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Friday's Money Bomb - If you agree with me, then help. If you don't - tell me why.

Requesting advice, critiques, and above all else help for the following before I (we) begin:

We all know that our liberty is in danger and that we need to spread the message out to the masses and sheep that are clueless as to what is going on.

Other than Facebooking & Tweeting JUST your friends, may I suggest you also help me by contacting ANY and EVERY group associated with Ron Paul, the other GOP candidates groups, Obama groups, Peace and Anti-war groups, Pro-life groups, as well as those not politically associated, such as religious groups, the ACLU, Gun Owners Of America, and ANY and ALL groups you can think of. The message of liberty will bring all together.

You may (heck - probably) get hateful replies and called trolls, but I also think that we may open up A LOT of eyes out there and at least get some people to start questioning their own candidates and issues.

Also, Facebook and/or Tweet the celebrities on this list:




They may not know a Money Bomb is going on and if we're lucky, they'll donate a decent sized amount. Who knows, they might inform their fans themselves! Crossing my fingers (and praying) this works.

A word of warning - I have been blocked by Facebook (temporarily) a few times before for over-spamming. In order to get around this, I have limited myself to posting on the various groups' walls on the average of one every minute or two minutes. In addition to that, I also "Hide the action" from my profile after I post it. Also, please check and make sure that you are not re-posting what someone else just posted a few hours earlier.


THIS is what I will start posting tomorrow (edited from the email):

Our freedom is being challenged again - by our own government. Will we stand tall at this crucial hour like Patrick Henry did? Or will we simply stand down?







*** After the first four Legislative District conventions in King County, Washington, Ron Paul supporters walked away with nearly 60% of the delegates to the state convention;

*** In Clark County, Nevada - where 70% of the population resides - Ron Paul supporters took the majority of delegates to the State Convention - and also seized control of the entire Clark County GOP Executive Board;

*** In Boone County, Missouri - Ron Paul supporters walked away with 48 out of the 53 delegates up for grabs;

*** In Black Hawk County, Iowa, despite Michele Bachmann personally attending the caucus in her own hometown, Ron Paul's dedicated supporters won the entire County for Ron Paul;

*** In Portland, Maine, where Mitt Romney showed up to speak, Ron Paul's dedicated supporters stayed throughout the entire process and managed to take 55 of the 73 delegates at stake.

*** In Greene County, Missouri, last Saturday, my supporters won 57% of the county's delegate spots - with 63 delegates chosen to go on to the Congressional District and State Conventions! In contrast, Rick Santorum, who was touted by the media for winning the state's beauty contest primary in February, only got 6 delegates (5%).
Matter of fact, one report on the Greene County caucus noted that party members said they had never seen so many young people show up before!




These are the kind of results we're seeing in state after state. We're experiencing success after success all across the country in securing the delegates critical to winning the nomination. In state after state, we're racking up delegates and preparing to shock the political world as we move forward to state conventions.

No candidate has wrapped up the delegates needed to win. Despite what the media says, this race is WIDE OPEN.

I can assure you right now that no other campaign is as organized as ours when it comes to doing the hard work needed to fight for delegates.
As each of these states move to their state conventions and begin selecting national delegates - the folks who will actually choose the Republican nominee - it's Ron Paul's campaign that's out-organizing and out-fighting the opposition.

This Money Bomb's theme is based on Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty" speech. Patrick Henry challenged the doubters, the naysayers, and the critics with his powerful words.
He stood up boldly because he relied firmly on timeless principles. This Friday's (March 23, 2012) Give Me Liberty Money Bomb is our chance to prove that we're in this race to win. Will we stand tall at this crucial hour like Patrick Henry did? Or will we simply stand down?

For Liberty,
Ron Paul



I'm second guessing myself if I really want to mention the delegate wins to the opposition. This could either inspire some voters who won't vote for Dr. Paul simply because they don't think he has a chance at actually winning, or on the other hand, might start inspiring the other candidates' supporters into becoming delegates (the good thing is they're not as dedicated).

So once again; I'm requesting advice, critiques, and above all else help. Thanks in advance!

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Meetup groups?

There may be a group near you. We have over 1200 members in our group.

Here are some Ron Paul links and you can see the maps. The first one has 316 groups and 18,649 members. The last link has almost 100,000 members.


If you already belong to one, post an event, if you don't, well see if there is a group in your area.