income areas. You'll get a much better response to a libertarian message the lower the income level...you'll not have an easy time convincing anyone the more well off they are.

Those who want change aren't doing good...those doing great don't want change. It's always been that way on a libertarian message...at least as long as I've been doing it.

You can contact me with any questions or concerns at any time. Contact info is on my website linked below or thru DP contact.

Best of luck!

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+1. I am afraid you make a fair assessment.

If not a totally correct one. I live in the San Francisco bay area. I cross the bay every day.

On my way to and back from work I do my best to give an elevator pitch about Ron Paul to strangers almost every day of my work week.

I just jump on every opportunity I feel is worth it.

I always have super brochures in my laptop bag.

I take the bus, am a pedestrian that helps make things somehow natural. Plus I'm usually in charge of getting the evening groceries.

That's tough to even find people who know Ron's name or willing to listen.

There is, I feel, yes, an awful lot left to do to turn this concrete in voter booths.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


I opened my first campaign office on Market Street, was born in The City and went to university there.

The voters in the Bay Area in general tend to be very informed on issues, particularly quick to pick up on what's happening in the streets.

So, if the Ron Paul campaign was effectively making use of a shoe leather strategy (they are not) people in the Bay Area and elsewhere would be better informed about Ron Paul...instead of the campaign needing to rely on a few like you.

And you are doing good work; sounds like you are doing it the right way.

It'd take literally thousands of hired guns right now to turn the tide.

There is no money; it went on the air. And that's real good if one is trying to impress donors, to prime the pump so to speak...it's really not the way you win primaries, which are street fights.

Those who have engaged in the caucus system are learning this, up close and personal.

To win primaries, it's similar. You've got to speak to voters, shake their hands, actually have your candidate in the state, up and down the state, again and again...or else, you might be doing alot, but whatever you call it you cannot call it an actual steadfast and competent campaign effort.

I don't expect them to find the money at this late stage and I'm not going to waste my time on it.

California has an Absentee Ballot provision which is tailor made for an effort like Ron Paul's. Yet, the campaign has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to institute it. I doubt they've actually got a soul on staff who knows it exists and why it should have been used.

I've tried till I'm blue in the fingers to answer everyone here and at Ron Paul forums who has stumbled upon it. Try to explain it to them.

Still, that's a far cry from what the campaign could do if it was run by people who actually gave a crap about California votes. They do not.

They are chowderheads who raise money and waste it on TV...and they don't even get that half right.

lol, and I wasn't even striving to be fair :)

Accuracy was my point.

Perhaps 1 in 100 GOP voters can coherently explain what Ron Paul represents and has long advocated.

Almost no one understands his opposition to the drug war, an extremely important issue in California.

To reach a significant percentage of the voters in this state requires literally tens of millions of dollars if done correctly.

If done incorrectly, as the official campaign and all those other dunderheads advertising on television have been doing it, you easily can waste even more. Ditto for real absurd wastes like the Super Brochure.

The main point is, to predicate a future election outcome on "fraud" like the original post does defines better than I can explain how absolutely LAME so much of the posturing and "look at me" instincts of the Ron Paul faithful really are, when examined.

And you don't need to dig to deep to get it.

We are not reaching voters.

In this state, I will not try, and it's what I do professionally. I looked at it long and hard and I said "WHY"?

The campaign long ago made a conscious decision to do ALMOST NOTHING in California, letting people who choose to spin their wheels do so in a vain attempt to turn back the tide.

They'll fail because there is no help from the campaign, and now, some tens of millions of wasted TV idiocy dollars later, there is no money.

Oh, but those ads were cool, right? LOL

Cyril's picture

Super brochures is all I have to hand out for now

What else would you suggest I use instead?

Please let me know. I have never bothered to involve myself in supporting someone before Ron.

I'd like to do better if I can, John.

