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Ben Swann Reality Check on Athens-Clarke County, Georgia Caucus GOP ELECTION FRAUD

Can you pls embed & front-page?

This is explosive stuff. We don't have Bob Woodward functioning anymore, unfortunately. He's still around, but who knows what he's upto. Ben Swann is the closest thing we've got to Bob Woodward of 1970s. In fact, he has reported on so many stories....it's almost like multiple Watergates. But it seems the country has become so dull & de-sensitized, that charade of "mainstream" media still continues. Not sure what it will take to wake everyone up from the stupor. Consecutive multiple bank failures, perhaps.

Anyway, with that rant here is the video:


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This stuff needs greater attention...


Ben Swann great again

I agree!

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Woodward was always a tool...willing at that...

There is ample evidence, as documented in Russ Baker's book Family of Secrets, that Poppy was really the one behind the Watergate fiasco, all to injure Nixon. Nixon was paranoid of insider subterfuge and really didn't know what was going on. Woodward was the tipped off tool? Naaa. He's part of the Cabal.

His whitwe-washing of Poppy's son is pretty convincing proof of this.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

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