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California has 172 Delegates and most of everyone is a Paul supporter

If he loses in Cali, then it was rigged AGAIN!

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Howdy neighbor

Temecula here!

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.


Are you invovled in the meetup group there? What do you think about an event at Tom's Farms? It's a good halfway point between Temecula and Riverside/Corona/OC.

RP Meet up Group - Inland Empire

My Mother lives in San Jacinto and says there is no local meet up group...do you have a local group in Temecula that I can refer her to?

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

I think we need to get real

I think we need to get real about this. Most of the people who are going to vote in the primary are influenced by TV. At this point, the TV has slowly cut Paul out of the race. I don't know how many times I've seen only three candidates referenced. There are a lot of people in CA, which means there are a lot of under and mis informed people ready to hit the polls. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of really awake and aware people out here, but I can tell you that among people who only rely on TV to get updated about politics, they don't know who Paul is or have fallen for all of the anti Paul tricks. I heard one person debating who the most libertarian candidate in the race was and they were trying to decide between Romeny and Santorum!!!!

I'm not involved with the delegates and I'm sorry about that, but our best hope is that the delegates are Paul supporters.

Electronic machines are easily rigged!

It has been going on for years! Check out some of the you tubes on electronic voting machines/election fraud. They demonstrate how easily this is done! A simple little micro chip can change the entire numbers! Wonder why we don't get a receipt as easily as we do in a grocery store showing our "purchases" by name!? It happened to me in 2008..after I witnessed it with my own eyes, I knew! So I studied about it. However, I still vote...it gives me a voice regardless & if we learn how to outsmart the system...who knows!

It's actually the memory cards which are hacked........

To see an example which occurred in Florida in 2004 (Blatant election fraud which put GW Bush in office for second term), go to: WWW.BLACKBOXVOTING.COM

You're absolutely right.

Election fraud has been going on for a very long time. Check out http://www.votescam.org/ Has anyone here read the book
Vote Scam: The Stealing of America? You can read the first 6 chapters here: http://www.votescam.org/votescam_chapters
It's the story of election fraud that took place in 1970. Two brothers decided to write a book about running for office. One brother would be the campaign manager and the other would run for congress against Claude Pepper.

A brief excerpt from Chapter 2:

On election evening we were at Ken's house to watch the returns on television. The numbers were flashed on the screen about every 20 minutes and our percentage of the vote remained consistent at 16 percent. Channels 4 and 7 were giving the election full coverage but Channel 10, for the first time in its history, ran a movie instead of voting results. Sometime after 9 p.m. our vote percentage jumped to 31 percent.

"Hey, we just doubled our vote!" Ken was excited.

"If it holds we'll have enough strength to run again in 72," Jim said.

Suddenly the news director came on the air and announced that the election "computer has broken down." Instead of giving official returns from the courthouse, the station would instead broadcast returns based on its "projections."

When the next "projection" was flashed 20 minutes later, Ken's vote had fallen back to 16 percent. No other vote had fluctuated, only ours.

We didn't know it at the time, but across the country in the 1970s and 1980s, that sequence of events was a phenomenon that became rather common. 1) A candidate is ahead, the good guy, the one who wanted the city audit, the one who'll make a difference. 2) Television announcement: "The computer has broken down at the courthouse and official votes will no longer be forthcoming." 3) When the computer comes back, your guy is behind again, and there he or she remains.

By the 11 p.m. news it was over. We hadn't expected to win; after all, we spent so little money, we bought no television time and we were new at political campaigns. But what was that 31 percent we got at about 9:30?

I would have never believed it if...

...something I thought so strange happened to me in 2008. In the primaries I voted for Ron, my son as well. He slid in his ballot first, then I did. I turned my head and looked at the ticker tape(one long machine receipt overflowing out of a box), and ours, two in a row said "defective ballot". I never spoke up about it. Then in the general, I voted alone, for one other than Repub or Dem. & after I slid in the ballot, it said "un-voted ballot". I did not do a write in. That very day I just KNEW! Where I live now, that ticker tape part is covered. Cannot help but believe these kinds of situations happen all over the country. There's just no way it's honest. The caucuses have to be, so in those matters, they just "lose" the votes, throw some away, or call out wrong numbers. Just makes you angry!