Many thanks, you know better than I do, on the field.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Super Brochure hardcopy is fine

From what I've seen of it anyway...I have no reason to disagree with what I have seen.

It's the distribution which absolutely SUCKS.

They tell opposing campaigns what they are doing, EXACTLY, and down to the finest points of what should be secrets.

They literally put online for the world to see what precincts they wish to hit, which ones they have money to hit and exactly when those precincts will be hit.

In other words, they HELP opposing campaigns beat us.

It's not meant to be that way of course, I don't suggest they do it on purpose. They do it because they do not know what they are doing.

That's not a canvass. That's giving aid and comfort to the enemy, to put it mildly.

But if you have some to hand out in person, great! That's what works.

I don't have the link in front of me but on the website of your county registrar (or Secty of State) you can find an informational PDF of how to do an absentee ballot (mail ballot) drive.

There also is a form you can print out.

People vote by mail AND you will know exactly when they get their ballot in the mail so you can follow-up to ask them to send it in.

That's a canvass.

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Got it, thanks. Well, I got those to have the opportunity to hand them out in person and chat/preach in my area. Not to mail them brochures.

Funny, btw: when I first heard of the debates on the length of those brochures, I first thought they were too thick or something...

And then, when I first received them in the mail I told myself "man, that's actually just the very minimum you have to preach for!"

Can't people read past a page these days anymore? (ok: doesn't require an answer...)

Ah well.

Thanks for the tips,

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

palm card vs. brochure

People debated that because the standard is to use what nowadays is called a slimjim.

I still call them palmcards. Those work because they are very short, and usually smaller, therefore cheaper to print even on good card stock and usually have one or more nice pretty pictures, because yes, few people read much.

With the way you are doing things it makes more sense to use a more substantial piece of literature, and the Super Brochure is the right way to go. You cover more ground on issues that way.

The people you give them to either take them home or will read them right there on public transit.

The grassroots has GOT to get through to the campaign.

If there's no kind of serious coordination in CA, we're going to get another Illinois-style finish there with no delegates. What would be good is if someone made a list of all the RP meetups in CA and posted their locations here on the DP so supporters in CA would know who to contact to get involved with a group of activists near them.

LA Headquarters


Supposedly, this was to be the physical headquarters for the campaign in
California. Don't know what is actually going on there, however.

"Los Angeles Liberty Headquarters at 1728 Aboot-Kinney Blvd in Venice will serve as the physical HQ. Regardless of whether you are from the LA area, if you're a Paul supporter in CA, please contact us to stay organized about what we can do across the state to help Dr. Paul's campaign both in California and across the country."

1728 Abbot-Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

(424) 248-PAUL


Sorry to hear about the lack of response by the campaign to requests
for attention for the Central Valley (hey, I was born there) but I am thinking
that some of the best prospects for picking up delegates might actually
be in liberal and urban areas where there is little party organization to
overcome and Republican turnout may be low. And where anti-war and
anti-drug war positions will be appreciated. I'm thinking places like Oakland/
Berkeley/Eureka - for example. After all, Paul did win Detroit and Maui and Hawaii
(the island, not the state) and one Congressional District in Virginia.

There is still time to try to get people to switch from independent/Dem/Green
or whatever, which gives you a lot of impact in districts where there are very few

In any case, the best way, IMO to get a decent number of delegates
is by not trying to get all of them, but by concentrating efforts on Congressional
Districts where Paul has a good shot at winning.

Where's some of those Hollywood types when you could actually use them?
Hopefully Dr. P was talking with them the other days after Leno..

Sign Waves and GOTV

In NY, we have broken things up the best we can. We have been holding weekly sign waves. High foot traffic areas and we made business cards to hand out to people. We have a meetup group, a facebook page, and a twitter account. We have close to 50 people who will now be able to help canvass out borough. We are handing out super brochures, comparison sheets, and slim jims. We will start canvassing this week and continue until April 24th.


"Truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accept as self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer

Great to Hear.... Here's what we did...

