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Cheers to imagination

I was just reading a post and it sparked my imagination. Hear me out on this:

We all know the power of the old folks vote right? They ALWAYS get out voting. So we know we have the young population awakening; mostly because they are not as familiar with the world. This is great, fresh slated minds thinking up the next big ideas and possibilities. However, the older folks really hold progression up (I know, flame me now). Let's be honest. We have been going in circles as a human civilization for thousands of years. Our forefathers knew something important and they strived to create a better future through the principles of economics and natural rights.

What we need is many small volunteer groups to band together locally and hit the senior homes/older demographic. We need to remind them about what the Constitution ACTUALLY means. We need to remind them WHY government steps over bounds and how it keeps compounding into a giant monster over time until the bubble bursts and a huge part of human civilization falls. We can solve our own problems as humans. We do NOT need a government to tell us what is right and wrong. We are an evolved civilization and it's about time we act like one. We are just a short time from something ACTUALLY wiping out the human race (another Ice Age, Meteor etc.) If we get reset like the dinosaurs there will be barely a trace of us in the grand history books. In statistics, there are always outliers. A few people turn out to be serial killers (and we have a system to deal with them) and some people turn out to be 'ahead of their time' and solve the problems of humanity only to which they see the answers; but everyone has a stake in our future. Every person can contribute, in some small, but meaningful way. It doesn’t take a genius to harness the power of the ENTIRE human race’s mind. It just needs a free and open system to facilitate healthy human growth all over the globe. Healthy and happy people are the best asset that humanity possesses.

I know it is asking a lot for more people to wake up, and I realize that some people cannot see it or refuse to see it, but this is the future of humanity. It is worth ALL of our attention. Let us keep spreading this message even beyond Ron Paul. It is time to show each other how civil we can all be. Change your attitude a little every day. Smell the flowers. Laugh often. Live like few are watching. Help someone else. Remember your manners and above all, RESPECT EACH OTHER.

Now let’s go change the world.

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