The machines are only one of

The machines are only one of the weapons in their arsenal. I'm fairly certain there where shenanigans in the early races to make sure Paul did not come in first. After a streak of not winning the media has now given their selves permission to write Paul off. At this point, the masses think Paul is down for the count or out due to the media coverage or lack thereof. They don't necessarily need the machines right now...

You have to stay competitive in the initial races to have a chance latter on down the road and they used the machines, GOP party shenanigans, and the media to put down Paul at the beginning. Now they don't even have to mention him.

They have cheated on us in every state

In every primary state thus far Paul votes have been stolen and given to the enemy. We are winning. We won in Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine: either first or second. Believe it!! We are winning.

Notice how much better he "does" in those more transparent caucus states; the numbers are never bottom-rung, as are those in the electronically rigged primaries.

This is war. The polls in the future must be manned to get confirmed Paul voter numbers.

I found significant interest in Paul in CA, when talking to strangers. Keep it going. But let's put in a plan to guard the vote!!

Problem is getting them to the polls

Dr. Paul is liked everywhere. Lots of people who like him won't vote and never will vote. Lots of people who like him are Democrats and won't vote for him because they don't want to vote Republican. Lots of people like him and they aren't even registered to vote. And lots of all these people I mentioned go to his rallies. Everyone needs to get 5 people to register and take them to the polls and vote for Ron Paul.

That's exactly the plan

I am trying to get my 5 friends to go and vote.

California is very liberal more than conservative

California is very liberal more than conservative, even the gay community likes Paul, even though some still support Obama blindly. The latest poll is a joke. Nobody supports Romney or Santorum here.

Many grassroots supporters work day and night at the call for Paul center in Venice Beach and have many backing Paul in California so far.

You never see anyone elses signs or bumper stickers but Pauls. This is a good state for Paul. I think he can take it. It's very Paul, pro medical pot. That's the input people are getting at the call center.

I think you're getting a

I think you're getting a distorted perception living in Venice Beach. Out in the Central Valley, rural Nor Cal, or heck even the Central Coast where I'm from (which is certainly not a redneck area), I bet you will find a lot more Romney and Santorum supporters. Not to mention all the old people all over the state that will overwhelmingly vote for those two. My dad is a senior, conservative Republican and my brother and I have tried to sell him on Paul hard. He's on the fence between Romney and Paul, leaning towards Paul. However, not all people like him have two kids to swing him/her towards Ron Paul. And I would add that my dad is probably more likely to be receptive to Ron Paul's message just based on his brand of conservatism (he's not very religious, is a moderate on foreign interventionism, and places fiscal/economic issues as the most important thing. A lot of Republicans value social conservatism and neoconservative foreign policy too much to vote for RP).

I go to USC in Los Angeles (so most of the people I know are young, RP's prime age group) and I know about as many Romney supporters as Paul supporters here. Don't know very many Santorum supporters. California is a huge state, so there are a lot of Ron Paul supporters, but currently, they're dwarfed by the unenthusiastic masses who will nonetheless vote for an establishment candidate. And I feel like a lot of the really pro-marijuana voters won't care enough about Paul to register as a Republican (seeing as most are Democrats, Independents, or third party) and go out and vote for him. We can make a strong showing here, but we have a long way to go.

Will the pro-pot supporters get to the polling booth

and then forget why they're there? ;-D

Oh, and by the way, will the pro-pot supporters, um, uh oooh....look at the pretty colors.......



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Offer them..

..cookies and milk and you'll watch Gilligan's Island with them after.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

You're disenfranchaisng a large group with that attitude.

20.4 million Americans admitted to taking an illicit drug within the last 30 days.


Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

California is very liberal more than conservative


The moon has 1,776 Delegates and they are all Paul supporters

I agree with the other poster, what is your source? Anyone can say anything crazy...

How many delegates does Israel have?

Just wondering :)

In Liberty

California is a closed primary right?

The only way he wins is if EVERY single supporter in Cali whether it be R,D,or I switches to R to vote for him...I think he can win but it will take a huge GOTV and local effort to pull it off. Hopefully he can hold a rally for peace and end the war on drugs and have some bands play like 311, slightly stoopid ect.

Yes it's a closed primary...

...and you must be registered with the GOP May 21st postmarked.


source for info?

Don't get me wrong. It is good news but how do you arrive at it?