We tried to assign block captains per precinct within our MN Senate District. We were in charge of dropping off and talking with our neighbors. Our goal was to bring 10 people each to the caucus and nominate at least 5 people within our precinct to become delegates. Once this was achieve we got about 90% of the delegates and did the same at our next caucus meeting. It looks good for the State and District, coming up in a month.

Nothing is easy, but we would talk with each captain every day then as it got toward the dates we meet in groups. No advertising as such by the campaign in Minnesota we target market each precinct. It was all grass roots with just a little coordination from the campaign which was like 5% and 95% is grass roots, but hey we are going to win in this State along with a lot of the other caucus states.

Keep fighting for Liberty. If you can get delegates from your Congressional district then just focus on those as you nominate anywhere from 2-5 delegates on to the Nationals.


missouri and georgia and maine etc... happen there too -
and we will all sit by and let it happen with the Robert's rulebook in hand ... (what good is that when they don't follow it)

You and a group should pass out....

Cards supporting your delegates with Ron Paul's issue on them to register Republicans....With out Ron Paul name being on the cards, only the names of the delegates..

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

Good luck

have you gone door to door? I bet not everyone is a RP fan. Some don't even know him, most of which will be voting.

The GOP in California is in

The GOP in California is in shambles and the leaders last semi-public exposure was to invite Newt. Some serious grass roots organization has to be organized there. They seem to be on it but got chased out of the last meeting.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

Here's what ALL of us could do, and its FREE:

1) Make a list of people you know and like.

2) Call and ask very politely if they plan on voting and if they have a strong preference for a candidate. Don't push RP on them or they will be turned off.

3) Ask the apathetic ones if they would do you the personal favor of going with you to the polls to vote for RP. They'll probably say yes because they like you and now you'll owe them a favor.

4) Go to the state election website, fill out a registration card for them, have them sign it, and mail it in for them. Make sure you know when the deadline is.

5) On election day, drive them there and thank them. Don't rely on them to drive themselves. They won't. You gotta drive them.

Do this with 3, 4, or 10 people and the result will be 3, 4 10 times more effective than anything else that we can do.

Focus your efforts on getting the apathetic and disgusted non voters.

You can talk until you're blue in the face with neocons and bible thumpers. Don't waste your time. Half of them talk a big game but don't even vote in primaries.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

Point of Information

Most people in CA like myself, no longer have a polling place. We are firced to vote by mail.

I have registered 7 people as Republicans THIS MONTH!

Give 'em an absentee ballot

Give 'em an absentee ballot form. They need to fill-out some of the info in their own hand.

Vote by mail is where it is at.

Then, follow-up and make sure they vote. The ballots are sent out on a date which is public, so you'll know when they have received their ballots.

That's how it is done in California. That is what makes the most sense.

Good work! Keep registering those people AND get them the ballots in the event they are not already listed as permanent vote by mail people.


To go

pinky33, Where did you get

pinky33, Where did you get this info? I live in California this Friday Mitt coming to Stockton to visit Alex G Spanos.

RON PAUL Supporter will be waiting for Mitt to arrive.

That Romney is coming to visit Spanos just makes me sick.

Stockton is the last place Romney should show up. What an effed up place THAT is.

On the OTHER HAND I have now emailed the PAUL campaign no less than FOUR TIMES about coming to the Central Valley and NO ONE...let me repeat..not a clerk, not a volunteer..NOBODY has responded to me and it's been over a period of 2-3 months.

At this point I am thinking WTF. Whomever comes to the Central Valley which votes historically RED DESERVES THE VOTES.

If Romney comes to the Central Valley good for him. At least he made the effort. The Valley is STARVED for a visit from ANYBODY. I have lived in California for 31 years and I have NEVER SEEN a car in California with a RON PAUL bumper sticker.
Yard signs once in a great while-BUT NO BUMPER STICKERS!

Go Romney.